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Combining the Power of Online Scheduling and Facebook

You are probably aware of the fact that Facebook is probably the largest social networking sites online, with over 800 million members. Since there are so many people there, it’s also one of the very best social media resources offered.

Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Using Facebook as a marketing device works well since it allows you to put your marketing messages where your potential customers are. To accomplish this, you need to build a Facebook business or fan page. Once your business page is created, you will get existing and prospective clients to “like” the page. This can be done in a number of ways, including a sweepstakes for individuals that like the page, or simply requesting individuals to like the page. Although, the best way to draw individuals to your page is by providing original, interesting content that your audience cannot find elsewhere.

Integrating Schedulicity with Facebook

Once you’ve created your Facebook business page and begun to develop a number of fans, you need to convert those prospects into paying clients. Encouraging individuals to schedule an appointment directly on your business page is an effective method of doing just that. Schedulicity supplies an online scheduling app that integrates seamlessly with a Facebook business page.

Benefits for You

A significant key in internet marketing is to try to reduce the steps or clicks from gaining a prospect’s interest and closing the sale. You can expect some amount of abandonment for each click between the prospect’s desire to purchase and the checkout button. Using a ‘Schedule Now’ button on your fan page eliminates the need for a potential client to go to your website or call you to book a session, which means a higher percentage of transforming prospective clients into repeat customers.

Benefits for Your Client

Giving prospects the opportunity to book an appointment through Facebook is a matter of convenience. After your promotional offer or story of interest displays in their news feed, just one click will transport them to your Facebook business page. There, they are able to schedule a session via Schedulicity’s Facebook widget. The service enables them to book an appointment 24/7, getting rid of voice mails and call backs.

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Selling Gift Cards At Auctions Sites

Gift cards are an ideal gift for any occasion. It offers a good option for those who are seeking a last minute gift option or do not know what to buy the recipient. But there are many times that individuals do not use their card. They either do not like the store, forget they have it, or would rather have the cash. Individuals, through the internet, are now able to partake in selling gift cards online.

Aside from presents, electronic cards are presented to individuals who try a new service, or participate in a survey or focus group. Gift cards enable individuals to use it toward a purchase in a store. It is a less expensive option from sending a package as well.

Currently, individuals spend more than sixty-billion dollars a year on cards. However, of this number ten to fifteen percent are not used, as these individuals forget about them or have no use. There are numerous websites now that promote selling gift cards for cash. One of the easiest and more popular ways to sell unused cards is through auction websites.

For individuals who use an online auction, it provides the largest audience who can benefit from the card. Because of the popularity, many online auction sites have their own category for selling cards. All individuals need to do is cite where the card is from, the amount on the card, and limitations of the card, for example, the expiration date.

Individuals who receive cards for online stores do not even need to mail the card out. They just have to provide the buyer with the access code to redeem the cash. Profits are always a nice thing but mainly, individuals just want the cash value from the card.

Certain websites also offer a matching program between individuals selling and buying cards. In these situations, instead of exchanging money, individuals exchange cards. For example, one individual has a gift card of fifty dollars to store A. This person then finds another person who has two twenty-five cards to stores B and C. Through some websites, individuals can then swap their cards.

Gift cards are a great last minute gift item but a majority of them end up going unused. Other than re-gifting or donating a card, individuals can opt for selling their gift cards online. It is a great way to exchange for instant cash.

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