Shop till You Drop

My girlfriends all know that despite my best efforts I’m a tightwad that practices severe money management skills. I’d much rather put forty bucks towards my mutual funds than towards an overpriced shirt that I can only wear for one season. My friends say that makes me cheap, but I prefer to call myself “frugal.”

But on the other hand, I’m still a girl, I still secretly love shopping and I’m still vain enough to care how I look and what I wear and so you can only imagine that my frugality and my misplaced vanity are at constant odds with each other. I can’t begin to even count the number of times I’ve admired my (sadly, very fat) ass while trying on the cutest pair of Vera Wang jeans in the Kohl’s dressing room, only to look at the price tag and be severely disappointed.

God help me, if I could only stop secretly loving accessories, clothing and fashion and so on and instead only relish saving dough and exercising thrifty budgeting techniques then I feel I’d be much more at peace with myself. Then I remember that if there’s one thing I learned in college earning my useless liberal arts degree, is that Prof. Williams taught us that academic success is not only measured in grades but in the knowledge we gained in learning our given majors.

Okay, yeah, so that doesn’t seem to relate at all to my shopping/money management problems, I guess. But they are connected, at least to me they are. I’ve come to realize that I’ll never change either side of my personality that like many young mommies my age, I both love shopping online and conserving as much money as I can. While each side of myself may seem to be at odds with the other, they both fill me with joy and hell, isn’t that what life is about? Being happy? And I am… very much so.

So, I’ve learned that for me to be able to both shop and save takes lots of work and tons of bargain hunting skills. I, endlessly comparison shop before buying anything. Before heading to the grocery store I ruthlessly track down Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson coupons or what have you, so that I can spend as little cash as I have to. And if I make a purchase only to discover that blouse if .50 cents cheaper the next day, I will drive my butt back to the store to return it and repurchase it. I’m vain, but I’m not stupid.

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