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An Essential Look At Oriental Ivory Art

As an art form carving has been present in China for thousands of years. It has held great importance for the Chinese by way of the ages. The art form might be broadly categorized into bamboo carving, wood carving and ivory carving. Ivory carving is by far essentially the most highly revered and best identified form of carving to have originated from China.

The Chinese made use of ivory obtained from the tusk of elephants too as the ivory that they could get from narwhals and walruses. The building material has a exclusive milk white all natural color to it and is as such considered to be a quite beautiful material. Ivory has a smooth feel to it on top of an amazing sheen. Weathering has a profound effect on the color of ivory which actually adds on value to the carving rather than depreciating its value.

The earliest identified records of Chinese ivory carvings date back to about two centuries ago. Even so, ivory art didn’t actually flourish in China until the Silk Road opened about the same time. This can be attributed to the truth that the Chinese started to get a good deal of ivory from Africa in the course of that time, thus giving artists far more materials to work with overall.

Luckily numerous ivory art pieces have managed to survive the test of time and can be found displayed in museums within the country. The antique ivory art function displays the amazing skill of the Chinese artists that worked intricate details upon the medium.

The genuine works of ivory art from China are invaluable pieces of art. There is nonetheless a sad side to the story that has to do with forgery of Chinese ivory art. Furthermore ivory had become quite scarce towards the later years which led to several criminal activities that revolved around obtaining ivory and ivory art function.

Some criminal practices incorporate using fake ivory and pretending it is real. Instead, they use animal bones and try to pass them off as ivory. Some con artists also use new ivory and make it look old in order to give it a higher perceived value.

A great deal of fake sellers actually get away with a lot of the practices mentioned above and they sometimes even add fake signatures to try and sell them off as originals. These scams in ivory art increased soon after China agreed to ban the imports of ivory along with the UN.

In 1991 China banned ivory imports into the country. Individuals interested in obtaining Chinese ivory art need to create sure they know the best way to judge between what is actual and what is being created to pass off as genuine in order to get their value for money.

From the Humudu culture that existed some seven thousand years ago in China, ivory art has observed numerous years through which it reached new heights. With time Chinese ivory art has developed into a sophisticated discipline that is sought soon after by art lovers today.

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A Passing Glance At Asian Animal Symbolism

The use of animal symbols has been part of many cultures throughout the history of the world. The place that animal symbols hold in the Chinese culture is perhaps considered to be unparalleled than what we find to be true regarding other cultures.

These Chinese animal symbols were objects of profound inner meaning and it has been passed on in generations. Chinese people are well-known for their amazing power of observation and philosophical conceptualization. They utilized their skills to observe animals and their behaviors and that resulted in finding out their characteristics. This knowledge was then used to connect the animal traits with the humans.

Chinese animal symbols have a different merit of its own. Some take it as reminders; others take it as omens and charms. One of the essential aspects of these Chinese animal symbols is that they have an artistic beauty in their visual representation.

The fact that you will be able to find these Chinese animal symbols in a wide variety of mediums adds diversity to the way they are represented. Hence we find that whereas the way a particular animal is physically represented may vary but the meaning and characteristics associated with that animal remain constant.

You may possibly of see Chinese animal symbols in a wide variety of mediums like drawings, clothes, paintings on homes, embroidery etc. Recently, these animal symbols have collected a group of lovers who are not even from the Chinese background.

The western world has been greatly enchanted by Chinese animal symbols. You will find people actually going through the difficulty of looking up the Chinese lunar calendar to find out which year they were born in according to the Chinese calendar.

After adequate research, they put this information into a variety of purposes. Some people get themselves tattooed with the Chinese animal symbol that is used to indicate the year in which they were born. T-shirts, caps, jewelry and posters etc. are other mediums through which these symbols have become a part of the western culture.

Chinese have their own set of traditional beliefs with respect to these animal symbols. They are believed to radiate strong positive feelings that help positively to change an individual’s life in their presence. This is sort of spirituality requires in-depth understanding of meaning and characteristics behind the animal symbol and then introducing them in one’s life.

What the western world requires to do is to basically find the animal that denotes the person’s birth year according to the lunar Chinese calendar. Then he must use it in different forms of art.

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Succinct Information About East Asia Astrology Dragon

The image of the dragon is one thing that it immediately related to ancient Chinese culture. Indeed it really is an image that has identified its way on numerous distinct forms of art making itself a prominent portion in the Chinese traditions. With regards to the Chinese zodiac calendar the dragon represents the fifth year in the zodiac calendar.

A notable reality which is solely pertinent towards the dragon is the fact that it has a mythological origin, as opposed to the other zodiac animals. It is essentially the most effective among the twelve animal signs and symbolizes the fifth year inside the zodiac cycle.

Dragons aren’t followers of formalized ways rather they seek to live by self-manifested guidelines. The factor that makes them exclusive is that their own rules most frequently lead them to achievement.

The effective dragon symbol denotes bravery and individuals whose birthdates fall under the year of the dragon welcome challenges and take risks really boldly. These men and women are highly zealous and their zeal forces them to perform in full swing in anything they do. They may eventually feel worn out and are most likely to get depressed if their goals aren’t met.

Men and women who’ve the dragon personality prefer to contribute some thing to the globe as an alternative to procuring from the world. This character is very admirable and gains the attention of other people. These individuals acquire a social fame, but prefer to keep alone.

Usually times their love for solitude makes individuals take into account dragons to become arrogant and self-conceited. The truth however is fairly the contrary although dragons do have a brief temper and you actually wouldn’t need to provoke them.

As they work tough, they are not prone to physical ailments, but they could be stressed out regularly since they take up a great deal of risky activities. They’ve inherent leadership qualities, and to become someone’s follower is out of question for dragon people. They’re really duty-conscious and like to exhibit their potentials and abilities to the globe. These people can turn into well-known inventors and also outshine others in the field of architecture, sales and laptop or computer analysis.

They exhibit a peculiar romantic disposition, whereby they yield to really like, but in the very same time they in no way compromise on their liberty. In case they’re offended by a loved 1, they might go for revenge. Dragon people normally like fascinating personalities and stay committed as soon as they come across an ideal companion.

The innate personality of dragon folks is considerably admired by individuals and they are able to have several followers and fans. Regardless of the irresistible personality, you can find numerous differences in numerous aspects of their personality. Nevertheless, the dragon occurs to become one of the most influential mythological creature within the Chinese zodiac calendar.

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Let us discover what animal we are and the ancient history that led to the origins of the Chinese New Year animals.

The occasion of Chinese New Year is without a doubt considered to be the most prominent event in the Chinese lunar calendar. The traditional celebrations have been going on for years and the festive spirit is pretty much alive even today. The unique characteristic of the Chinese New Year is however the twelve year cycle that associates the coming of the year with an animal symbol.

The Chinese New Year animal follows a twelve year cycle and hence repeats. According to their present status, the next year should be the year of the Ox. The old philosophers of China have done a research on the behavior of the animals and have drawn a similarity between their personality traits and human nature.

Hence a person conceivedin the year of a particular animal is considered to have certain behaviors found in that particular animal. The individual born in the year of the ox for example is supposed to have good organizational skills, they are considered dependable and loyal as well as patient and strong.

The theory of the twelve year cycle with the animals designated to each year is derived from the Buddhist dharma. Legend has it that it was Buddha himself who summoned all these animals before he came down to earth. There was a contest to be held amongst these animals where the first one to reach the finishing line would be assigned to the first year.

When the race began, the competition was challenging. The act of betrayal was seen in the rat who made a deal with the cat but eventually didn’t keep his word. All along the race it looked like the ox would win as he wadedthrough the crowd but little did he know that the rat was riding on his back all through the race and just when the ox was about to finish the race first, the rat leaped off his back and claimed the first position.

Hence we find that the first year of the twelve year cycle is the year of the rat because he managed to finish the race in first place, by hook or by crook. The year of the ox follows the rat as the hard working animal came in at second place. The ox is then followed by the rest of the animals according to the order in which they finished. The cycle ends with the pig!

If you are thinking where these stories have originated from and why just twelve animals were summoned by Buddha, then be prepared to get no answers for these questions! This is because, it is an archaic Chinese traditional belief which has been kept alive till date and it is a strong part of the culture. Buddha was greatly moved by the twelve animals who took part in the race and to show his appreciation he assigned a year each to these animals.

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During the Chinese New Year, one of the celebrations is that of the lantern festival. Come let us find out the myth behind it.

Yuan Xiao is the Chinese lantern festival that is celebrated during the time of the New Year. Lantern is a significant symbol associated with the Chinese New Year. Yuan word is derived from the year’s first month and word Xiao comes from the word night as related to, by the Chinese people.

Fifteen days after entering the New Year, when the first full moon night is observed, the lantern festival is celebrated that night. It is to celebrate the joyful environment when the first full moon of the New Year is seen shining brightly. Chinese people get together at the festival site and together they hold their lanterns up trying to create a beautifully lit up surrounding.

Chinese lanterns are designed with great detailing. Often you would find riddles featuring on them that would get you rather busy in solving them and they are hardly, normal lanterns! The lantern festival is accompanied by eating rice balls which are shared with closed ones during this season.

The beginings of the lantern tradition

The legend that is most popular linked with the Lantern New Year event is that, God Taiyi who reigned over the heavens in the ancient era was prayedby the people in this festival. This is one of the many mythologies associated with the traditional New Year lantern festival.

It was believed that Earth had its good fortune at risk in the hands of the god of heavens, Taiyi. He was attributed to have the power to punish the humans through natural disasters or epidemics. Quishihuang was the ancient Chinese ruler who started the ceremonies in order to acknowledge the lord and to satisfy him. This would prevent any risks of natural hazards and safeguard people’s security.

The New Year ceremony became very fashionable during Han dynasty as they got a great support from the ruler. However, later, king Wudi made this ceremony even more special and prominent so much so that the celebrations were night long and huge.

The story behind the lantern festival however had a different explanation too that said the Taoists influenced these celebrations. The fortune of the Chinese people was in the hands of the Taoist lord Tianguan, apparently, and he seemed to have taste for Chinese entertainment. Hence, the Chinese took to satisfying him by, celebrating on the streets and performing various performances to keep him happy.

The origin of the day of lighting lanterns was apparently discovered by King Mingdi, as a different story says. This story states that he was under Buddhist influence and one dream had led to the extraordinary choice of the fifteenth day of the New Year as the day to commemorate the event of lighting lanterns.

There might have been various sides to the historical story behind the reason to celebrate the lantern festival but nonetheless this event is a significant celebration of the New Year season. The lanterns are specially decorated with traditional designs on them.

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Essential Info About Chinese New Years Decorations

Find out how the Chinese people decorate their homes and streets with specially crafted Chinese New Year decorations.

The Chinese New Year is one of the most special days on the lunar calendar. You can see Chinese people decorating their homes with so many different of Chinese New Year handicrafts specially created for this unique occasion. From indoors to outdoors on the city streets, China seems to be glittering in color throughout the season.

From pretty blossoms to platters of food there is a wide variety of Chinese New Year decoration items that are reserved for the occasion. There are certain decoration items that have become symbols for this time of the year. The array of decoration items is wide and colorful.

Plants and flowers play a significant role in the New Year decorations in China. Besides Chinese people are known for their attachment to the nature. During the New Years event, houses of Chinese people are seen blooming with different flowers and plants that symbolize growth and prosperity that promise to come in the coming year.

Plum blossoms are generally used natural blossoms for the decorations around this time because it is during this New Year time that they starts blooming. They are bound together with bamboo and pine springs. This rare combination signifies the aggregation of friends and family during season of the year.

The symbolic virtues of reliability and perseverance are represented by the plum blossoms. The bamboo represents compatibility through its flexibility characteristic and the evergreen pine serves as the classic symbol of long life. Other flowers commonly used are azalea, peony, narcissus and the water lily.

Fruits too have a part in New Year decoration and are usually found in Chinese households during the season. Oranges and tangerines are taken to be most popular and are often brought by friends who come over for a visit. Tangerines symbolize maintenance of a long relationship and joy.

Candy trays are perhaps the best gifts during the Chinese New Year season and as far as kids are concerned, they wouldn’t disagree! These candy trays with a large amount of candies are a specially designed item for the New Year. They are known as trays of togetherness and a large number of interesting varieties of most yummy candies are kept on them.

This candy tray also has another ritual following it up where an adult takes a candy and replaces it by keeping a red envelope in the tray that consists of some kind of good luck symbol for the peopleoffering it. Generally the candy tray consists of candied melon of different variety like lychee nut, peanuts, coconut, and cumquat etc. all of which have special meanings.

A large amount of the New Year decorations are centered around the particular animal which represents the year. This has been the tradition for many years and is still practiced on New Years Day today.

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Interesting Information About Oriental Wall Art

There is most likely no Chinese home that has barren walls staring at you. Walk into any Chinese home and you are bound to locate the walls decorated in some way or the other with numerous Chinese wall art works that have been part of the Chinese culture for ages.

The Chinese take the walls of their homes as a screen where they can display their special classic art. Wall art takes on a variety of forms and meanings. Most commonly we uncover the walls to be decorated with important traditional symbols such as that of wealth and good fortune. These can even so be designed in a number of various ways that fall under the umbrella of Chinese wall art.

Perhaps probably the most popular kind of wall art is Chinese scrolls. This is a classic Chinese technique that is today frequently seen in Chinese restaurants about the world. Numerous non-Chinese individuals also seek to decorate their interiors utilizing Chinese scrolls as they seem to be a rather interesting way to liven up your interior.

Chinese scrolls generally display numerous concepts drawn in lively colors on silk with a brush and ink. Usually, there are also abstract images depicted on them along with inspirational phrases written in Chinese calligraphy.

Today Chinese wall art serves as an excellent way to give your interiors an oriental touch. There’s wide range of Chinese wall art available through the internet. The online catalogues offer an overview of the diverse styles and themes in distinct mediums. Chinese wall art has also become a popular gift item along with being a great way to decorate your houses and offices.

Traditionally the Chinese have a fine selection offavorite themes. When it comes to wall art a large portion of the collection functions the landscape theme. As it will be the landscape theme has been amongst the most favored themes in several distinct mediums of art. Other prominent themes include the zodiac animals which are also a prominent feature of the Chinese culture. Especially popular is the image of the dragon which is expressed in distinct ways to serve as interesting wall art.

The majority of wall art would not only be aesthetically appealing rather the theme would have some innate symbolism associated with it. Depending on the theme of the wall art the Chinese believed that by putting up certain themes they could generate the feeling or concept being portrayed in that particular function of art.

Graffiti too can be a branch of Chinese wall art. This is a rather modern means of expression that is being experimented with by the Chinese artists of today. Historically nonetheless there have been great artists that have worked with amazing skill to great relief art work on walls. This really is perhaps one of the most awe inspiring selection of Chinese wall art.

To this day, there are a lot of great artwork examples in China that serve as main tourist attractions. Beijing, for one, is quite popular for its traditional relief wall art. In fact, people from all over the world go to China just to witness their magnificent wall art – believe it.

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Information About East Asia Zodiacal Horse Emblems

The Chinese zodiac calendar is made up of a distinctive collection of distinct animals. This unlikely mixture has legendary origins associated with the Buddhist dharma. One of the animals that’s finds its location in the seventh year in the calendar will be the horse.

People born inside the year in the horse are extremely energetic and strong. Horse people possess an extremely outgoing personality which is full grace. The horse is one of the a lot more animated characters of the Chinese zodiac which constantly makes them the center of attention in a crowd. They’re also identified to become quite witty, wise and possess an excellent sense of humor.

The horse is also endowed with the powers of reasoning and has mighty sharp intellect. This enables it to take on new subjects and master them in very good speed. These qualities within the horse give them the ability to conduct several tasks simultaneously. They do however possess the tendency to leave some issues unfinished due to the fact they tend to take on so many projects at the exact same time.

When it comes to moral standards the horse is a personality worth looking up to. Horse people are particularly renowned for their honesty which shines even when the odds are against it. Usually, they have a very friendly nature and are open minded to accept distinct natured folks and their perceptions.

On the flip side horse people are usually pointed out as being too self-centered and are prone to throwing tantrums when issues don’t go in their favor.

Physical fitness is an important matter for them and they take all of the necessary measures to maintain their wellness. This character reflects their optimistic attitude. They’re inclined to maintain themselves busy with outdoor activities as a result of their sporty and lively nature. If they stay indoors for long durations with no activities, they turn into depressed, as it truly is opposed to their natural personality.

When it comes to the professional world you will find the horse men and women to be really very good at jobs that need them to interact with other individuals. The routine job just isn’t one which the horse will especially enjoy.

The special qualities within the horse enable it to take on any job and excel in it. Journalism, publications, translations and flying are a few of the career lines that have been identified as locations exactly where the horse can excel.

Spontaneity is what drives the horse in terms of coping with the opposite sex. They’re swift to fall for other people which typically leads to heart break. When beginning fresh with a person they have a tendency to give it their all that is quite honest of them but makes them liable to suffer from constant heartbreaks and betrayals. Nevertheless nave it could seem this really is something that’s an inherent portion of the horse’s nature and it only matures with age.

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A Primary Outine Of Society & Art

Chinese culture is extremely mysterious and complex. Right after all, China is such a large country that it has such a wide regional diversity when it comes to its traditions and customs.

Given that Chinese culture is extremely old, there are a great deal of interesting elements to it that have evolved by way of the years. Archaeologists have actually unearthed facts that prove that the Chinese had been the first people within the world to make tools and use fire. Today\’s China is known to have developed in the 3rd century under the Qin Dynasty, though.

Historically there have been numerous various ethnic groups living in the territory and each and every one of these groups has contributed to the rich artistic heritage. Every dynasty had its own unique style that it sought to incorporate inside the arts and crafts that flourished under its rule. As a result the arts and culture of the region has many of the most diverse and mysterious elements in it that make it truly special.

Various religions have prevailed in China via the years and they each and every influenced the country\’s art and culture, at the same time. A whole lot of the culture practices evolved, thanks to Taoism and Confucianism, although, and this could be seen in the country\’s selection of arts and crafts.

When China adopted the Buddhist dharma from India the social customs and traditions began to experience a change. Buddhism has had one of the most profound influence on China with regards to the culture and art of the region. This is evident within the numerous temples that showcase Buddhist style art that includes the general architecture of the temples, the statues that had been found in and about these temples along with the themes that were utilised in other forms of art.

The Chinese language is an additional one-of-a-kind element of the culture within the country. 1 of the oldest written languages in the world, it has been employed continuously and undergone several changes through the years.

The Chinese writing system is also extremely special given that it bases itself on non-phonetic symbols. This has brought about a new kind of art with it known as calligraphy.

The mythology in the region has played an enormous part in Chinese culture, as well, and has shown itself in various artistic mediums. Certain mythological elements, like the zodiac calendar, have played an important part in Chinese people\’s lives, too, and are still believed by several locals today.

The Chinese have exercised their creative muscles in several forms of artistic practices ranging from pottery to literature and painting to music. They have managed to preserve their traditions which have attracted world wide attraction in today\’s times.

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Wonder what its like for the children during the Chinese New Year celebrations? Find out how the kids get the best of the season.

Although the Chinese New Year is a time when men, women and children of all ages go all out in terms of enjoying themselves by engaging in all sorts of traditional activities it is the youngest lot that manages to reap the maximum benefits.

This is feasible because as they are too young, they are free from the chores of arranging and coordinating activities for the festivities which is taken care of by the elders. They do few things like helping the adults in their arrangements but more or less they are free to enjoy at the time of Chinese New Year and elders let them have fun.

For the Chinese kids the New Year events promise a lot of fun and games but additionally it becomes an educative process for them as well. This is because the New Year is a time when all sorts of historic traditions are brought back to life hence the kids get to learn about the history and origin of their very own culture.

The New year celebrations become a history lesson as far as the kids are concerned but it is a history lesson they learn through fun and games and not sitting in the class room so they neither forget it nor become uninterested. In fact the learning becomes so enjoyable that these things remain in their mind forever.

If you want a glance into the cultural heritage of China New Year is the time when you will see it. The rich traditions of real China are brought to the children in a way which is particularly attractive to them. The best part of it is that the bed time is relaxed and now the children can participate in all the games.

The elders in China take pains to teach their kids Chinese history and traditions by setting up traditional games so that kids learn from them while enjoy playing them. One of the main games that kids get to play is dominoes which they learn that it originated in China and Chinese are playing it for at least thousand years.

There are few games which especially interest kids. There is one game which originated in 8th century, a card game where parents create playing cards by drawing on them and the kids are given the cards to write a story based on the drawing. Another ancient game that is quite common is jianzi which truly represents Chinese culture. This game is similar to hacky sack, a modern game played by the kids.

Another ancient practice is to hand over a red envelop containing money to the children by some elders. The children wait for this moment as this money helps to enhance their spending power during the New Year festival. The red envelop known as Hong Bao is the most coveted ancient tradition which also is a carrier of good luck.

The New Year celebration is spread over a couple of days when dragon dance ,lantern festivals and other parades are also held which aregreat learning experience for the children. All in all they have a gala time.

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