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Current News On SEO (Off Page)

In our previous article, we covered the basic theory of SEO and talked about ‘On Page’ factors. Off-Page is much more critical though. Picture it as a system that appoints votes. If another site places a link to your site then that site has given you a vote of confidence. It’s as if they’re promoting the value of the site.

There are 2 main bits to the link. The URL of the page being pointed at – And additionally the anchor text that’s been highlighted to click on. The particular page with that anchor text then receives one vote. That is, 1 vote for that website to move up the listings for the search phrase (keywords) in question.

This always works like this. There’s an irrevocable connection between the page pointed to and the anchor text. You can’t create a vote for a page without some highlighted anchor text. The listings would be chaotic without anchor texts. SE’s wouldn’t know what terms to list sites under without them. Let’s say that again – because it’s VERY important… Anchor texts are responsible for all the searches your site appears for.

Thus you’ll understand why highlighting ‘Click Here…’ creates no value in SEO terms. In this example, we created a vote for the phrase ‘Click HERE’. Can you think who’d search for ‘click here’? No-one of course.

So that explains why Anchor Text takes some thought and consideration. Since it stands for all the terms you want to be searched for. And by the way, if you DO Google “Click Here” you will always find the Adobe Reader download site at the top. Is that because it describes their site? Definitely not. But so many sites have a ‘Click HERE to download Adobe Reader’ link on them, that they’re number one for that phrase.

So to count a ‘vote’ for a web page, the Search Engines always go to the anchor text. Which is very logical. Google wants to emulate what a real human being is looking for and would like to find. The content of your page isn’t necessarily relevant. You’ll rank for the terms in the anchor text phrases that point to you. That’s irrefutable!

Unsurprisingly, there are other aspects as well… Because the SE’s also use the page title and wording of the page being pointed at to correlate the results. As well as a variety of other things. (To give you an idea, the spread of the sites linking to yours, and their relevancy to your site).

However, let’s be quite clear – the most important thing by far for SEO is a stuff-load of back links! Plus the back-links have to have the right anchor text phrases and be from many different and varied sites. How much authority a site has is also relevant… A back-link from Microsoft.com or Adobe.com would be worth a lot more than a back-link from a local hardware store!

Picking the keyword phrases that you want to rate for is an art in itself. (Research your competitors well before you plump for yours.) The main thing is – When someone is looking for your product, what words do they use for their search? When you know that, you know which keyword phrases and anchor text to use.

But these keywords can’t be just randomly chosen without thought, investigation and testing. The best results are sometimes quite unexpected. People have such diverse thoughts about how to express what they want. One person looking for a good night’s sleep might type in “Orthopaedic beds” or “New Mattress”. While someone else might automatically think to say ‘I need more sleep’.

It’s simply not worth relying on supposition. The importance of the investigation, testing and measuring of these phrases cannot be underestimated. They are fundamental to generating your leads on the internet. A comparison could be made with a Business Yellow Pages entry. If you’ve been entered as a Florist, but you’re actually an electrician, you’re not going to get anywhere. Successful SEO is the result of meticulous analysis of keyword research.

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Making Sure Your Online Accounts Are Not Hacked

There have always been problems with people trying to hack into our computers to access our websites. Hacking is such a widespread problem that even the United States Government’s websites have had their share of hackers.

The highest profile hacking incident in past years must have been when the official Spanish website for its EU presidency was hacked into. The hackers then inserted a picture of Mr. Bean onto the site. So is there anything we can do to prevent such hackers getting into our computers?

Apparently Internet Explorer is very vulnerable to hackers. If you need to access the internet, why not try using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

Regularly change your passwords for your websites. Weekly password changes should be sufficient to prevent unwanted attacks. You could also use a combination of capital letters, numbers, lower case letters and symbols for your passwords. This can make it harder for the hackers to crack your password.

Before you attempt to run any SQL scripts always escape variable data.

Try to avoid open sources such as Media Wiki or Word press. Hackers can always guess where the log in screens is on these open source applications. There are unfortunately potholes in some of the codes that can allow hackers access to your website.

With data being sent back and forth on your computer it can be easy for hackers to trace it. Try to protect your websites by encrypting them with SSL.

Firewalls should be kept on at all times. Always have up to date Anti Virus software, and always scan your computer regularly.

Be wary of anybody that uses your computer. It does not matter if it is somebody from work, or even one of your friends that uses your computer. The fact is that friends have been known to be hackers too.

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Cosmetic Surgery, Skin Clinic & Medical Center Click Fraud?

[youtube:OpzDuy5id8U;[link:Frontdesk SEO: Quick Tour];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpzDuy5id8U&feature=related]If you’re one of the many cosmetic clinics, plastic surgery, laser clinics or cosmetic dermatology practices advertising on the net with Google Adwords or Yahoo Pay per click, do not be disappointed to discover that lots of of the profits that you’re forking out each month is sucked out of your marketing account by fraud.

You don’t think it is actually taking place to your skin clinic, med spa or laser clinic? Here is a new quotation from the Boss of PPC fraud services ClickFacts:

Through PPC fraud verticals like investment, legal litigation and healthcare, we notice click fraud rates in the 30%-45% range. These are definitely categories which see elevated keyword prices inside the PPC auction , that means they are especially tasty for click scam artists. If you could earn more money from the dark side versus light side , there are many people that will take advantage. The two main predominant ways that a skin clinic, med spa or laser clinic advertising and marketing account will be exhausted through PPC fraud:

First, rivals which discover your ad and it, depleting your advertising dollars. Two, fraudsters build ‘affiliate’ web sites will be put in place that offer your current ads in which they are clicked on by crawlers or individuals. These sites would be the most harmful since you are spending money on every click without return. Click fraud around skin clinics, med spas or laser clinics can be quite financially rewarding seeing that plastic surgery, laser clinics or cosmetic dermatology practices have become such a efficient market and the expenditure for each click can be extremely significant.

Alas, to help keep your current marketing and advertising budget safe you might have virtually no tools. You are able to bet they are not that Google’s not interested by your personal account, notably given that Google is generating revenue coming from click fraud any time your adverts are clicked on.

To help keep your budget safe, initiate by simply restricting your vulnerability to it. If the med spa, laser clinic or skin clinic is running an Adwords effort, control the maximum amount you spend in a day. Use this aspect by just confining the cost. It is possible to also look for the tracks of click fraud by examining the reports you might have available for you. Multiple clicks coming from the same IP address are a sure sign of fraud.

Shield your med spa, laser clinic or skin clinic by checking your PPC account. You can be certain that you are the only one really planning to.

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Do Microsoft Training Programs Benefit You?

It is a well known fact that Microsoft Office programs are greatly used in many businesses. Therefore, Microsoft training programs should be decently popular, too. With the way technology is always advancing, it can be hard to get back on track with each new piece of technology that comes into play. Fortunately, Microsoft understands this and tries to provide training programs that will help people enhance their computer skills.

Many adults are not familiar with newer software programs and it can be difficult to catch up. In the past people could learn a few skills and be set for the rest of their career. However, nowadays, society advances so quickly that people need training every six months. If you do not know skills to fulfill your job requirements then someone else may take your place. Luckily, Microsoft Office has noticed the dilemma and has created many programs that will help in the workplace.

Out of the programs to train for, the MS Office Access application is probably the most popular. Access provides a database system that allows workplaces to organize contacts as well as other important information. The Excel application is also available. Excel provides the tools needed to produce unique spreadsheets that can hold several forms of data.

Microsoft Outlook is probably the most used application for Microsoft Office. Outlook is used for office notes, managing contacts, calendars, e-mails and many more components to a work atmosphere. The PowerPoint application allows users to create presentations such as slide shows and handouts in order to produce a professional meeting.

Companies all over the world really enjoy it when their customers are up to date on the latest programs. Microsoft Office programs specialize in providing their users with skills that will most likely help you advance in the workplace. With your newly obtained techniques, the company you work for may see you as an indispensable worker.

Understanding the benefits of Microsoft Office training programs gives you great flexibility. Departments from all types of businesses will want to have your skills at hand. Attending a few courses at the Microsoft website can help you improve your skills as new technology debuts.

Microsoft training programs create a certain work flow that provides your company with tools that may be well ahead of competitors. After you have finished a specialized course by MS, you will receive a Microsoft certified label. With this label, you will be able to watch for jobs that greatly interest you instead of settling with an undesirable career path.

Microsoft training can however be quite expensive. Tuition fees in the UK and Europe are very high for intensive computer training courses like MCSE training courses. However there are options to study further abroadlike India, where the overall cost of the course is significantly lower even with the cost of flights and accommodation.

Business Start-Up Advice: Focus On Your Information Product

Maybe you are reading this article in a cubicle somewhere. Or maybe you are surfing the internet on the weekend because you have an idea for a business, and all you need to know is what to do to first! Allow me to give you some business start up advice. Begin by nailing down what you will market as your information product.

So what is an information product? It is anything you can create using the knowledge in your head. It can even be any experience that others can benefit from.

Business Start-up Advice #1 – Utilize Lots of Mediums

Your knowledge can be packaged in lots of different ways. You can start with a video recording of your material then make a DVD and a CD. You could take the transcript and turn it into an ebook or even a multi-media product. There are a number of possibilities.

Business Start-up Advice #2 – Develop Your Own Name

The key to starting your own business is to have one product that is exclusively your own. Otherwise, you are building someone else’s name and not your own. I am not refering to network marketing. I think that is great. If you are selling Mary Kay or Amway or whatever, then go for it. But in order to really start up your own business, you will absolutely need your own product.

You want more control over your business. You do not want to work for 5% or 2% or whatever somebody decides to pay you. You do not want somebody telling you that you cannot put up a website, or you can only have this kind of wording when you are starting up your own business. You want total control. And you want to keep the lion’s share of the products. Come on! In an information product, you can keep 90-95%. Whatever your hard costs are, they are very small. You get to keep the lion’s share of the profits.

Consider that all of the well-known information marketers have their own products. Guys like Dan Kennedy, Alex Mendoza, Ray Edwards, and Armon Moore have a product to promote to build their own brand.

Business Start up Advice #3 – Stop Trading Time for Money

And you get out of the trading time for money trap. A lot of you are in that trap right now, whether you are working a 9 to 5 job, or even if you are doing consulting. You are still trading time for money. When you can create something one time and sell it over and over and over, you get out of that trading time for money trap.

Business Start up Advice #4 – Establish Your Authority

Imagine being able to give people information, an e-book that you have written, or CDs that you have made. Anything that sets you head and shoulders above the next guy. That is massive credibility for your offline business.

Think of how many leads you can generate for your business by giving them something concrete. An information product makes your business memorable and can also build your list.

Take the plunge and begin committing to paper the ideas you have in your head. Create information products from those ideas, and build your business. Then in a short while, you may be giving someone else business start up advice.

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New Or Used – Things To Think About When Purchasing A Video Game

Video games have become more and more popular not only with young people but with some adults as well. The issue of buying a new video game or a used one is always something an avid gamer has to face. The price of a new video game could be beyond your budget. A used one, on the other hand, is more affordable but might end up being unsatisfactory or even worthless.

A new video game will have all the advantages. First, you can expect it to work without any problem. Next, it will come complete with all the right accessories in its box, and maybe even a booklet of hints on the game. This could mean a lot to some serious gamers.

You can also get all these extras if you buy a second-hand game, if you are lucky. All you have to do is make sure that they are all there when you buy, which might take a bit more effort.

The major issue with buying an old game is that it can take a while to find. Often there won’t be many old copies for sale, especially if it is a new game or is well-liked.

If you can find many copies of a game right after its release, then you might as well drop the idea of buying one because it only means the sold ones have been swapped with something else. A used game can also give you a good bargain if you can get it with a warranty of a specified period in case there is a problem.

There are certainly plenty of options for you to purchase any games online. On many websites, you can read reviews and see the exact quality of the games that you are purchasing, whether they are new or used.

So, is it better to buy new games or used ones? Well, that all depends on who you are and what you like.

Buying a used game can save you money but you have to deal with the possibilities mentioned above. A new game can give you your money’s worth and be assured of quality and up-to-date gaming.

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Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Program: An Unequaled Choice For The Contemporary Adult College Student

The percentage of Americans over 25 years old who hold college degrees has risen to an all-time high of 28%, according to the U. S. Census Bureau. Going to college pays off financially. Holding a bachelor’s degree increases a person’s yearly earnings twofold compared to a person with a high school diploma. A master’s degree holder will make $1.3 million more than a person with a high school diploma over his or her entire career. Thanks to the Internet, location and responsibilities no longer stand in the way of anyone who wants to pursue a college degree. Students who want to finish college more quickly can do so by working on accelerated online degrees.

Non-traditional college students return to school for a host of reasons. Most of the time they want to upgrade and improve their skills so that they can get a better job with higher pay. Another reason sited for returning to school is that they are tired of their current job and want to train in another field. No matter what the reasons are for returning to school, the needs of the non-traditional adult college student are different from a high school graduate entering college at age 18. Some of these needs include flexible class schedules, flexible rate of progress toward earning the degree, an accredited program, financial assistance and choice of programs.

The characteristics of online college degree programs match the needs of the non-traditional student. Accredited colleges and universities offer associates, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in a wide variety of subjects. These include elementary education, library science, math, criminal justice, psychology and counseling, accounting, human resource management and many more.

Most students who return to college many years after high school graduation need a program that is able to fit in amongst their home and work obligations. Taking courses online is a perfect way to have the best of both worlds. Home and family obligations can be given the attention they require and students can work toward their degrees at the same time.

A flexible timetable for completion is a must for non-traditional students. Some students may want to complete the requirements for their degrees in record time. For other students, speeding through the program is not a priority. Online colleges and universities can fulfill the needs of students in both categories.

Students in an accelerated program can complete their degrees in about half the usual time, approximately two years. People considering an accelerated option must realize going in that the program will be twice as rigorous as the non-accelerated path. It is important that students can handle the stepped-up pace. Not everyone is able to accommodate such a program into his or her schedule.

Attending an online college or university is an alternative that holds many benefits for the non-traditional college student. The flexibility of online college programs is high and the cost is generally less expensive making them one of the cheapest degrees to get. Most areas of study are offered and employers readily accept online degrees from accredited colleges.

The most attractive feature of accelerated online degrees is that the work can be completed anywhere there is an Internet connection. You can go to college in the pub, on the beach or in your living room. The old excuses that you have too many obligations or that no college is near you, are wiped away with online degree programs. You can now follow your heart and get the college degree you have always wanted.

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Amazing Sci Fi Illustrator USA

Born in the Cuevas Negras of Hermosillo, Mexico, is an amazing, accomplished artist of numerous mediums, Alex Ruiz. For those who have not heard of this artist yet, you surely will be astounded by what he has created, by his own mesmerizing and daring dark imagination.

Upon seeing the work of Alex Ruiz for the first time, I was taken by surprise and could not hold my thoughts completely together. Alex is a boundless artist who has no fear with regards to what he chose to explore in his next masterpiece. One thing is for sure, that it will cause those who look upon, to drop their jaws and marvel at his art.

Alex Ruiz has done many concept works above his freelancing job, and the detail he puts into his art is perfect and well executedThe colours as well as tones in which he uses, always create a dark mood, particularly when looking at the artistic environments he has produced. One will definitely think the works he makes could be explored.

A favorite work by Alex Ruiz is one, which is shaded mostly with a purple tone, and produces a unique world of fantasy, magic and mystery. The effect this piece of art produces makes one desire to simply jump into the artwork and examine the world.

Another interesting piece by Alex Ruiz is the artpiece in which he has a robot type creation bound to other machines. This particular image also uses a strong purple tone and creates quite a powerful yet gloomy atmosphere, however the piece of art certainly looks as though it is alive.

Alex Ruiz utilizes many mediums for his painting and has showed exactly how versatile he is. All of the mediums in which Alex uses are extremely diverse that generates various effects.

If beautiful art is what you would like to see, then Alex Ruiz is surely the creative artist for you. Never leaving his viewers disappointed. Alex will remind the world of what being a creative genius is really all about.

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Examining Interactive Training For MCSA-MCSE Networking

As you’ve arrived here there’s a good chance that you’d like to enter the world of computers and the MCSE has reared its head, or you could already be in IT and it’s apparent that you need a qualification such as MCSE.

When researching MCSE’s, you’ll hit upon training companies that reduce their costs by failing to use the most up-to-date Microsoft version. Don’t use such training providers as it will create challenges for you when it comes to exams. If you’ve been taught the wrong syllabus, it is going to be hugely difficult to get qualified.

Training providers ought to be devoted to finding the right path for their clients. Educational direction is as much about guiding people on establishing where to go, as it is giving them help to reach their destination.

Validated exam preparation packages are essential – and absolutely ought to be obtained from your course provider.

Sometimes people can find themselves confused by practising exam questions that are not from authorised sources. Sometimes, the terminology in the real exams can be quite different and you should be prepared for this.

As you can imagine, it is really important to know that you’ve thoroughly prepared for your commercial exam prior to doing it. Practicing ‘mock’ tests adds to your knowledge bank and will avoid you getting frustrated with unsuccessful attempts at exams.

If you’re like many of the students we talk to then you’re quite practically minded – a ‘hands-on’ individual. Usually, the world of book-reading and classrooms can be just about bared when essential, but you really wouldn’t enjoy it. Check out video-based multimedia instruction if you’d really rather not use books.

Memory is vastly improved when we use multiple senses – learning experts have been saying this for as long as we can remember.

Courses are now available in the form of CD and DVD ROM’s, so you can study at your own computer. Through video streaming, you will be able to see the instructor presenting exactly how to do something, and then practice yourself – in an interactive lab.

All companies must be able to demonstrate samples of their courseware. You should hope for instructor-led videos and many interactive sections.

Purely on-line training should be avoided. Always choose CD or DVD based study materials where available, enabling them to be used at your convenience – you don’t want to be reliant on your internet connection always being ‘up’ and available.

Can job security honestly exist anymore? In the UK for instance, where industry can change its mind at alarming speeds, it certainly appears not.

In times of rising skills shortfalls together with areas of high demand however, we generally locate a newer brand of market-security; where, fuelled by the constant growth conditions, organisations struggle to find the number of people required.

Offering the computer industry for example, the last e-Skills survey demonstrated a skills gap throughout the country in excess of 26 percent. Accordingly, out of each 4 positions in existence in the computer industry, organisations can only source enough qualified individuals for three of them.

This basic truth clearly demonstrates the validity and need for more properly trained computing professionals throughout the country.

While the market is expanding at the speed it is, could there honestly be a better sector worth considering as a retraining vehicle.

Quite often, students have issues with one aspect of their training usually not even thought about: How the training is broken down and sent out to you.

Often, you will join a program that takes between and 1 and 3 years and receive one element at a time until graduation. This sounds logical on one level, until you consider this:

What if you find the order pushed by the company’s salespeople doesn’t suit all of us. You may find it a stretch to finalise all the elements inside their defined time-scales?

For future safety and flexibility, it’s not unusual for students to have all their training materials (which they’ve now paid for) delivered immediately, and not in stages. That means it’s down to you at what speed and in which order you want to work.

(C) 2010 S. Edwards. Hop over to A+ Certification or www.learninglolly.com/CompTIA_Network_Certification.html.