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Your Emails Didn’t Deliver Again – Now What?

Isn’t it funny how something so new and unique can become so troublesome! Most of us were blown away when e-mail first came to fruition. We had an elegant, simple and efficient way to stay in touch, conduct business, and work remotely. It was the answer to so many troublesome business problems. It was also testament that too much of anything is not a good thing.

All of the things that made e-mail so wonderful now seem to have conspired against it to a point were a once wonderful cure is now looked upon as a curse. Don’t get me wrong – e-mail is still a fundamental underpinning of good business practices. The problems have arisen over time with the misuse of this tool. SPAM is now almost an epidemic problem for anyone wishing to augment their marketing programs. What went wrong?

Not everyone out there is into businesses that many of us would consider above board. People are using e-mail blasts to sell sex, drugs and other items of nefarious roots. From my own experience I need both hands to count how many e-mails I get daily for Viagra or some derivative of it. Recently I have somehow been engaged by dating services. I mean, if they are coming after me I can only assume that normal membership is dropping and they are going to lower tiers than they might have previously considered. OK, a little joking is fun and I think we can all relate to these and other e-mail experiences. But there is a serious side to all of this that needs to be considered. Major e-mail managers are developing ever more stringent criteria for what constitutes SPAM so they can be proactive and try to contain the negative impact it has on their customers. The consequence of this is that many legitimate e-mails get caught up in the battle to block and do not get to their intended destination. What are legitimate businesses to do then?

Double Opt-ins are becoming more and more common to ensure that as an e-mail user you can get your message to it’s desired end point but there is an inherent danger when a company goes to update their business list to a double opt-in format. In their desire to obtain this permission they risk losing a significant number of their business base since people are tired of the abuse. “Please, don’t send me anything – I know who you are and when I need you I will call!” If the point of marketing is to stay top of mind with all of your prospects and customers, then not being able to send out e-mails is going to jeopardize that objective.

The other option of course is to vary up your approach to doing business. Fortunately there are many different media types available that will allow you to accomplish this. And one of the most effective is Voice Broadcasting. Let’s look at the reality of it. As a tool it is already sitting on your desk. In fact most people have surrendered to the phone as a sort of appendage and carry one with them all the time. But let’s consider some of the economic realities all marketers face today. We all know it costs more to attract a new prospect than to retain a customer. Another reality is that most people like to do business with someone they have a relationship with. It’s unlikely that anyone would consider a string of e-mails, no matter how well crafted they might be, a relationship. The best relationships are the ones we can visualize a face or voice around. We need some element of humanity that allows us to build a picture of who we are dealing with. How many times have you been on the phone speaking with someone and fairly quickly built a mental image of what they look like. Whether your image is right or wrong, at least you have one and when you hear that voice that picture comes to mind. This is just one reason why Voice Broadcasting is considered the best relationship building tool next to a face-to-face meeting.

Good Fact! One of the best things you can do to maintain and nurture customer relationships is for them to hear your voice. Bad Fact! There is no way I can talk to everyone I need to with the frequency needed to maintain the relationship. This is why AMS’ Voice Broadcasting solution is so important to your marketing lineup. With Voice Broadcasting, you can record a personal message in your own voice and get it out to hundreds, even thousands of people. All you have done is recorded it once. The rest is managed by AMS. So, with AMS’ Voice Broadcasting or any of our other broadcasting technologies, there’s no reason to neglect existing clients and build bridges with new prospects. Here is another plus! Voice Broadcasting is cost effective. You can deliver a personal message to 200 of your clients for less than the cost of a decent bottle of wine. And because it is automated you will have time to enjoy that bottle of wine too! Nothing is better than a demonstration to prove a point so let me share with you everything involved with launching an AMS’ Voice Broadcast.

How about 2 Step simple? Would that get it done for you? Then here you go:

Record your message – you can call AMS’ automated launch line at 1-800-760-0028, enter your account number and follow the system to record your message. Make your script friendly and natural. Remember, people love to know that they’re being thought of.

Email AMS a list of your client names and phone numbers that you want to reach. You can email at broadcasts@automs.com.

Along with your list, e-mail us the date and time you want your message going out.

Voice Broadcasting is not a sales or prospecting tool. It is a client retention and relationship building tool. It is not a lead generation device. Here are the rules. Once someone has called you and requested information, you have 90 days from that date to legally call them, even if they are on the “Do Not Call List”. Once someone has done business with you, you have 18 months after that date during which you can follow up with them.

Voice Broadcasting performs a very specific and key task; it builds the relationship with your prospects and existing clients. When it is used properly, it should serve as the centerpiece of your “Stay-In-Touch” campaign. Every month of the year has something to celebrate or acknowledge. Use Voice Broadcasting to call your list and wish them Happy Holidays; Happy Mother’s Day; Father’s Day or Thanksgiving. Remember, the focus is building and maintaining relationships. You’re calling attention to these important days and letting them know that you’ve taken the time to think of them adds a sense of intimacy and caring to that relationship.

Now if you really want to make your Voice Broadcasting powerful just combine it with AMS’ Lead Management System or LMS. LMS provides a powerful, systematic database capability managing all of your marketing technology across multiple media including Voice Broadcasting. You see, AMS’ Voice Broadcasting has been designed to work at an integrated level with AMS’ Lead Management System. As leads are captured you can predetermine how you want to manage them and design a marketing campaign that will build the relationship allowing conversion. And, as I have already commented, Voice Broadcasting is one sure fire way of bringing a voice and face to the relationship.

We’ve talked about some of the problems with the more popular ways of communicating with our prospects and customers. We’ve highlighted why relationships are so important to the buying and retention process. We’ve demonstrated why intimacy can be easy to achieve with Voice Broadcasting and not just how it augments the other technologies in your Marketing Portfolio, but that there is no other solution to delivering the benefits Voice Broadcasting brings with it. And I’ve shown you that it can all be done in just 2 easy steps. In fact, if you have it as part of a prepared campaign, there are no steps. It just happens, like clockwork, because the automated robot we call Lead Management System does it all for you. You’ve read the article. You understand the benefits. The only step left is to take action!

You’ve read the article. You understand the benefits. Click on this link to see how Voice Broadcasting Works . Check here for free reprint license: Your Emails Didn’t Deliver Again – Now What?.

The Future of E-Commerce – Today!

If you’re anything like most of us, nothing sounds better than a recessionary-proof income stream. Given the economic situation today, the question many of us are asking is how can such a lofty goal be reached in these hard times? The answer is, quite simply, by utilizing a more effective and efficient follow-up system.

As much as small business owners face many issues on a day to day basis, one of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs facing a recession isn’t so much that people are less willing to spend money on non-essentials, but instead, that you as a business owner have to work harder to get the attention of potential clients.

Some recent studies tell us it can take 10, 15, or even 20 follow-up messages for prospects to develop into first time customers. The problem with that is, it means putting even more time and money into your business, usually when you simply cannot afford it. After all, time is money, no matter how you look at it!

While you will find that many providers can limit you to 7 or maybe 12 auto-responders per product or campaign, AutomatedEcommerceSolutions.com’s Basic and Professional packages let you send unlimited, customized email messages to your prospects and customers … automatically – even while you sleep! It is amazing how simple it is to implement – would you believe that you can be set up with your own account within minutes and for the first month spend less than 13 cents a day? The system is cost effective, easy to use, and it will help you grow your business. Think about it, in reality, you have nothing to lose!!!

Your new recession-proof business is just one click away. Check it out – you’ve got nothing to lose!! To learn more details regarding this exciting opportunity, visit www.ProspectsToProfits.net for more information.

Your new recession-proof business is just one click away: www.ProspectstoProfits.net. This article, The Future of E-Commerce – Today! is available for free reprint.

Social Media and Marketing

There is little doubt that at this point social media marketing is forefront on the marketing scene. Business owners are scrambling to get a company presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Therein lies the problem, “scrambling”. Social media should be a complementary piece of your marketing strategy. And like everything else you do in your business, it should be integrated into your overall marketing plan. This is because there is no other low-cost promotional method available today that can expose you to very large numbers of people. Those who ignore the efficacy of social media usually fall into three categories; the ones who don’t know much or anything about social media, the ones who are interested but don’t know how to use it and those who don’t believe in the value that a social media strategy can bring to any business.

So here’s the rub. Although we hear about it everywhere we turn in the marketing world, social media is generally unproven. Few companies can probably step forward today and provide statistics on exactly what it contributes to the bottom line in fact. But everyone you talk to will agree on one thing. You should be in the game. Social media cannot be ignored. And to differentiate yourself from the vast majority of businesses out there pursuing this approach all you really need to do is to approach it with a strategy.

Here are some tips on how you can go about making this a reality. First and foremost, get in touch with a company that understands the power of the different social media, and how to use them in your overall marketing plan. Decide on exactly how it fits into your business and how it can work with both your prospect and client base. Remember, various medias may not be for every company.

Secondly, make sure you understand the concept of the word FREE! The various social media you implement are not free because there is a human cost to maintaining this part of the business. Time is money and someone in your business is going to have to maintain them daily and often many times a day. Why? Currency of message! Once individuals start to track you the last thing you want them to see is stale information and updates. So, if you can do it yourself, costs are limited to only your time and perhaps the expenses involved in hiring a freelance programmer/designer. The hope is that the benefits will exceed the cost. But here is one reality that makes it worth the effort. No one can dismiss the fact that it would cost thousands of dollars to buy many new links. The advantage of social media is that it possesses the ability to give you that for free.

You need to understand how you can justify the costs associated with dedicating someone to the job of managing your social networking, whether in-house or external. Remember, the objective is to attract a large number of hits to your site. As the natural hits from trusted domains grow, your site becomes recognized and trusted by search engines. Your person overseeing the social media must optimize your “link-bait” and website structure properly. When this is done you can easily start ranking for competitive keywords, which will in turn bring in more search engine visitors.

Over time, if you maintain diligence your search traffic will increase. In this manner you are obtaining quality links because people trust the other links they are going to. If you are a citation link then you too are probably worth checking out. Think of it as “borrowed credibility”.

To ensure that the money you are spending is worthwhile, your next priority should be to make sure you can in fact measure what is actually happening. Evidence supporting and validating the impact of your efforts can be the single most effective tool at ensuring you are on track, tell you what is working and letting you know when it’s time for a change. Whether you are selling products or services or just publishing content for ad revenue, social media marketing is a potent method that can make your business more profitable over time. You need to pay attention to it and do it right from the get go. Not paying attention to or not participating in it at all could cost you even more in the long run.

For more information on Technology Tools that can assist you in your business strategies, visit: www.ProspectsToProfits.net

For more information on Technology Tools to automate your marketing strategies, visit:www.ProspectsToProspects.net. This article, Social Media and Marketing has free reprint rights.

Using Video in Marketing – Useful Advice From Videographers

Video use in your marketing is an essential part of getting to the masses. If you aren’t using it, you should be. Video is a powerful medium and one of the fastest growing forms of marketing. There has been massive growth in traffic to sites like YouTube, especially now that video can be downloaded to mobile devices. With careful choice of headlines and keywords, videos can be targeted to a particular market segment allowing the people who are most likely to buy from you to see your videos. Why is it that video is so powerful? It’s a simple way to build rapport with your prospect. People are familiar with the power of television and love to watch videos. Nothing replaces face to face contact, the sound of your voice, and your expression. It’s not easy to get out and meet with everyone that we’d like to, especially when now much of our business comes from the internet and not just our local community. Video gives your prospects the opportunity to hear the excitement and passion in your voice and to build a relationship with you. Here are some different ways to use video in your marketing:

Use video on a home, landing or sales page.

Video email – your job in the email is to get your prospect/client to click on a link which gets them to a micro site with your video.

Video syndication sites such as YouTube. Create your own channel.

Walk-on videos. When someone comes to your site they see you walking onto the screen talking.

Videocasting/Podcasting on blogging sites.


Training DVD’s.

Recorded seminars and presentations.

There are several options in creating your videos. It can be as simple as doing it yourself or you can hire a videographer. If you are going to do the video yourself, make sure that you look presentable and give off the image you would like your prospects to have of you. Ensure that your background is not distracting. Even the smallest thing can distract someone from the message you are trying to get across. Keep the video short, no more than 5 minutes (unless of course you’re creating training videos or doing a presentation) and packed with benefits for the potential user. Give your prospects an easy way to email and share the video with others. This will help to increase your traffic. Giving your prospects a still picture and a few bullet points to read while the video is loading is a good way to keep them engaged. Usually you would hire a videographer to shoot items such as training sessions, presentations, seminars, etc. When you hire a videographer you should ask the following questions:

Will they shoot the video in high definition? Do they have experience in both online and offline video? Ask about things like sound quality, lighting etc. Do they have experience in direct response marketing?

Your videographer should understand what you’re trying to accomplish with the video and should be effective at helping you get your message across. If you really don’t feel comfortable being the face in the video there is plenty of talent you can hire to do a professional job for you. One last thought to leave you with. As always in marketing it is important to track to see what is working best for your business. Video marketing is no different. Tracking your video stats is an essential part of your marketing. Generally there is the ability to track through accounts such as Tube Mogul. You can track stats for comments, ratings and cumulative views. You can track for specific days and set a schedule to have the stats emailed to you at certain periods. Always explore your opportunities for visibility. There are several avenues and a variety of websites in the business of distributing videos to search engines. For more information and a free report and tips visit www.AudioVideoCoachAMS.com.

For additional information and a free report and tips visit www.AudioVideoCoachAMS.com. This article, Using Video in Marketing – Useful Advice From Videographers is available for free reprint.

Marketing for a Successful Business

Did you know that 95% of all small business owners and salespeople make less than $100,000 a year? And that less than 1% of these make more than $250,000 a year? Do you know why?

They’ve never had the kind of “real world” training in marketing, psychology and advertising needed to make the phone ring and bring in business. Instead, they buy into the myth that says, “If you build it, they will come.”

Think about it. Who taught you and nearly every other business professional out there how to market?

Professors (who don’t have anything to market), big corporations (who play by an entirely different set of rules), advertising agencies (who have their own agendas), peers (who aren’t exactly raking in the dough), mentors (who’ve been in the business for 20+ years and still couldn’t retire tomorrow if they wanted to).

In the world of theory, like at colleges and big corporations, the “rules” about advertising and making money in business SEEM to make a lot of sense. The only problem is you don’t operate in the land of academia or with a Fortune 500’s budget. You see, no amount of “Getting your name out there” is going to matter if it isn’t creating immediate responses.

That’s where Voice Broadcasting, Recorded Messages and Niche Websites are useful… A completely automated marketing system that incorporates everything you need to know about marketing, but never wanted to learn (and still don’t have to).

The question isn’t will something like this work for your business (we haven’t found one yet for which it doesn’t). The real question is do you want to be in the 99-percenter category or become a 1-percenter?

Unlike most people who would rather fail following the crowd than succeed by being different, you must understand that financial freedom does not come from mediocre marketing. Your business marketing needs new life, new direction and new results!

To learn more about how Voice Broadcasting, Recorded Messages and Niche Websites can benefit you or, and to learn more about any of the other AMS’ products, services and Marketing Programs and how we can turn your prospects into profits, go to www.automatedmarketingsolutions.com or call us at 800-858-8889 right now!

To learn more about Voice Broadcast Technology and how it can benefit your business visit Automated Marketing Solutions today. See how quickly and economically you can implement and start benefiting from AMS tested and proven technology and experience.. This article, Marketing for a Successful Business is released under a creative commons attribution license.

Voicemail Broadcasting Providers – Choosing the Right One

As you may be aware, Voice Broadcasting is an essential tool that can help grow your business. Start with a database of phone number of people you have an existing relationship with, and think of a short, but compelling message you want to leave them. Record the message using a regular phone, and then email your list of recipients to a Voice Broadcasting provider, and your message is sent to the list of numbers you provided. Messages are sent during a certain time of day, when your prospects are least likely to be home, and the message is most likely to be answered by voice mail.

This short explanation gives you the basic way that voice broadcasting works. But there is a lot more to this technology. If you are in the market for a Voice Broadcasting provider, I urget you to do some research. Ask yourself the question, what should my Voice Broadcasting provider do for me?

When looking for a Voice Broadcast services, it is essential that the provider you choose offers the 10 following things when it comes to a voice broadcast.

A message delivered in the time frames that have the greatest chance of getting voice mail – usually between the hours 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

A system where only the non-live calls go through. In other words, only answering machines and voice mail answers will get connected to leave the message.

The option to leave a message of any length, (usually a 40 to 45 second message works best).

The ability to record and change the message from your home or office, 24 hours a day, using your own phone.

The option of checking your phone numbers against a “Do Not Call List” – Remember you can legally call anyone who has purchased from you in the last 18 months.

Provide detailed, on-line instant reports showing you exactly what happened on your broadcast i.e. how many calls were made, how many were connected to an answering device or voice mail, how many ring-no-answer calls, how many phone numbers were invalid, how many live pick-ups, how long each call took, and how many busy signals.

The ability to, after looking at your statistics, re-broadcast the numbers that didn’t connect.

An easy to manage database so you can delete or add numbers quickly and easily.

The ability to store multiple databases and have a different message for each one.

The ability to select the database and the message to launch your own broadcast anywhere there is an internet connection.

To learn more about how Voice Broadcasting can turn your prospects into profits, go to www.automatedmarketingsolutions.com

To learn more about how Voice Mail Broadcasting can turn your prospects into profits, go to Automated Marketing Solutions. Also published at Voicemail Broadcasting Providers – Choosing the Right One.

How to Mine Your Business

How exactly do you “Mine your own business”? By clarifying your job title. I don’t mean your title as an owner, president, vice president, CEO, manager, attorney, doctor, realtor, etc. I mean your title as a MARKETER! You see, no matter what profession you’re in and no matter what your job title, you are at the very core, a marketer.

Without playing this vital role, without a fool-proof, automated, effort-free marketing system, all you’ve got is a fancy title and nothing to go with it.

If you don’t have a system for mining your business, for attracting, processing and reselling clients, your business is going to rob you of your energy, your resources and your capital until there’s nothing left.

How do you “Strike Gold With Your Marketing?” By learning how and implementing easy-to-use marketing tools like Voice Broadcast, Recorded Messages, Niche Websites and more. You see, it’s not just any one thing you do. It’s about how you apply and integrate ALL the things you do.

“It’s the 21st Century, and if you’re not using today’s technology available to increase your responses (and sales) by 200% or more, you’re making a big marketing mistake.

Automated Marketing Solutions has the two things every business owner or sales person must have: Easy to use, inexpensive tools to capture leads in ways you would not otherwise get; and, a complete understanding of real direct marketing.

Bottom line, if you’re not using automated marketing technologies; you’re costing yourself a fortune in lost cash you cannot afford to lose!”

If you would like to learn more about the Marketing Strategy we reviewed today or learn more about this or any of the other AMS’ products, services and Marketing Programs and how we can turn your prospects into profits, go to www.automatedmarketingsolutions.com or give one of our reps a call at 800-858-8889 right now!

If you would like to hear more about Emotional Marketingand how it can benefit your business, visit Automated Marketing Solutions today.