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How to Use Jumping Castles and Mechanical Bucking Bulls

3 Things to Consider When Hiring A Mechanical Bucking Bull

Add more fun to your party by having a mechanical bucking bull ride. This exciting ride will definitely add more life to your party. Read on the following tips to assist you prepare a successful party with entertainment from a mechanical bucking bull ride.


Verify if the bucking bull for hire has advanced electronic controls which include slow speed that is able to be continuously increased into an advanced speed. Better get one with a Quick Stop motor so it can be quickly stopped when necessary. Also an electronic timer to provide consistent scoring.


Hire from an entertainment supplier who can offer you at least 2 operators for the bucking bull machine. You want one operator to always be at the control area to control the buck and spin speed. The operators must also be able to inform the riders of the safety regulations and significant instructions when riding the bull.


Check the way in which the mechanical bucking bull is made. The hump must be padded and a covering of real cow hide is advised. Remember that this riding mechanical bucking bull is for those with age 6 years of age and above.

Naturally you have to also check the reliability of your catering or party entertainment supplier. Most supply a public responsibility on-shore insurance of $20 Million or more. Do some research about the party packages offered by these event entertainment suppliers. Some offer rental for minimum of two hours up to the extended package of 4 hours.

Remember to book early as these rides are usually employed. Pay your deposit to confirm your reservation. Ask for the fee for additional hours so that you can prepare in the event you exceed the rented hours. For company events, ask your provider for a competitive company pricing. Don’t hesitate to ask for rebates particularly if you will buy a few additional hours.

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