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After Using Beads For Counting, There Was The Abacus

It’s almost impossible to think of a time that there was counting without numbers, but there was a time when written numbers didn’t exist. The earliest counting device was a persons handsand fingers. Then, as bigger numbers (bigger than ten human-fingers could represent) were counted, various natural items like pebbles and twigs were used to help count. Merchants who traded goods such as beads and bead bracelets, not only required a way to count goods they purchased and sold, but also to calculate the price of those goods.

Until numbers were created, counting devices were used to make everyday calculations. The abacus is one of many counting devices made to help count large numbers.

Both the abacus and the counting board were mechanical aids used for counting; they aren’t calculators in a sense of the word we use now. The person using the abacus develops calculations in their head and uses the abacus as a physical aid to keep track of the sums, the carry’s, etc.

The earliest counting boards are lost forever because of the perishable materials used in their construction. However, educated guesses can be made about their construction, based on early writings.

In outdoor shops of those times, the simplest counting board involved drawing lines in the sand with ones finger or with a stylus, and placing pebbles between those lines as place-holders that represented numbers (the spaces between 2 lines would represent the units 10s, 100s, etc.). The more affluent people, could afford little wooden tables having raised borders that were filled with sand. A benefit of these counting boards on tables was that they could be lifted without disturbing the calculation.

With the need for portable devices, wooden boards with grooves carved into the surface were then developed and wooden markers were used as place-holders. The wooden boards then led the way to even more sturdy materials like marble and metal (bronze) used with stone or metal markers.

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Ancient Beads And How They Were Used

Did you know that the word bead arrived from the Anglo Saxon words bidden and bede ? Prayer beads are known globally, and help the user say prayers and keep track of the progression and number of the prayers. Worry beads, which are customary around the world, help with decision-making, and keep the hands busy. Beads continue to be used as talismans to defend the wearer against evil, and as amulets to bring wisdom and fortune. Beads have different plan in different cultures.

Beads are used for prayers, protection, worries, money or adornment, beads have been important to us for as long as civilization has existed. The history of beads is long and rich. Glass was unearthed about 3,400 years ago, and since then has become a very critical material for the bead-maker, user and wearer. Lampwork beads are made using a “lamp” or a flame as the heat source for liquefying the glass. Now lampworkers will usetorches to heat the glass to a molten state and gather it on a steel rod. Canes of glass are mixed, melted and coaxed into the many colors, shapes and designs seen today.

Some allegedly credit the Egyptians for devising faience beads, others say the process was developed in ancient Mesopotamia then subsequently imported to Egypt. This procedure involves combining clay with lime, soda and silica sand, shaping it around a straw or other object to form a hole and firing it. The heat will actually melt the silica sand and lime forming a glass-like substance that coats and is incorporated into the clay. This gives a hard glass-like bead look which makes a beautiful bead. The Egyptians were manufacturing glass beads in 1365 BC.

They basically blend metal salts with silica sand and lime to fabricate different colors. Cobalt produced blue, tin white, copper green and gold red. At that time glass was used by the Egyptians almost exclusively for beads for ornamentation. Mummies were often shielded in a beaded netting, some with religious symbols worked into them.

As you can see beads have been around for a prolonged time. It is almost bridges the gap from the ancient times to the modern times. Also beads will continuley be utilized whether because of a fashion statement or used to say a prayer. Beads will always be a necessity in human civilizations. Who knows what the future will bring in regards to how beads will be utilized only time will tell.

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How to Make a Bead Bracelet

It’s plain to see in today’s fashion world that bead bracelets are all the rage. There are companies out there that sell beads and bracelets that you add the beads to, but you can easily make your own with a little imagination (and a few bucks.) In a few steps, you can wear your own bead bracelet proudly, and revel in knowing that you did it yourself.

First, you need some kind of idea of what you want the bead bracelet to look like. Have an idea in your mind of what colors you want to use. You can also build around a theme, like a sport or a hobby you may like. Think about the materials necessary for what you want your bead bracelet to look like-all you need are a few beads (you can have a lot, or just a few) and something to string them together-an old silver bracelet, lanyard, or even fishing twine will do. Try any secondhand stores, discount bead stores, jewelry stores, and even discount department stores to locate beads and the stringing material. Being imaginative will save you a few dollars and will add character to your bead bracelet.

Next, you need to gather your materials and place out where you want the beads to go. It’s easier to visualize the final product if you lay out the stringing material on a table and place the beads next to the string to see what looks best. Keep in mind what colors may look good together, what sizes should be next to each other, and how the final product will look when done. Laying everything out prior to stringing the beads onto the bead bracelet will save you time in taking the beads on and off the bracelet.

After you have planned out where all the beads will be placed on your bead bracelet, it’s time to string everything together. This is the uncomplicated part, since you planned it all out already. Just follow along with how you arranged the beads. Of course, if you need to make any finishing adjustments, this is the time to do so.

Finally, the best part comes-time to sport your beads and bead bracelet! It will feel good knowing that you made your bracelet yourself, and saved a bunch at the same time. Wear it proudly-you should be content that you created a bead bracelet yourself. And you’ll look great representing your own individual style.

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Beads: How They Are Made and What They Are Made From

People have been using beads for thousands of years. Beads and bead bracelets were used for rituals, ceremonies, and as everyday jewelry and decor. Ancient people throughout time from the Egyptians to the Native American Indians made beads and bead bracelets. The materials used to make beads has changed throughout history. The techniques used to make beads has also changed with time.

Ceramics were some of the first materials used to make beads. Pottery and glass-making are ancienthuman activities that have persisted through human history and continue to this day. However in antiquity beads and bead bracelets made from ceramics were for chieftains. The common person in antiquity had access to ceramic materials but they were concerned with making bowls, pots, and jugs. Only the rich could afford to purchase or make ceramics for jewelry and decorative purposes.

Common tribesmen and laymen in antiquity made beads and bead bracelets out of elements found ready in nature. Common materials used for beads and bead bracelets were bone, coral, horn, ivory, seeds, animal shells, and wood. Most of these materials were excess products from the hunt or harvest anyway and jewelry was a good way to put them to use. Ancient civilizations also used alloys such as bronze and brass to make beads and bead bracelets. But bronze and brass were less common because a lot of work is required to make and shape the alloys.

Today beads and bead bracelets are typically made from plastics and different types of glass. Modern technology has led to the mass-production of all kinds of beads and bead bracelets. Arts and crafts retailers stock beads of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. There are probably more beads in the world today than can ever be bought. Beads and bead bracelets are so bountiful today that they are no longer specifically for rituals, ceremonies, and special occasions. When beads and bead bracelets required human labor to produce they were considered unique. Now beads and bead bracelets are used for common events like birthday parties, arts and crafts at school, or simply to keep children occupied.

The ingredients that modern beads and bead bracelets are made with are usually synthetic. Synthetic means they are man-made and will last a very long time. Plastic and pressed glass will not rot like the organic materials that ancient peoples used to make beads and bead bracelets out of. Plastic is more tenacious than glass and will last next to forever. Archaeologists in the future will be digging up green, blue, neon, and glow-in-the-dark beads and bead bracelets and using them to help tell the story of how contemporary people lived.

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The Door In The Backyard: Part 6

She started to force me towards this guy, whatever the hell he was. What had she called him again? Fuehrer, it seemed so damn conventional to me! I couldn’t figure out from where though, it felt like a different time, and a different place. I could see his face, it was painted over with ornate decorations, and beads had fallen from his neck in waves and waves like something out of a cartoon. All the bead bracelets he wore too, he was as decorated as this place was artistic, if not maybe a little bit more decorated, and even the soldiers who brought him in were sights to behold though not as wonderfully decorated as this guy was.

Tara, who ever the hell she was, walked up to the throne, and began to converse with this guy, this Fuehrer. Than after a few seconds he shooed her away, “so” he said directly to me, and I could feel his eyes accessing my very soul, “you came from the sky?” I looked around trying to figure out how to respond to him, looking to try to find a hint of relief in a place that was beyond alien to me. “Look at me when I’m talking to you!” He thundered, and as if on cue everyone fell to the ground, trembling, like he was God or something.

“Well, sir” I answered, not sure explicitly what to say, “I don’t have the slightest idea where I am in the first place.” He peered at me, quizzing me, “your accent” he said, “your from New York, aren’t you?” I caught his gaze into my own, and suddenly everything became clearer to me. “You’re from my world, aren’t you?” I questioned him, then suddenly my own world came screaming back into my conscious mind and the world Fuehrer made more sense to me than it ever did before, “you’re a former Nazi!” I accused, and pointed my finger at him.

All this man could so was chortle and crack at me. I proceeded walking backwards as a wave a fear took me over, than he spoke, “I might be a former Nazi, but I truly mean you no harm my friend. We come from the same world, maybe different times however.” His stare was relaxing, calming even, trusting. I tried to fight it, but he was too convincing. “We are two different people,” I said back to him, “you killed people, I didn’t.” “Oh no,” he said back to me, “I never killed anyone, well, maybe on accident, but it was all scientific study. My name was Joseph Mengele, but you can call my Fuehrer of course.”

I was trying to make sense of it all, if I came here, and this mad man came here as well, than perhaps there are others who also have come here? I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to run, to get out of this place, but my legs just quit on me and I felt like I couldn’t move. “Guards, bring our guest to the suite just below my quarters if you would please?” Mengele had ordered, and without question the guards grabbed me and swiftly took me away.

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Bead History In Pacific Asia

Differing from African and European cultures, beads in the Far East were not worn as jewelry. They were instead worn as hairpins, belt hooks, plaques, and similar accessories. Beads were also often connected to headdresses and hats. Beads were not incorporated into worship either because culture was highly influenced by Confucianism, which shunned the importance of possessions.

Other implications regarding the influence of Confucianism because of the stern class code that exists. This assigned jewelry only to the wealthy and elite. This factor limited the sight of jewelry in popular society. Although, this did not stop beads from being manufactured for export. It was not until the rise of Buddhism that bead became incorporated into religious ritual.

Buddhism also reduced a lot of the class distinction that had formerly been in place due to Confucianism. There was also now access to luxury goods and beads for all classes of the public. Some of the most exquisite beads are the Chinese eye beads. They are exceedingly beautiful and complex.

The most influential bead from the Chinese culture was the jade bead. The jade that was used was generally common in rivers and riverbeds. Jadeite is the form that comes in colors other than green. Beads from Korea more normally used gold and silver. These beads were used for crowns and to decorate jewelry for royal tombs.

The most distinguished bead from the Japanese culture is the carved ojime bead. This bead originated in Japan and expressed the concept of adornment. This bead was a carved figurine that was used as a closure of a box that was used by people as a wallet. It is noteworthy how beads play a specific role in almost every culture throughout history.

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What are Novobeads?

Bead bracelets seem to be the thing of the future outlook. Say goodbye to the typical gold or silver bracelets that your grandmother gave you for Christmas. Bead bracelets are a trend statement that enhances your style with a simple accessory. By the use of beads, you can make one bracelet compatible for many different fashion for one price. To improve that one bracelet you may have, just simply purchase a different bead for it and there you have it, a different look.

Beads have been in existence for generations upon generations. They have a long history in both the historical chronological context as well as in the religious context. Beads were also once used as currency money in many countries known as trade beads. Beads can be made prepared from any material that you may think of, glass, stone even metals.

Bead bracelets allow the common ordinary person to be able to put together and outfit with something that they can personalize and show it off. Bead bracelets are for children of any age, although they may seem like a womanly thing. With the added bonus of multiple types of materials, they come at different costs for different income types.

These bead bracelets have the capability of being used as a growing plate for a young family relatives or a special gift to show that you love someone. With the amount of different beads out there, there is bound guaranteed to be one for you and your personality. Think of bead bracelets as an outward representation sign of yourself, your likes, and hobbies.

Bead bracelets make great gifts for this upcoming holiday Kwanzaa season. Make that special young girl in your life have a special gift to open up. Give her the gift of forever and a fashion statement to make her feel as special as she is.

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Bead History: North America

If you are in the bead making profession, or just someone who makes beads as a hobby, it is always good to take a look back at the history in order to grow in the future. Sometimes, in order to apply new techniques for beading or bead making, it is best to take a look back. Although there is a long history of beads all over the earth, this article will take a look at the history of beads in North America.

To start, it is good to look at the bead use that was in Canada. It is evident that these people used beads in all aspects of their lives. Beads always had some sort of significance behind them; usually because of how they were obtained. Hunters used beads made of bone, while others designed figures to signify their place in this early society.

A chief part of the early North American societies was loom beading. Some pieces would take a year of complex work by an experienced artist working with seed beads. Examples of these pieces include: headdresses, dance dresses, and other ceremonial dress that varied with each tribe.

Almost anything was used as a material for beads. Some example materials are: quills, claws, teeth, bones, glass, seeds, and many others. Sometimes the making of the bead itself was the major part of the custom. The availability of materials obviously played a major part in what was used.

Beads also saw major use in trade throughout North America. They were a good medium to be used because of their mobility and sense of universal value. One of the better-known forms of exchange was wampum. This was usually a precious bead like a Quahog strand or an intricate beaded belt. The use of wampum became more popular during the European colonization.

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Friendship Beads

I never realized how much joy would come from being a parent. Watching my daughter grow up though, has made this more apparent to me. She has this wonderful ability to always bring a smile to my face and never ceases to amaze me. Recently my daughter and her best friend from next door have been making jewelry out of dried noodles, painted many different colors. I thought their symbols of friendship were cute, but they are coming to the plateau where the desire for nicer things is more prevalent. This holiday season I thought I would search for a more stylish accessory they would be happy use, show off and share.

I spent many hours searching through different jewelry companies. Through my research I was able to conclude that I wanted bead jewelry for my daughter and her friend. Of the main companies that provide bead jewelry, Novobeads appeared to be the better decision. Novobeads is an American brand that offers quality products that range from alluring beads and bead bracelets to charms and elegant necklaces.

Novobeads also gained my interest because they are compatible with all other major brands of beads, charms and jewelry like Trollbeads and Pandora. That allows anyone to maximize their use of any beads they may already have and create stunning jewelry for any occasion. I figured that with Novobeads my daughter and her friend would have the most customization options at their disposal.

Novobeads is also a brand that is dedicated to products of top quality. The top quality materials used by Novobeads range from freshwater AAA pearls and sterling silver to beads enhanced by Swarovski Crystals and Cubic Zirconia.

Style is also an important component of what makes bead jewelry the perfect gift option. With all of the stylish necklaces, bead bracelets, beads and clasps available for any and every holiday, my daughter and her friend will be able to create the ideal pieces of jewelry for them.

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Prayer Beads: Bead Bracelets Of Faith

Religious practices are huge throughout the world. Across the planet and over the course of humanities existence, the dedication to a particular faith is represented by certain attributes that identify a follower of any religion. Followers of Islam, Buddhism and Christianity, some of the strongest faiths in the world, use a assortment of religious tools to reaffirm their faith. Typical of a religious devotee would be the use of beads formed as necklaces or bead bracelets. These bead bracelets or necklaces are frequently referred to as Prayer Beads or Rosary beads.

Prayer beads are an simple tally system that a religious person could utilize for their daily prayer. The use of Prayer beads, permit the practitioner to keep track of their prayers. Through the course of a day or over a course of time, prayers can be tracked with least conscious effort. storing a set of Prayer beads close by allows anyone in danger of sin to murmur a few prayers for whatever reason. Prayer bead bracelets are essential to any committed religious follower.

Beads on a Prayer Bead necklace are a generally unadorned style. Depending on the religious milieu as well, bead bracelets designed for religion can be very plain or very stylish. There are several varieties of beads that can be used to design religious bead bracelets which include material and/or color. The number of beads is another important dynamic. The number of beads is decided by the faith the beads are generally designed for.

Generally for the Catholic Rosary beads, the style is typically simple. The bead bracelets or necklaces are 54 beads, plus 5 added beads, strung together. Catholics also use prayer beads to pray chaplets. Their rosary beads are disposed of crucifix and center which can be made of sterling silver and/or gold; beads are usually made of glass, amethyst, rose quartz stone, crystal, black onyx, lavender glass or pearl. While there are liturgical churches using prayer beads in prayer, non liturgical Christian churches do not use them.

Buddhist prayer beads or mala beads are managed from various types of material. supplies used to make mala beads can be items such as seeds of the rudraksha tree, beads made from the wood of the tulasi plant, animal bone, wood or seeds from the Bodhi tree or seeds of the lotus plant. Semi-precious stones like carnelian and amethyst are also used. In Tibetan Buddhism, often larger malas are used. The number of beads used is usually 111 beads. When calculating, mala beads are calculated as such: one mala equals 100 mantras, and the 11 additional beads are taken as extra to compensate for errors.

Prayer beads are important to the religious follower. Followers of any religion can learn the power of their faith in the simplicity of beads. Bead bracelets intended for prayer can be a beautiful addition to anyone’s jewelry collection or as a simple decoration for their home. The power of prayer beads is measured only by the faith of the holder. The brawnier the faith the more use prayer beads will have.

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