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Have You Been Considering A Career In Computer Forensics?

Careers in forensics are diverse and growing to be increasingly more sought after, in particular, those in computer forensics. Computer forensic investigations consist of cyber forensics and computer security forensics and these disciplines naturally have a certain level of cross over in between them.

Computer technology has advanced considerably throughout the past decade and has led to the need for a dedicated branch of forensic investigation to be created. Many people tend to think of fingerprinting and crime scene analysis once they think of forensic science, but forensics has had to move with the times and utilise technologies to help their challenging job.

Even though some do, it’s a fact that numerous criminals don’t have a lot of understanding of the operating systems associated with using computers and as such, leave them self wide open to getting caught by the specialists. Pedophile networks are a excellent example of the skill of computer forensics being utilized. Even when information is believed to be deleted, it can remain for years on the hard drive unless it is overwritten and it’s feasible to retrieve it by the use of forensic data recovery software.

Computer hacking is a well-known practice that requires computer security forensics experts to find the hacker in cyberspace. Hacking may involve using someone else’s e-mail account to spam a large number of individuals, to place a virus, to steal cash or alter individual particulars or merely to crash servers for some purpose. Each one of these practices are against the law and may cause a great deal of harm to business and individuals.

A computer forensics professional can also access mobile phone technology to retrieve information and contact details of suspected criminals. Indeed, an entire network can be rounded up from the foolhardy use of cellular devices utilized by one person.

However, importantly, a computer forensics expert must be in a position to demonstrate in court that any material retrieved was actually present on the phone or computer when a crime was committed because it could be all too simple to plant that material at a later date. Consequently, as with hard evidence, the chain of custody should be kept ultra-clean and secure when using computer forensics.

Careers in forensics need a lot of initial and on-going education and is definitely a lifelong career demanding a great deal of dedication. The pay might not be great for a few years, but job satisfaction is, so if you’re considering specialising in one element of forensics, then computer forensics is definitely a rewarding one to follow.

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Computer Forensics

Has your network been compromised? The IT Forensics in Houston, Texas investigate all areas of computer and cyber forensics, breach in data security, hackers and vulnerabilities in servers, wireless networks, mobile devices and more. We discover and recovery any critical data with our dedicated expert teams of investigators. We have the experience, skills, expertise and specialty tools needed making us your one stop solution to the problem.

Our computer forensics team will discover and recover your critical data while eliminating the problems of entry from intruders. Whether your need is litigation based or investigative, our team of specialists are the one stop solution to capture and control the situation at hand. We are highly experienced as witnesses in computer forensic testimonies in courts all across the great state of Texas and the United States. We help industrial, corporate and residential users to recover their electronically stored information (ESI) making their life less stressful.

Computer forensics investigators are on call 24/7 to meet and exceed your expectations of recovery and to secure your network from intruders keeping your valuable information private at all times. Mobile devices such as smart phones, laptops, tablets and iPads store critical data in which we are able to retrieve even when deletion has occurred accidentally. We have the ability to recovery text messages with our digital forensic analysis.

At IT Forensics in Houston, confidentiality and security is a main focus. We are able to review, access and rebuild the security designs already established for corporations, industrial, financial, retailers and residential and provide a comprehensive strategy securing all valuable data and recovery of critical data. We are the crme de la crme of computer digital forensics leading the industry with our established innovative technology techniques and highly skilled engineers.

Wireless network security assessments utilizing our expert engineers experience will create a safe environment to access the network from any location. Configuration and review of the wireless access points preventing intruders from penetrating the network will be analyzed and captured creating a security network against any vulnerability. We are the specialist leading the industry in IT Forensics, Houston, Texas based to get the job done right the first time.

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A Career In Computer Forensics

Computer forensics, also known as cyber forensics, involves computer security as well as computer forensic invesigations. This is just one of the latest developments inside fast moving field of forensics, obviously because of the probably faster advancements in computer technology and also the ability of some to manipulate this modern-day tendency with regard to their own gains.

Whereas more traditional forensics involves microscopic investigation of physical properties of any crime, computer forensics requires the minute investigation of computer files and the tracking and movement of those files as well, the hijacking of sites and the sites that people visit. While it can be a misconception that deleted files are not recoverable, a lot more people have become aware of the fact that they can. What this means is that new software keeps emerging that ‘shreds’ those files more finely making it harder for computer forensic experts to piece them back together.

The good news is that as quickly as the developers put out new software, or come up with more advanced techniques to completely remove files, some criminals are just not that savvy or, they don’t have the time to do this properly. Furthermore, some of the best computer forensic experts in the world are on the right side of law and are frequently one step ahead. Whereas normally, the only method to permanently delete files is to overwrite them completely – who knows exactly what the future will bring!

We are not just talking about a desktop or laptop computer here. We are all aware of how mobile phone technology has also advance with the likes of the iphone and similar devices, some are now used to store data files as well as names and contact numbers of the user. This level of detail can be extremely useful to police officers and the recovery of this data can be vital to furthering a case.

Most people have now heard of ‘hacking’ into computer accounts for various reasons including identity theft. As said, the modern-world relies heavily on storing data, including personal details as well as some really leading-edge government security measures. Not only can someone steal your identity, they can change it with another more unfavorable one! However, one of the most common illegal uses for hackers is to hijack other people’s websites with regard to their own uses, including sending millions of unsolicited spam emails through other people’s accounts. I very much doubt there is anyone who has ever not been a recipient of a minimum of one spam email! Fortunately, computer forensics experts are constantly on the lookout and tracking individuals who do this kind of thing.

If you are a computer forensics expert, the toughest job is usually to be able to convince a court that the material retrieved was really there and just when it was there. This is indeed similar to all branches of forensics and care must be taken at all times to maintain the evidence following proper procedures.

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The Benefits Of Server Collocation

Another name for co-location is data center hosting and what this does is that it will offer the client the advantage to use certain features of a massive IT department. Most people will go with server colocation services because when it comes to the costs, they are just very cheap and this makes them a very good opportunity for many clients.

You should know that when you will choose to install these services, you will be the only one who will have to ensure that the server equipments that you will use will be properly maintained. Also, you will be provide with a unique IP address and you will be able to use this to access any type of data that you have at any given moment in the day. If you think that you will need another server, then you will be able to rent one from the data hosting provider.

If you don’t understand the importance of server colocation, that is no big problem. You should know that if you choose to go with managed server collocation, you have many advantages. The most important one out of the bunch is that you will always have your network up and you will never have to worry about downtime any longer. If your business doesn’t experience network failures, it means that you will make more money. Also, if you live in a place where the weather is always hot and you’re worrying about your equipments, you can use some cooling solutions from your data host provider, which will take care of this problem in a snap.

Another thing is that your webpage will be continuously monitored so that there will be no problems with it. If there is something you need to upgrade, doing that is very simple. Thus, if you will choose to upgrade something, you can also expect that your business will grow larger.

When you will get such a provider, the traffic that you can expect will also be very high. And I bet that you really want this a lot, as it will increase the sales of your business very much.

Also, you don’t have to worry about natural events, like heavy rains, storms and so on, for if the power will fail, the provider has generators to back things up, so your network will also be up. You will be given access to some very cool monitoring tools as well, to keep an eye on things. And this is why server collocation is just a vital service to acquire.

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Tips To Safeguard Yourself From Hackers

If you will go in the past then you will find many examples of encryption. Caesar used the shift by three methods for his purpose. He used to send the messages to his friends and the soldiers in encrypted form. With the passage of time, the security of the messages became more and more important. You can take one example. Can you imagine how important the information is which is being transferred from one country to the other? The entire relationship depends upon the information and even a slight mistake can lead to war between the two country. Now, the cryptography is one of the very important subjects and can play a major role if you want to stop hacking. Hacking is leading to lots of robberies these days.

Terrorists try to break the military resistance daily and work day and night to fulfill their need. However, the encryption standards do not allow them to do so. You should also know that the hacking is a very tough job and you need lots of patience to complete this task. You will have to go through many restless nights if you want to hack something. The encryption standards and algorithms make the job even tougher. Algorithms like DES, SHA and AES are the strongest of all and they are very hard to be decrypted. Those who invented them challenged the whole world to decrypt it and offered some great amount as the prizes. However, no one of them was able to break the security.

The best way for stopping the hacker from breaking the security is to use the encryption standards. The open source programming is very dangerous and they are very helpful for the hackers. There are numbers of software available that can help you to hack passwords of variety of websites. If you find software that can hack the Bank of America account holder’s code word then you should not be surprised.

You can say that hacking is a skill. However, it is in incorrect hands. You can decide number of mysteries if you use the hacking in the right way. If you will use it for the noble cause then it will definitely work fine and for your betterment. The children are very fond of the hacking and they feel quite excited if they are able to crack some code at any time. Hence, you should be strict so that they never become a hacker.

Some of the black hat hackers are Jonathan James, Kevin Paulson and Kevin Mitnick. You should not take them lightly. You will find them involved in some of the very serious cases. However, you should know that the white hat hacking is different from the black hat hacking. The black hat hacking can be destructive. However, the white hat hacking is always useful. The companies appoint many hackers for ethical hacking. They check how tough the software can be at various situations.

That is why you should be using the best encryption standards. Never use your passwords in the public places like cyber caf. If you will follow these methods then the hackers will not affect you and they will never be able to harm you at any cost.

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The Evolution Of Stopping Digital Crime

It’s hard to imagine going to work and not checking emails, or going for a night out in town and not having a mobile phone to call friends. This is the impact technology is having on all of our lives, computers, phones and PDA’s are part of our everyday lives now. As they have crept in to our daily routines, they have become a target for digital criminals, to both gather data from and to use as tools to carry out crime.

As we all use technology and there are companies everywhere working on the next big thing, the challenge for computer forensics investigators is to keep up and to try and stay ahead of the game. Emails, text messages and all matter of data are being sent to and from devices twenty four hours a day and there are unscrupulous people looking to acquire it and use it for criminal purpose. It has been this, coupled with the use of such technology by criminals that has seen the prominence of computer forensics.

In the mid eighties, just as computers were starting to revolutionise homes and businesses all over the globe, computer forensics was born. The FBI started the ball rolling and created a specialist forensic team, which is now known as the Computer Analysis and Response Team. The fact that it took until the eighties for computer forensics to really start, makes it one of the newest disciplines for gathering evidence in criminal investigations.

Throughout the nineties and early part of the noughties, computers and mobile computing devices, including smartphones saw an almost meteoric rise in popularity. This saw the caseload for specialist teams such as the FBI’s CART team increase and strengthen the case for using digital evidence in criminal cases. Due to the widespread use of technology, it has meant that digital evidence has become relevant in many cases, not just those that occur online or involve only the use of digital data.

The information taken from computers, smartphones and networks is often referred to as digital evidence. To be used in a court of law, the data will need to be extracted, documented and kept in a specific and controlled manner or risk being corrupted and therefore unsuitable. Many cases will involve forensic information taken from more than one device, for example maybe a phone and an MP3 player, or smartphone and some visual CCTV footage – in order to be useful all data must be secured and handled by professionals which is part of what makes it such a specialist area.

It is important for all of us to be careful with our data no matter what the device but it is reassuring to know that there are services out there for catching those who choose to misuse technology for unlawful activity. Computer forensics is continuing to evolve and this has to be good news for all of us who use the internet, computers or mobile devices as well as those who fall victim to non-digital crime and have cases that can use digital evidence.

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Computer Repair Advice In Simple Steps

Repairing your own pc is often rather easy, particularly if it’s a matter of computer software issues. Hardware can get a bit more exciting due to the fact you might need to open your personal computer up and replace a particular device. But most personal computer repairs are fairly easy to repair if you follow a few basic steps.

We are going to stick with software issues given that they are the most typical personal computer troubles. Hardware difficulties entail replacing parts and configuring these new items. But that’s considerably more uncommon and we’ll save this type of topic for another article.

The first consideration in any computer repair requires a little bit of detective work. Should you get an error message on your screen, make sure your write it down. You need to also jot down any facts that may be useful in figuring out the cause, such as what you were working on when the malfunction occurred, any new computer software or hardware installed, or outside situation including a power failure.

Regrettably, not all error messages are completely accurate. Quite a few error messages can indicate numerous things and each circumstance may possibly be a little different. Microsoft Windows of any release has the famous “blue screen of death” error that will have several distinct reasons. But it does present you with a starting point. Even with the infamous “blue screen of death” there generally is some sort of error message. And these can help to indicate whether this is a software or hardware difficulty.

The very first step would be to do an investigation on your personal computer error. Even when you don’t get an error on the screen, if you possibly can precisely describe your problem it will still provide you with some very good results. Use Google or your preferred search engine and type the exact error into the search box. This will offer some distinct information and facts on your computer system error and usually list other persons who had the exact same difficulty. This can frequently lead to a quick solution since a lot of listings will also have the solution if available.

There could also be articles listed from the Microsoft Knowledgebase, an outstanding source for numerous frequent pc repair issues and the way to take care of them. The Microsoft Knowledgebase article will typically have step-by-step guidelines on how you can repair your unique problem. Microsoft has many tools which are bundled in your operating system software program like System Restore (it restores your personal computer operating system back to a point before the error occurred) as well as the System Recovery Console that may help you run other utilities to repair typical computer system issues.

When you find a solution and it appears that it may possibly be beyond your abilities, this information can help should you look for a computer repair service. The better you can describe the issue, the less time they will need to take in finishing the repair. So it is possible to at least limit the expense by providing some precise details.

One important recommendation to make any computer repair much less problematic would be to continually keep any critical data backed up, just in case you have a pc repair that demands that you reinstall your operating system with no chance to do a last minute backup. Computer systems break like just any electronic device and it is possible to reduce the damage by always having a recent backup of important information.

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Hard Drive Noise?

There are a few noises you in no way wish to hear. Right up there on the list may be a funny noise from your hard drive. A scraping, grinding, or rattling noise means there’s definitely a problem. Just before we look at what might be triggering these noises, there is a first priority. When you have no recent backup, it is the very first thing you should do, beginning with the most important information files first. In the event you act promptly when you first hear an odd noise, you have a really good chance of backing up in advance of when the hard disk drive fails.

Okay, now that we have a backup we can attempt to diagnose the root cause of this noise coming from the hard drive. Hard disk drives have a number of moving parts. The platters (where the computer data is kept and read from) spin at enormous speeds calculated in RPMs. Even a slow hard disk drive these days runs at the very least 5400 revolutions per minute. The actual spindle that the platters rest on likewise spins at that velocity. Then you have an armature that moves the apparatus that reads the platters that continually moves from the outer edge to the center.

Virtually any of these moving parts can wear out and begin producing noises. You can’t actually replace the inner components because of cost and techniques consequently your only option is to replace the hard disk. Like I pointed out above, in case you instantly act the minute you hear the very first unusual noise, your hard disk drive may well keep working a little longer. Many new hard disk drives arrive with software programs that will easily transfer your total hard drive contents to your new one. So it is a substantial advantage of transferring the contents from a functioning drive to the new hard drive.

Relocating the contents can be a great time saver considering you won’t have to reinstall your operating system and any other software applications. And there are many other pieces of data like your email, address book, Browser Favorites, and also passwords or network configurations. You do not ever realize how much stuff you might have on your pc until you lose it. Transferring the entire system software and files is considerably simpler and you won’t lose anything.

If your hard drive doesn’t arrive with software to duplicate the contents of the old hard disk drive to a new one, you’ll find a couple of excellent software applications which you can easily purchase to do it. My very first choice would be Acronis Migrate 7. It costs about $40 and might be used to produce a backup image as well. You’ll find other programs out there but none of them as easy and bulletproof as Acronis.

If it comes to replacing your disk drive, there are certain aspects of the first hard drive which you need to check out to make certain the new one is comparable. Many times you possibly can increase the size and also the speed of your new hard drive for superior performance and much more data storage. Lets say you have a 250 Gig SATA hard disk, that runs at 5400 RPM which may be going to fail before long by the sound of it. You’ll be able to very easily get a 500 Gig SATA drive that operates at 7500 RPM (the faster it spins, the faster it is possible to store and retrieve data) for around $65.

Consequently you just doubled your storage capability and increased your access speed considerably. These new hard drives are available with very simple directions on replacing your old disk drive. If the software package that will duplicate the complete hard drive comes with your specific option it will have information on specifically how to handle this, often step by step instructions. Acronis Migrate 7 also includes complete guidelines and is created for even a new user. And Acronis has excellent support as well for those who have any questions.

So in the event you hear a hard drive noise, the time to react is right then and there. Promptly backup all your data first. Then as soon as you can, purchase a replacement hard disk drive and install it. It will be a minor issue. But it you disregard the hard disk drive noise, I guarantee you’ll have a much bigger problem and most likely lose some crucial data.

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