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Working With Customers

There are many reasons your own kid can be a success in terms of child modeling. Being photogenic is actually a great asset, however it is not the be all and end all. Customers want kids that are simple to work with.

If you present yourself and your kid in the proper light, along with work to high requirements, then a child will obtain a reputation in the industry. This works significantly to your benefit with regards to obtaining future work.

Social manners

Apart from simply being a great model, there are many key assets that clients will look for within your child:

Confidence : is your child by natural means outgoing?

Patience – does your child continue to be willing and content on long shoots?

Independence – is your kid joined to you at the hip?

And also that’s not all. They want to know that you’ll act oneself as well!

Timeliness – are you on the shoot punctually?

Reliability – are an individual ever a ‘no show’ in a scheduled shoot?

Are you overbearing? Would you fuss and also fawn over your child?

Are you strong or perhaps demanding with the digital photographer?

Are you happy by sitting back as well as permit them to start it?

What things to Be Wary Of

Like virtually any line of business, you can find ‘gray areas’ in which fairly unethical customers might look to exploit. It is vital that you can acknowledge and be cautious with them.

Don’t negotiate directly with the customer. Your child is there to model, you are there to chaperon, as well as your company works out a deal terms. Those are the three plainly delineated roles. In the event you make certain that the 3 parties remain in them, then you definitely should have no issues.

A client might ask you to book with them direct : this would be most likely be a breach of the terms of your own company contract, as well as regardless would be under no circumstances recommended. If you taint your own relationship together with your organization, there’s every chance a unfavorable standing will certainly distribute, that could spell catastrophe.

Lastly, don’t sign any forms (particularly any kind of launch) directly with all the client. Simply direct them to your organization. The agency deals with such talks on a regular basis and is far better qualified.

Don’t Be concerned Too Much!

The entire circumstance can seem to be rather overbearing, but try not to get worried. In the event you stick to the advice over, allow your child enjoy his or herself, and also let the photographer do his or her job, there shouldn’t be problems whatsoever.

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How Voice Broadcasting Can Help You

One of the most successful strategies today for retaining and building your customer relationships is something called Voice Broadcasting. Voice Broadcasting incorporates all the things your clients like about personal, one-on-one, relationship-building marketing without all the things you hate. In case youre not aware of its capabilities, let me explain the technology.

You must be able to provide a database of phone numbers for people with whom you already have some sort of relationship. Next, you write up a short, but motivating message that you want to leave form them. Something like: “Hi, this is John Smith, from Re/Max Alliance. I’m calling because I wanted to let you know about a special Foreclosure Property Listing program we’ve instituted for our top clients. We’d like to offer you a 15% discount on admission to this program. All you have to do to qualify for this price break is call our 24 hour, toll-free recorded message line at 855-666-5555. If you listen to this message, within 48 hours you’ll get the secret password that will get you access to this discount. You can also find this secret password on our web site; www.JohnSmith.com. Thanks for being such a good client.

These messages are recorded using a regular phone. You then email your list of recipients to the company that provides this service, and this message gets sent to the list of numbers you provided. The message is sent during a specified time of day, when your prospect is least likely to be home and your message is most likely to be picked up by voice mail.

Your prospects just received a personalized message from you, without you having to call anyone! They weren’t harassed by a sales call, you didn’t waste time with someone whos not interested and they can replay the message at their leisure to collect the pertinent info when it suits them. Incidentally, if a live human answers, the system simply says Oops, sorry! and hangs up! No one wants to bother them, and this system prevents that completely!

So, in summary, you have short, but powerful messages that you can send to literally thousands of people at one timewithout any work except for the 30-40 seconds it takes to record your message! There are endless ways you can use this amazing system to explode your profits. Business owners are using this system in their marketing efforts on a daily basis.

A company named Automated Marketing Solutions would like to help you grow your business by using this method, as well as other marketing strategies. It is AMS intent to ensure that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your education on Technology, Marketing and as a result, Success. For more information, visit http://www.automatedmarketingsolutions.com

Automated Marketing Solutions. Also published at How Voice Broadcasting Can Help You.

Serve Your Members Better with Flexible Association Management Software

If you run a trade group, licensing body or other membership association, you have very special needs that are hard to come by in off-the-shelf software. There are several vendors, of course, that specialize in what is often called association management software. The best of these products will empower and assist you in your many and diverse tasks, while others will slow you down and force you to work in certain ways, rather than offer flexibility and customization. Fact is, you can serve your members better with flexible association management software.

While it is handy to get preformatted forms and page templates, you can never get software to do what you want or continue growing with you if you cannot “make it your own.” The way this is done in other software, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop, is through setting user preferences. It is quite possible that the application you are now using for association management does not allow you to do this. That is a good reason to consider another product, or at the very least, start looking around and comparing feature sets.

What to look for

You want to have association management software that allows you to set your own preferences, both cosmetic and procedural. In addition, the ability to define and save various reports, screen views, page sets and other functions is extremely important, and this is not possible in many applications. If you can save these short-cuts as menu bar and desktop icons, all the better. This is possible with at least one of the leading association management packages, and is a crucial feature for many group administrators.

You should also see if the application you have (or are considering for purchase) has its own, native “intelligence” for observing your workflow and setting other preferences, per your approval. If starting a new session can take you back to where you were last working, you can be more productive and save time, too. Again, the leading applications in this field will also recall the configuration of various forms and pages that you use, and present you what you need, just the way you want it. Now that’s flexible.

Working smarter

The benefits you want in your software solution are, at minimum, increased productivity and a positive user experience for both on-site staff and members who log into the system. Everything you do to manage your organization can be set up just the way you like it, with the flexibility to make changes at any time. Much of this flexibility comes from small applications, sometimes called “smart apps” or “smart clients,” which are secure, speedy and feature-laden applications that are easily deployed over the Web. This technology was developed so that interactive applications could run over an Internet connection at the click of a link.

In one company’s approach, these “smart” applications leverage the resources of your own PC to power the user interface, too. This association management software integrates smoothly with Microsoft Office, as well. Further, the user interface updates in real time with a single click of a desktop icon, which will download and install new versions while the application loads.

Total info support

When it comes to managing and using information, you need a tool that gives you superior access to your data and provides you with customizable functionality. The best software should be able to display all the data for a particular member in a variety of ways, with a quick view of registration status, places and dates of employment, address, name and address changes, dues and fees paid, etc. Having such important information available at a glance can even answer some of the common, day-to-day questions you always have about members.

Your association management software is not only used to find and update information, it is also your main tool for processing that data. Look for the product that allows you to have widespread control from a single screen, giving you single-click access to an array of common functions. Flexible software allows you to take a three-step approach to membership management:

1. Find: Locate the registrant or company list to be processed.

2. Process: Perform the renewal or other process on the multiple records.

3. Inform: Send a mass e-mail (or regular letter), personalized with name and other data, to each person or organization processed.

The benefits of such a flexible and powerful tool include

– instant information access;

– easy, fast record maintenance;

– both simple and complex searching;

– multiple record processing;

– data export; and

– mass emailing.

With customization capabilities, the right association management software will have all the functionality you ever need. You will serve your members better than ever!

Alinity is a leading enterprise targeted at mid to large sized licensing bodies who look to provide exceptional services online and ensure their leadership in their industry. For more information about our association management software visit us online today!

Unique Management Tools For Professional Licensing Organizations

Professional licensing and membership organizations work to support the interests of both its members and the public, often in tandem with local, state or national government agencies. If you are seeking management tools for the unique tasks required for your organization, you should take the time to search for ones developed specifically for those tasks, by a company that knows best practices and the other crucial inside information of your industry. From registration renewal through certification of continuing education and professional competency, the software tools you use will be quite important in serving your members, regulating the profession and, of course, protecting the public.

As you search for the right solutions, you will quite naturally encounter a great deal of sizzle (marketing claims, success stories, buzzword-laden blogs) but a surprisingly small amount of steak (actual solutions). Instead of hearing about system requirements for the software or even the application functions, you really should be discovering precisely what a particular software package is going to do for you, what problems it will solve, how customized it will be and how effectively it supports your group’s mission. You will need a flexible framework that allows for the evolution of methods and the expansion/contraction of various roles and routines.

Comfort levels and computer skills

You will, of course, want the latest technology at your service, adhering to your industry’s best practices, so that you can efficiently manage your operations, train staff, improve membership experience and elevate your group within your field or industry. One of the drawbacks to implementing state-of-the-art approaches across a large membership organization is the great variation in computer skills among the members. Inasmuch as the licensing body software typically operates in a Web browser, one of the simplest and most intelligible interfaces even for computer novices, you have to ensure that no one is put off by the change from your old, possibly open/public site to a new member-only/log-in one.

Sometimes when a membership organization first offers Web services to its members, the user comfort level is completely ignored. When members are suddenly confronted with a log-in request and taken to an unfamiliar page, some will balk at signing in. Some members will feel uncomfortable dealing with confidential information and credit card numbers in this kind of unexpected situation. If members get nervous and do not, in fact, log in, the mission of your Web services is seriously impacted. If it happens to enough members, it could be downright disastrous.

A seamless transition

There is some educational effort involved with making a switch to Web services for your members. Naturally, you will want to inform and educate your members as to the benefits of the new system, rather than simply describe features. That is, you let them know about the time savings, the security, the personal control of personal information, the faster service, the improved oversight and all the other benefits. If you intend to revise your site’s design, you should advise them just how the look and feel of the Web site will be changing so they are not surprised. The message should go out, loud and clear, that you are implementing new Web services not to keep your IT department busy, but to enhance the membership experience, streamline the service offerings, speed up processes and keep the information flowing in both directions. The new services are being instituted for improved service to the members, and improved communication with the members.

If you are not revising the site design, you can work with the licensing body software vendor to replicate as much of your existing public site as possible when making the switch. The transition from the old to the new site, via the login page, can be virtually seamless and accomplished without making anyone nervous or suspicious. Whichever route you take, retaining or revising your current Web design, it is essential to keep the members apprised of what you are doing. Send out a timeline of the implementation so that members know what will happen and when. For you to make effective use of the new management tools, you will need the active participation of your members.

A range of services

Everything you are now doing across various departments (accounting, member services, certification, etc.) can now be funneled through a single point of entry, the Web. Overall, you are offering a simple window interface in a Web browser, so there are no software conflicts. At this point, everything is possible to integrate. You can give users the means of setting their own preferences, confirming and editing personal information, doing online renewals and payments, managing their mailing addresses, certifying their education credits and continuing competence, having their work history verified and much more.

On the organization side, you can integrate all the information in your member database with Microsoft Office applications. You can do a mail merge in Word to send a customized/personalized letter to the membership, establish and maintain various security parameters, pull figures for analysis in Excel and provide a mix of services you have yet to imagine. The fact is, when you search for licensing body software that meets all of the requirements set out in this article, you will not find many options as there are few applications up to this standard. You will know the Gold Standard when you see it, without a doubt!

Alinity is a leading enterprise targeted at mid to large sized licensing bodies who look to provide exceptional services online and ensure their leadership in their industry. For more information about our association management software visit us online today!

Can We Run Our Licensed Member Organization Without An IT Department?

Licensing bodies exist in many industries, from health care and counseling to cosmetics and construction. Unlike other membership groups based on hobbies or interests, licensing bodies have to stay abreast of many areas of the law, at local, regional, state and federal levels. The common practice for many years was for managers of these groups to use either large, inflexible enterprise software, customer retention software or specially designed software that cost a bundle. Many groups expanded their workforce to add IT specialists just to handle the implementation and daily use of membership-related functions.

There is a new option for managers of organizations that deal with licensure and its ramifications. New, mission critical enterprise management systems, especially designed for membership organizations, are now available from various firms. However, it is much rarer to find such a solution that has been especially tailored for licensing bodies. The ideal membership software would be a Microsoft-certified, 100% .NET-compatible solution that runs on an SQL server and integrates easily with Microsoft Office and many standard accounting applications.

One size does not fit all

Of the various competing membership applications in today’s market, it is difficult to find one that has been designed specifically for licensing groups. In addition to this necessary specialty, you also want to get what is known as framework solution, one that has a core set of features that can be adjusted and configured to handle any emerging new requirements. All of this power can be at your fingertips in a Web environment that can even mimic the look and feel of your own main Web site. It can all be done without your having an IT department, too.

As opposed to a custom software developer that will build an application for any kind of business, you should look for a solution that is based solidly in your industry. The best, most effective solutions will come from professionals with direct, deep experience within your particular industry. This is how you can be certain that the features and functions you need to regulate your profession, be it medicine, engineering or accounting, will be there in your member/license management system.

Other cookie cutter solutions

There are association management applications, of course, but these do not normally specialize in one area, either. A developer in this category will be writing and designing systems for clubs, trade groups, publishing associations and even the local Chamber of Commerce. Changes and upgrades in the application or system will not be targeted to your specific industry or group, but to general business needs. Therein lies the weakness of the general application approach. The specialized approach is the only one that will really work for you.

If your organization goes through frequent changes, and also adjusts with ongoing legislation and regulatory rulings, you will need a system that is flexible enough to continue operating while also integrating new requirements and procedures. Off-the-shelf software is not designed with this flexibility, but licensing body software now becoming available is actually made to meet your needs and to be adaptable to future requirements. This means you can institute new rules and procedures simply, without having to go through major software reinstallations or take your servers down for even a moment.

Offsite, onsite and foresight

Even greater flexibility is available in the best solutions of this kind. You can choose a hosted solution that requires nothing but a computer and Internet connection to work for you and your members. You do not need to employ an IT department of any size to use these powerful tools. In fact, you can even have the Web services of your licensing body software match the design of your main Web site. By adding specialized modules to your system, you can provide your members a range of simple, straightforward services, such as creating and maintaining a member profile, updating education and employment information, and paying dues and fees securely online.

Design and implementing a customized module is also no problem with these futuristic management tools. Whatever special functionality you require can be added quickly and integrated with your system in no time. In addition, the leading edge in member/license management will always meet the most stringent U.S. and Canadian privacy requirements, so neither you nor your members need ever worry about the loss or theft of confidential data.

Bottom line

The latest and greatest member/license management solution is a completely new approach to the situation. With the underlying application specifically designed to manage the sensitive matter of licensure, and to stay abreast of all legal issues involved in your particular industry, you have a custom solution with the power of enterprise software. You really can run a complex, license-granting group without an IT department.

You can choose to host your own application environment, or use a provider’s hosting facility, which would have round-the-clock surveillance, redundant data storage, offsite backups and onsite experts. This method will save you even more in hardware in personnel costs. Whichever way you go, the choice for membership organizations with licensing requirements is clearer than ever: Go with the specially-tailored approach, not the one-size-fits-all method. You will be glad you did.

Alinity is a leading enterprise targeted at mid to large sized licensing bodies who look to provide exceptional services online and ensure their leadership in their industry. For more information about our association management software visit us online today!

What Is Licensing Body Software?

Licensing bodies are organizations that support and protect the public interest at the same time that they serve the members of specific professions. The Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG), for instance, licenses engineers, processes, services and software related to the tools that compress movie files into smaller sizes for display on iPods and cell phones. Any group with licensure power, for professionals ranging from cosmeticians to pilots, is a licensing body, although it may have any number of other responsibilities and agendas.

Today, the majority of the populace knows what software is, even though licensing body software is not a product most people will buy at the local computer mart along with their word processing program. At the dawn of the computer era, when the majority of programs used by businesses and professional groups was custom-made, there were various kinds of specialized databases and customer service programs written for proprietary use. Once the software industry blasted into cyberspace (and everyone’s home) in the 1990s, off-the-shelf database programs began to proliferate, for licensing bodies and everyone else.

A hybrid approach

For licensing bodies to properly regulate their professions and their members, license holders must meet both an initial set of requirements and continue to be certified by the organization(s). Managing a constantly updating mass of information on increasing numbers of people is a daunting task, and since the public interest is involved you must have absolute confidence that your have a flexible, powerful, legally vetted means of doing so. Licensing bodies need to measure and attest to competence, respond to complaints and problems, annotate member files with credits for ongoing education and the like, and renew various licenses, registrations, member lists and state-required reports.

Fact is, if you are an executive of a licensing body, you may have used, and may still be using, some sort of flat-file or relational database program to run your group. Perhaps you have even been able to customize it a bit. However, it is clear that a newer approach is superior, a hybrid approach that builds on the solid foundation of proven software technology and results in a highly customized product specifically fitted to the need of licensing bodies.

The way up

There are few licensing body software packages available, and the leaders of the pack will be easy enough to locate with a Web search. What should you look for? You need to look for one that was specifically developed for the requirements of membership organizations that certify and/or license professional members. In addition, you should ensure that any software package you consider includes best practices from leading membership organizations from around the country and the world. You need a comprehensive solution; one that has been designed by people who know the ins and outs of licensing bodies, and has the expertise to assure its members, the public and state officials that its records are correct and secure.

Even then, industry best practices are just the beginning of licensing body software development. Every organization has unique, mission-critical requirements, as well as working methods that have proven integral to its ongoing success. You certainly do not need a licensing body application that requires you to change your methodology or working behaviors merely to use it. The top vendors in this highly specialized field know that dependable, predictable solutions need to fit the existing nature of existing organizations. Therefore, you should consider which software solution is flexible and malleable enough to fit your group’s working environment and management style.

Bottom line

When a licensing body solution is correctly developed and implemented, it will provide you the latest technology, the current best practices of your industry, a mature approach to customized operations, a means of improving staff efficiency and a way to maximize the positive experience of the group, its members and the public at large. You will not get this kind of solution from a generalized software vendor, or at the local computer mart.

Licensing body software solutions require years of experience (in licensing bodies, state government operations, corporate management and a wide range of industries) on the part of developers, managers and support staff. Those years of experience, and specific expertise in the operation of licensing bodies, goes into these packages. Your organization needs to maintain efficient operations internally, while providing both oversight and service to members; this is a serious, involved process. Licensing body software has evolved to provide you a potent mix of efficiency and service. Do not even consider licensing body software that does not meet this high standard.

Alinity is a leading enterprise targeted at mid to large sized licensing bodies who look to provide exceptional services online and ensure their leadership in their industry. For more information about our association management software visit us online today!