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Selecting Passover Hotels Made Easy

If you wish to try and search for passover hotels then you are clearly wanting things to be slightly more specialized than the normal kind of search. This is why you really do need to go and use the internet as it will just make the job that bit easier and let you look at more in a shorter amount of time.

Obviously the first thing is to do this search and you will then notice you have various sites to pick from. Some may focus on certain places only whilst the others are much more general and this is the one you need to go to.

As you look at the sites you will quickly notice you are able to search with your own requirements and this makes a difference to the options you then see. You are going to need to put in your desired location, the set dates, and also how many people shall ultimately be there.

You will then be shown a series of places that the site thinks is suitable and this is where you need to pay attention. Check out every listing because you are then going to find out more about the place as well as look at images of what it is actually like on the inside.

All that is left to do is to go ahead and make your booking and you can also do this via the web. The only thing you need is your credit card and then print copies of the confirmation you receive as this can prevent some problems from happening in the future.

So that is how you find passover hotels via the internet and the entire process from searching for them to booking can be done online. You will be fine with your decision as long as you take your time and check out as many options as possible before finally settling on just one.

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Nice Overview Of Kosher Cruises 2012

Taking a vacation can be very fun. People work hard and want to feel relaxed worrying about absolutely nothing. In the year 2012 anyone of Jewish descent can have their own personal cruise voyage. This concept allows Jewish people to unite and have fun at the same time. Kosher cruises 2012 is something to try. They are just like other trips and they advocate fun.

Jewish people are proud people. They like to have fun and relax like other races. They have a unique history and on this trip they can share their stories and cultural experiences. In the new year, younger Jews can meet older members of the race and learn about their history.

The activities on this kind of trip are endless. There people that participate in most activities offered on the elegant ship. There are tons of different meals that are loved by this race. All the traditional foods are available on board in various buffets. Catering will be one of the best parts of this voyage. There are plenty of bars that allow someone to get a tall glass.

The rooms on board are very nice. They have lots of space and are very comfortable as well. Some of the sweets are so nice they have king size beds, closets with sweets inside and nice big windows where people can see the ocean.

A family is more than welcome on the trip. The environment is family friendly and lots of passengers love this. The Jewish culture is a strong one and with all the families together, they can embrace their culture on another level.

Kosher cruises 2012 offers families the opportunity to have the time of their lives. By next year many Jewish people will be buying tickets for this exciting voyage. A person can have a great time with this vacation option.

The next time your are making plans for a holiday, you should think about going on one of the Kosher cruises 2012 options offered through Kosherica! In addition to sailing to great destinations, including the Mediterranean and Australia, their cruises also have kosher menu options and offer Jewish-focused discussions and Jewish-themed music concerts and performances. Book your next great Jewish holiday trip today!

The Disaster of Exercise Tiger

Throughout the build up to the Allied invasion in Normandy in 1944, a terrific deal of preparation and organizing was required. Data was consistently being gained by a network of spies whilst materials and equipment were being brought to England. These would be vital all through and following what was and still is the largest invasion force ever assembled.

Preparation and practise was a significant part of the plans. Rangers who were to assault Point du Hoc properly trained by climbing cliffs and men made practice beach landings. An essential piece of the operation of secrecy and the locals of Great Britain were counted upon to play their part. In Devon, an area called Slapton Sands was picked as a good practice area due to the similarities with the Utah landing beach in Normandy.

Exercises for the landings started in late 1943 with the main invasion scheduled for June 1944. Over 3,000 residents were relocated from the local area around Slapton Sands. Many exercises were organised and one of the biggest was Operation Tiger involving roughly 30,000 men (approximately 33 % of the present strength of the British Army) were to be involved.

Exercise Tiger occurred in late April 1944. The first practice landings were carried out without any difficulties but throughout the exercise planned for the early hours of 28th April 1944, disaster struck. German E-Boats operating from Cherbourg intercepted a convoy of 8 LST (Landing ships). They aimed torpedoes at the LSTs and desperate men jumped into the freezing waters to get away the sinking ships. A good number of had not been taught how to put on their life vests and drowned.

In addition to the E-Boat attacks, more men died on the beaches themselves. Using live ammo had been sanctioned and together with the fatalities in the sea, more men were killed by friendly fire once they strayed into the wrong sections of the beaches.

Overall in excess of 900 men died for the duration of Exercise Tiger and it was about forty years until the facts were made public. Ironically, only roughly two hundred men died on Utah Beach throughout the real landings in Normandy on 6th June 1944. These days, a Sherman Tank is on show at Slapton Sands as a memorial to the men who perished in the course of Exercise Tiger.

The D-Day landings at Normandy were undertaken by the biggest invasion task force the world had seen. Exercise Tiger had been part of the preparations for the operation.. Free reprint available from: The Disaster of Exercise Tiger.

The Destruction of Ypres During The First World War

In the course of World War I, the age-old Belgium market town of Ypres had been situated at a tactically essential place near the British front lines and it is without doubt one of the most notorious parts on the Western Front from the dreadful struggle that took place here.

The city was basically in the middle of the Ypres Salient, a bit of the lines sticking out towards German lines. Historically, the town can certainly be traced back to the 1100s. In the face of ages of fighting and occupation, Ypres developed but the start of The First World War, ypres was under German occupation.

The First Battle of Ypres in October and November 1914 saw Allied Forces capture the town from the German Army and despite heavy fighting around Ypres until finally the war concluded in 1918, the Germans did not recapture Ypres.

However, during the four years of The First World War, Ypres suffered a fearful toll while four big battles took place about here. During the Second Battle of Ypres in April and May 1915, the Germans recaptured the high ground towards the east of Ypres. The area covered the village of Passchendaele.

In 1917, without doubt one of the most ferocious battles of the Great War happened. The Third Battle of Ypres or Passchendaele saw Britain and her Allies recapture the ridge though with a terrible cost. From July and November 1917, there was approximately half a million deaths and injuries on both sides and Ypres was nearly destroyed by German heavy guns.

The important Cloth Hall and most other buildings were destroyed and years of heritage were gone. In 1933, rebuilding began on the Cloth Hall and it was at long last completed in 1967 having been carefully reconstructed to bring back its heritage. Presently, the Cloth Hall in Ypres houses the In Flanders Fields Museum.

Throughout The First World War, the Menin Gate was simply an exit cut through the eastern ramparts of Ypres. A large number of soldiers would’ve marched via this exit along the way to the front lines. In 1927, the Menin Gate Memorial was unveiled. It commemorates the names of over 54,000 soldiers who sadly are still missing on the battlefields across the Ypres Salient and each night, the Last Post ceremony will take place here at 8pm by the grateful citizens of Ypres.

During World War I, the Ypres Salient witnessed some of the worst fighting between 1914 & 1918.. This article, The Destruction of Ypres During The First World War is available for free reprint.

Review of the Film ‘Beneath Hill 60’

The 2010 movie ‘Beneath Hill 60’ tells the real tale of a group of soldiers from the 1st Australian Tunnellers led by Captain Oliver Woodward CMG MC and 2 bars. In the film, Woodward is portrayed by Brendan Cowell. He was a miner and metallurgist from New South Wales and had not joined up as numerous other men from the region had done. He was thought to be important to stay at home to support the war effort and thus, he had been given plenty of white feathers. It had been wide-spread in those days for folks to present white feathers to men whom they regarded as cowards.

Hill 60 can be found in the southern section of the Ypres Salient and it was not a natural feature. The hill is made with soil dug away to produce a local railway cutting. A few serious battles occurred at Hill 60 during both World War I and World War II. During one evening in 1915, four Victoria Crosses were granted as a German offensive was effectively fought off.

The movie concerns the action at the start of the Battle of Messines in 1917. 19 mines with close to half a million kilograms of explosives were fired prior to the start of the attack. The story revolves around the exploits of Woodward and his men highlighting exactly what the tunneller companies needed to withstand, a part of war that gets little coverage.

Woodward is given command of a company and sets an example all through the build-up ahead of the assault around Ypres. The attack starts out in the early hours of the morning when Woodward sets off the mine his soldiers have spent the previous weeks putting in place and defending.

Immediately following the war, Woodward goes back to Australia to get married to his young girlfriend who had pleaded with him never to join the army.

‘Beneath Hill 60’ is a really good dvd which portrays the story of undoubtedly one of the most horrifying parts of the Western Front. The tunnellers on both sides had to operate in horrendous conditions understanding the enemy could quite possibly be only metres away preparing to either explode their tunnel or break in and begin shooting.

The battles on the Western Front during World War I were terrible and the area around Ypres witnessed some of the deadliest action.. This article, Review of the Film ‘Beneath Hill 60’ has free reprint rights.

The Activities of the Special Operations Executive

Although it was officially established in July 1940, the SOE (Special Operations Executive) had been created in 1938 with the combination of 3 current, top secret sections just after Germany annexed Austria. Churchill’s Secret Army was directed to “Set Europe Ablaze”.

SOE agents were sent to many different Nazi occupied territories to simultaneously cause chaos behind German lines and in addition start to locate local resistance groups they might possibly work with the instant the occasion for invasion was here. Theatres of Operation covered France, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Yugoslavia, Greece, Hungary, Albania, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Abyssinia and the Far East.

As operatives operated deep in occupied countries and they were chosen from several social class and background. The most important requirement was that the prospective agent had comprehensive expertise of the nation they would work in and could pass as a local of that country. That is why, operatives in possession of dual nationality were highly desirable.

The renowned plane utilised by the SOE in France was the Westland Lysander. It was a small airplane which made it a great deal more challenging to observe and was sturdy enough to land on makeshift landing strips. It was used to ferry agents to and from the Britain along with collecting men and women who needed to be interviewed in London. Pilots who had been shot down were also typically brought back to the Britain by Lysander.

Amid the SOE numbers were also female operatives and in the region of 30% of the female operatives sent into France from Section F, did not survive. The sorts of operations in each country were diverse. For instance, in Poland, there was little need to encourage the locals as there was already common hatred of the Nazis. This was in comparison to areas such as Vichy France which collaborated with the occupying forces and the probability of SOE operatives being betrayed was enormously increased.

Throughout World War II, the SOE had used approximately 13,000 people who directly backed or provided somewhere in the region of 1 million operatives.

Churchill’s Secret Army played a major part during World War II mainly in Europe but in other parts of the world too.. Free reprint available from: The Activities of the Special Operations Executive.

Swimwear Through The Ages

While you are putting on your bathing suit and heading for the water, the grass or the sand, have you ever given a thought to those people who came before you? Whilst you are sitting there in your swimming trunks or bikini, spare a thought for those who have worn a swimsuit before you through the decades. The history of the swimsuit and the history of women’s swimwear in particular is fascinating

We are so lucky these days in the West to be free of the shackles of the disapproval of society concerning beachwear and swimming costumes, because it still goes on in the Muslim and Asian world. They see our easy approach to near nudity as scandalous, but so did our fore-fathers and particularly our fore-mothers.

But there was a bizarre duality in their opinion. I have seen photos of female bathers in the latest fashion designs taken around about 1900 where nipples are plainly visible, but the legs were covered in stockings. These are obviously family photos and not pornography, which was rife then as well.

The history of bathing suits through the ages (in the Developed world) for both men and women has seen a reduction in the amount of clothing society needed to see for a person to stay good. This varied from country to country and from religion to religion, but with the exception of the Islamic faith, the trend has been the same – towards less.

The less the better.

For instance, in 1905 a lady’s bathing costume was really a short dress made up of ten yards of material, but by 1945 that yardage had shrunk to one yard. Nowadays some women’s swimwear is made from a couple of square feet.

The same is a fact of men’s swimwear fashion. A hundred years ago, the predominant swimwear fashion for men dictated that they wore leotards in the water, whereas stylish swimwear in the late 1930’s was trunks.

In the Seventies, they wore skimpy speedos and now we are back to trunks, although some beaches permit men to wear thongs like ladies can. Such are the vagaries of contemporary beachwear and swimwear style as dictated by politics and fashion.

In 1917, women wore a knitted jersey a skirt, bloomers, black stockings and even shoes on the water’s edge. Men did not have to wear stockings or shoes, but their leotard usually came down to their knees.

The following years saw hemlines on women and men rising, but swimming costumes were still down-beat, unsexy dark colours. The emphasis was not to look sexy, although numerous photos taken at that time show that both sexes were going through a sexual revolution. They had never seen so much of each other outside the bedroom.

This was the time when lots of our grand parents were born so it is the history of their parents’ sexual liberation. In the West, we can hardly start to imagine what it must have been like in those times ‘when a glimpse of stocking was something shocking’ and men ‘would rather hang around Piccadilly Underground, looking at the ankles of the fine-born ladies’.

These days, you can find beaches all over Europe where (semi) nudity is permissible, and increasingly so in America and Asia. The only bastions of modesty are the Muslim countries of northern Africa and Eastern Asia, but after recent events such as the Arab Awakening, how long is that liable to last?

Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on a number of subjects, but is now concerned with strapless swimming costumes. If you want to know more, just visit our website at Swimwear For Big Busts.

A Jewish Cruise For Singles The Best Search Engine Yet

There is an alternative for Jewish singles fed up with online dating sites and speed dating. A Jewish cruise may be the answer. Traveling the world over, a singles-specific cruise will allow for a relaxing vacation while meeting those with the same agenda.

The tours are often specific to religious observation, with kosher meals and Shabbat services. Others tend toward the fun side of life, with entertainment, parties and recreational opportunities. This is a unique way of meeting people in a casual, no-pressure atmosphere.

A cruise is always a memorable vacation. If you should meet your future spouse on it, that will be a story for the ages. If you do not meet that special person, well, you have had a wonderful vacation and have met new friends. There are fantastic sightseeing opportunities and the chance to expand your cultural horizons.

Taking a cruise is an effortless vacation. The events are planned in advance, the shore leaves are prearranged. You have only to wake up and flow into the day. All your needs are taken care of; you need do nothing but meet your fellow-travelers and enjoy the days and nights.

Ocean liners today have amenities such as gyms, pools, spas, shops, restaurants, bars and movie screenings. There are lectures, dance classes and Shabbat services. On a singles cruise, you will not meet parents, their children or the elderly. The other passengers will be with the same mindset and interested in similar activities. Everyone will have a future mate in mind. You will meet people from around the world.

The best thing about this type of vacation is that you can get a look at everyone in person. You can seek out those you find compatible or attractive and avoid the disappointment of looking for love through a computer profile. There is no pressure to endure a evening with someone you have to desire to know.

Once on shore, besides sightseeing, there are beaches, shopping, explorations and recreational activities. Whether your destination is Europe, the Mediterranean, Russia, China, Scandinavia or the Baltic, a Jewish cruise for singles is available. Check out a few online travel sites or visit your travel agent. This is the most fun you will ever have looking for love.

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The Best Things About Cruising The Mediterranean

Are you thinking of going on a cruise this year? If you have never been on a cruise before you certainly ought to try one and if you have been on a cruise before you could have a go at cruising the Mediterranean this time

Cruising at sea, calling into a different port each day or two soon becomes a way of life, so short cruises can be a little exasperating. A fortnight is all right but a month is much better.

Think of it, a different language and a different culture each day for weeks! The Mediterranean Sea is not considered to be a substantial sea, but it must be the most diverse region in the world, because there are countries like Portugal, Spain and France to the northwest; the Middle East is represented by Turkey and The Lebanon in the northeast; Arabic countries like Egypt and Lybia line the northeastern shoreline of the African Mediterranean and Arabic/Berber countries like Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco bring us back to within miles of Spain on the northwestern African Mediterranean shoreline.

In fact, the Mediterranean Sea covers about 2.5 million square kilometres and has over 120 large seaports around it. The variety of food, culture and language is pretty extraordinary. If you are searching for variety, you will absolutely find it when cruising the Mediterranean Sea.

If you get a kick out of history, then you will not be disappointed by the ruins from the immense Greek, Roman and Egyptian empires that spread around the area prolifically. I should not think that there is a single area without something to remind the population about the power of the Roman army 2,000 years ago.

There are dozens of different Mediterranean cruises available lots of them specializing in one particular aspect or area of the Mediterranean. Some go for romantic destinations others specialize in Greek, Roman or Egyptian history.

The last Mediterranean cruise I went on was actually two cruises back-to-back. I flew into Barcelona from my home town. I did not have to take care of my baggage from my hometown until I saw it on my bunk on the cruise liner. That was a great touch. On the first leg of the cruise we steamed east to Sicily and then north along the Italian coastline to the French Riviera and back to Spain.

The second part went east to Sardinia and then south to Africa and returned along the coast calling into Tunisia and Malta on the way back to Spain. They were two completely different cruises on the same ship and separated merely by a week from one another.

The luxury and the dining experience was wonderful and I discovered the saying to be true that you can expect to gain about a pound in weight every two days unless you take plenty of exercise, so make sure you pack your swimming costume, even if you do choose to leave your exercise kit at home.

Owen Jones, the author of this piece, writes on various subjects, but is now involved with the Bikini Cup D. If you would like to know more, please visit our web site at Swimwear for Big Busts.

Essential Freeware Applications

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