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Bark Busters USA Named 2011 Military Friendly Franchise by G.I. Jobs Magazine

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In honor of Veterans Day, Bark Busters USA announces it was ranked in the top 10 percent of all franchises nationwide and named a 2011 Military Friendly Franchise by G.I. Jobs Magazine. Bark Busters USA, previously mentioned in a press release about SPCAI and the world’s largest dog training company, honors military veterans all year round by offering service members discounts up to 15% off the franchise fee, allowing veterans to use their training and operational skills in a new civilian career. Visit the Bark Busters link on MilitaryFranchising.com for details.

“Being selected as a Military Friendly Franchise places Bark Busters in this elite group, and is testimony to its world-class programs and policies that support military veterans interested franchise opportunities.”

“The Military Friendly Franchises list was created three years ago out of demand from military veterans, many of whom want to start or own their own business but are unclear where to begin,” says Sean Collins, director for G.I. Jobs. “Being selected as a Military Friendly Franchise places Bark Busters in this elite group, and is testimony to its world-class programs and policies that support military veterans interested franchise opportunities.”

“Numerous veterans have become successful Bark Buster franchise owners because their service training gives them the focus and discipline required to excel as both business owners and dog behavioral therapists,” says Liam Crowe, CEO and master dog behavioral therapist, Bark Busters USA. “Bark Busters dog behavioral therapists teach dog owners to establish leadership with their canine companions by applying the principles of the canine social structure; these principles are similar to the chain of command in the military. That’s why veterans have proven very successful in applying the Bark Busters methodology.”

The full list of Military Friendly Franchises is published each June in G.I. Jobs Magazine, and on www.MilitaryFranchising.com, a web tool that helps veterans decide which franchise to choose. Additional resources are posted on www.facebook.com/MilitaryFranchising. To learn more about Bark Busters, their work with SPCA International, and more, visit www.BarkBusters.com or www.facebook.com/BarkBustersHomeDogTrainingUSA.

About Bark Busters – Bark Busters, the world’s largest, most trusted dog training company, started in Australia in 1989 and came to the United States in 2000. Since inception, more than 500,000 dogs have been trained worldwide using its dog-friendly, natural methods. To fetch a trainer in your area, call 877-500-BARK (2275) or visit www.BarkBusters.com. For franchise opportunities, call 877-300-BARK (2275).

About G.I. Jobs – Bark G.I. Jobs (www.gijobs.com) is published 12 times per year by Victory Media, a veteran-owned business. The company also publishes The Guide to Military Friendly Schools. You can follow G.I. Jobs on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GIJobsMagazine or on Twitter @gijobsmagazine.

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SPCA International Announces Expanded Global Effort to Protect and Save Animals in 2012

NEW YORK, Jan 11, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SPCA International ( www.spcai.org ) announces a renewed focus on refugee animals in crisis due to natural disasters, famine, political turmoil or war in 2012. The animal rights group expects to send millions more in supply aid to struggling shelters worldwide.

SPCAI distributed over $7 million in medical aid and supplies to shelters in Panama, Kuwait, Tanzania, Guatemala and Hong Kong. Thanks to donors and achieving program growth goals, SPCA International distributed more financial grants to shelters domestically and globally than ever before.

“2011 was our most successful year of operations to date and we look forward to supporting and collaborating with even more animal shelters and rescue groups in 2012,” said Stephanie Scott of the SPCAI. “Our mission is truly a global effort and we are determined to see that this year we reach even more areas in need of attention domestically and around the world. In Panama alone, we were able to spay and neuter more than 1,100 dogs and cats in just one weekend last September.”

SPCA International completed and surpassed its 100th ‘Operation Baghdad Pups’ mission to the Middle East in 2011 and the famous program is back at work this week with teams traveling to Iraq to save more desperate animals who U.S. troops were forced to leave behind during the withdrawal. Through ongoing efforts these true military heroes will be reunited with the soldiers that love them very soon.

“In 2012 we hope to distribute more than $9 million in medical supply aid worldwide. Our team is also poised to respond to more international crises than ever before, which will allow us to increase the numbers of animals we reach significantly. We encourage supporters to watch for fun changes coming to our website, spcai.org, early in the year. The redesigned site will engage, educate and activate people like never before,” said Scott.

For more information on SPCA International’s life-saving work or to make a donation in support of this cause, please visit www.spcai.org.

SOURCE: SPCA International

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Memorable Events From January 2000

I was searching through a history book and it was talking about memorable events of ten years ago, but I had forgotten most of them. I have picked out some of the events of exactly ten years ago this month – January, in a word. So here are a few things that you may or probably will not remember from January 2000.

1 – on his first day as interim president, Vladimir Putin departed to visit Russian troops in Chechnya.

4 – President Clinton recommends Alan Greenspan to a fourth four year term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

5 – President Clinton rules that Elian Gonzalez, a six year old Cuban boy who survived the capsizing of a refugee boat, should be returned to his father in Cuba.

6 – much of Miami is shut down by hundreds of Cuban-Americans protesting the Gonzalez decision. – the S.E.C reports that most partners of Price, Waterhouse, Coopers, the world’s largest accounting firm, violated rules requiring that they may not hold stock in firms that they audit. Five partners were sacked.

7 – Vice Pres. Al Gore back-tracks on his promise to ensure that all new appointees to the Joint Chiefs of Staff were sympathetic to allowing gays to serve openly in the military.

8 – AOL announces a merger with Time Warner for $165 billion: the world’s biggest ever.

11 – the British government rules that General Pinochet is medically unfit to stand trial for suspected crimes against humanity in Chile during his presidency.

13 – executives at the nation’s leading drugs companies say they want to work with Clinton to establish Medicare coverage for prescription drugs this year.

15 – Arkan, the infamous Serbian paramilitary leader was shot dead in a hotel lobby in Belgrade.

18 – Helmut Kohl resigns as honorary Christian Democratic Party chairman over allegations of corruption from within the party.

24 – the Supreme Court rules that laws limiting political donations to $1,000 in Missouri are constitutional.

25 – the Congressional Budget Office reports that the flood of tax revenues ensuing from the exceptionally strong economy will last for ten years.

26 – ‘The New York Times’ informs that U.S investigators have unveiled links between a group of Algerians charged with plotting a terrorist strike in the U.S. and Osama Bin Laden, the exiled Saudi accused of bombing two American embassies.

31 – Republican Gov. George Ryan of Illinois halts all executions in the state citing a disgraceful record of convicting innocent people and putting them on death row. – top officials n the C.I.A. are accused of blocking an internal investigation into indications that the agency’s past director, John M. Deutsch, mishandled secret information.

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Protecting Providing Assistance Of Disabled Vets

Being disabled is no fun, as there’s a world of discrimination as well as life difficulties that can great you. For disabled veterans it can be even worse, because you’re also readjusting to life away from the military. But there are plenty of ways that you can find help and aid to make the road easier to travel. Our first recommendation is Disabled Veterans National Foundation, but there are many other ways to achieve help as well.

Many veterans as they come back have special needs because of the disabilities they suffer in the field. That means physical impairments, as well as mental or psychological ones that can really make life difficult.

For that things are required like different types of medical equipment, or things like therapeutic dogs as well. But some apartment complexes are less than accommodating of such things.

But you have the legal right to get medically necessary dogs, or equipment installed into the property no matter what. There is even legislation out there to protect veterans more specifically.

Beyond that type of help, there are also tons of benefits packages offered by Disabled Veterans National Foundation that can help veterans in need. Those disabled veterans that are unable to work, or that have difficulty with such a thing will find there are accommodations for them.

While some of them come in the form of a loan, you’ll discover that many are just government benefits, so that a veteran can get on their feet, without worrying about how to pay back interest.

With these benefit packages you can help a veteran ease the burden on themselves, because they will be taken care of. Plus they are pretty plentiful once you actually know where to look.

You just have to contact the right government agency, and you’re going to be able to get the veteran’s assistance that you really need. There are tons of agencies out there to help any veteran truly in need.

To discover added in relation to Disabled Veterans National Foundation, don’t hesitate to visit their web page.

Important Unfortunate Realities Concerning Disabled Soldiers

Not everybody realizes how many veterans actually come home disabled. Fighting for your country is a scary thing, and the toll it takes on those that volunteer is both physical and mental. You’d be surprised at just how things can be stacked against disabled veterans when they get home as well. Our friends at Disabled Veterans National Foundation wholeheartedly agree.

Around a third of those in combat, end up coming home disabled in some way. Whether they are wounded in combat with a physical disability, or are stricken with a mental one because of the extreme stress.

You’re going to find that in some cases, many come home with post traumatic stress disorder, even if they have no physical problems. That can be just as bad, if not worse in some instances.

The numbers on how many are actually out of a job and disabled is pretty staggering. Most not even aware of what options they have to take advantage of when it comes to the disability help that’s out there.

But there is help out there offered by disabled veterans national foundation, and you just have to know where to look. The problem is finding the aid that you know you should be able to get. The USA does provide, just in weird ways sometimes.

Usually health care is covered and things of that nature to a degree. But there are more useful options, like benefits, as well as loans that can be taken out, to help secure money for bills while readjusting to civilian life.

Not only that, but you’re also going to discover that there are provisions, and agencies that will help disabled veterans find work as well. That way, finding job opportunities is easier.

You can even discover services that will help to find veteran friendly apartments. That way if you have special needs, you’re not going to get a landlord that’s just going to be a big hassle.

To learn a bit more in regards to DVNF, you’d be wise to go to their websites.

The Forms Of Support For Disabled Soldiers

It’s easy for veterans to be lost when they return home after having fought for their country. But it’s even easier for them to be forgotten, as everybody else’s lives back home have just continued without them. That’s why disabled veterans sometimes need help getting back into the flow. It’s a good thing that The Disabled Veterans National Foundation exists to serve these needs.

The life change between being involved in a war, and being back home in America is pretty drastic. That’s why the civilian support groups that exist, as well as support services are absolutely vital.

When you’re suffering from something like post traumatic stress disorder, you need a support system to help you sleep at night. That’s what many services provide, so that you can get your mind right, and then worry about everything else.

But that’s not where support ends, and there are plenty of private sector agencies that are completely dedicated to helping the troops. In fact, a ton of non-profit services exist for that purpose.

Some of the most vital actually are dedicated to helping disabled veterans find work. It’s hard enough to find work when you’re disabled, but when you’re a veteran just trying back at home for the first time, the task is that much harder.

Many of these groups however, such as The Disabled Veterans National Foundation, have connections to good jobs and good reputable companies that are always looking to employ veterans. That’s where you can find your opportunities to work once more.

There are also private sector entities that are dedicated to providing loan opportunities for veterans. That way you can get small business or even living loans, to make life that little bit easier as well.

Finally, there are tons of groups to connect you with other veterans, or those that can just provide additional support. That way, you always have a friend in need, and they are always willing to help those brave disabled veterans that have helped this country.

To learn a lot of suitable to DVNF, you’d be wise to visit their blog.

Ex Military Solider Support With The Help Of Small Businesses

Getting your life began right after war is usually tough, but acquiring ways that you can restart is still necessary. Even those that fall into the category of being helped by Disabled Veterans National Foundation ought to have a program. There are actually tons of provisions to assist though, to make sure which you can locate the assistance, or no less than make your own help.

You will discover quite a few programs which could allow you to acquire jobs, by means of their job initiatives. These can ensure you are in a position to find opportunities much more effortlessly than ever ahead of, which virtually guarantees your employment.

But that’s not all, one can find also tons of loans that you simply can take advantage of. You will discover your normal veteran loans to ensure that you may support to spend off your bills till you’ll be able to get a job.

But you may also make the most of little company loans as well. This way, you possibly can forge a new path using the determination, too as tough operating ethic you developed throughout your time inside the military.

What you will discover is the fact that there are actually loans which you can benefit from for veterans, to ensure that they can get started up their own business enterprise opportunities. They include particular regulations at the same time as rates too.

That indicates they’re pretty a lot virtually produced for disabled veterans to become able to live out their dreams as soon as they come residence. But with out having to worry concerning the constraints other loan officials may offer you.

With out having to have a whole lot to invest yourself, you are in a position to use these sorts of loans to obtain your small business off the ground. That way you can come household to live the dream which you had been fighting to defend.

Tons of programs and loans exist like this for disabled veterans, so you possibly can rest assured the capitalist potential is there to grow to be a achievement away from the battlefield.

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SPCA International Announces Success in Largest Sterilization Campaign Ever Held By Spay Panama

4 Day Effort Sterilizes 1,137 Pets and Stray Animals in Greater Panama City

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SPCA International and Spay Panama announce their 4-day effort to spay and neuter 1000 animals – in conjunction with World Animal Day – was a huge success.

Thanks to countless hours donated by over 50 volunteers and veterinarians and funded by the SPCAI grant award of $22,000, the massive effort to spay and neuter more than 1000 pets succeeded. Spay Panama developed a mobile sterilization team and MASH-type operation that moved its operation to four different parts of Panama City in order to reach multiple pet owners who have no means of travel.

The 4-day campaign was aimed at stopping the unnecessary deaths of homeless animals in Panama. Spay Panama was founded in 2001, and thanks to the support of SPCA International, the group attempted and succeeded to reach up to 1,000 animals in a condensed time period.

Once set up in a local community center, Spay Panama’s team was able to prep, operate and bring each animal to a post-op mat where the pets were cleaned, de-wormed and given vitamin or rabies shots – all in under 30 minutes each.

The SPCAI team working in Panama during this spay/neuter campaign expressed amazement and admiration from witnessing the efficiency and determination of Spay Panama’s team. They worked long hours into the night and then moved the operation team to the next day’s location. Local people brought their pets in cardboard boxes, wheelbarrows, milk crates or the backs of trucks and all were serviced, no matter how late the hour was.

The plight of female dogs in Panama is a life of trying to survive bearing litter after litter. Often malnourished, these female animals lose most of their puppies and kittens due to the dangers of the streets such as little or no food, and passing cars and trucks. According to animal experts with Spay Panama, male dogs that are not neutered often run wild in the streets trying to mate and too often get hit by cars. Un-altered male and female cats also become regular victims of violence due to their loud and bothersome “cat calls” during heat that can last for days at a time.

All of these issues stem from a lack of sterilization and the cycle is only perpetuated because the overpopulation of animals causes citizens to harbor ill-will against the helpless dogs and cats. This leads to more animal abuse, more senseless death, and little interest in the one true and lasting solution – to Spay and Neuter.

To learn more on this Spay Panama campaign, go to www.spcai.org.

Find out a lot more in relation to SPCA international found at their website.

Understand Your Entitlements For Any Disabled Vet

Not everybody is 100% when they come home as a veteran. Or actually, the vast majority are not, and come home wounded both physically and mentally. That’s why there are tons of non-profits like Disabled Veterans National Foundation, and provisions out there to help disabled veterans and the woes that they face when they go to readjust to normal life once more.

A big part of this is just knowing what works in your favor. Mostly things like the fair housing act. You’re going to find that there is an act that exists to protect veterans with special needs.

Some things like apartment complexes don’t allow dogs of any kind. But they would have to allow a dog if you needed a helper canine, or a therapeutic canine. In either instance they are totally medically necessary.

The same is true of all sorts of special circumstances, so that you can protect yourself if you’re a veteran in need. That way, you’re going to be able to get the help you need, without fear from your landlord.

But that’s not all of course, there are also tons of other bonuses that come your way for being a veteran. That includes things like job seeking benefits, as well as opportunities for health care and medicine.

That’s right, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay for all that medical care that you may require. But what’s more, you also don’t have to worry about things like finding a job as much as you might.

As long as you have the right type of assistance, you’ve got options. Plus there are a slew of veterans benefits, loans, and other laws that can really help you out after having served.

The USA is getting better at taking care of those that make America possible. Though there are a lot of bridges that need to be crossed, it’s easier than ever to find the help disabled veterans need.

To learn a lot more related to Disabled Veterans National Foundation, feel free to visit their web pages.

You Can Help Just One Injured Veteran Working And Earning

Unfortunately a lot of veterans end up homeless when they come back from war. That’s because they end up either not getting the help that they need from Disabled Veterans National Foundation and other entities with limited resources, or just not being able to find it at all. That’s unfortunate, and really not what should be greeting our disabled veterans in need of help.

But that’s why the programs are out there if you know what to do. For example, there are veterans assistance loans that just about everybody can count on. This way, you have time to get secure again.

With these loans, you can afford to live once more, once you’re out of the military. That way, you’re going to be able to pay for everything like house or rent payments, food, utilities, etc.

But you also buy yourself time to get help so that you can readjust. Or you can find opportunities for finding work, while you’re using the loan money. Either way, it gets you help very quickly.

In most cases there are approved disability pensions to help as well, so that disabled veterans can get the assistance that they need financially. There are a lot of things that can happen to a veteran that can make life hard for them.

These loans and pensions exist to ease the burden on them returning to normal civilian life once more. That way, they have the time that they need to readjust, because not everybody is capable of readjusting as quickly as they might expect.

Times are always hard after a veteran comes home, but you have to know about the products and services that can really help to ease the journey. They are definitely out there, so you can count on some options.

Just make sure that you don’t give up, whether you are a veteran or you’re helping a veteran. There’s always a light at the end of that tunnel, you just have to keep looking to make sure you find it.

To discover extra linked with Disabled Veterans National Foundation, feel free to go to their web site.