North Carolina Sound Stages And Being Active In Its Acting Scene

North Carolina sound stages have a number of over 30 sound stages and seven major studio complexes. North Carolina is the number 3 moviemaking state, following only California and New York. Screen Gems Studios, situated in nearby Wilmington, North Carolina, has been in existence for more than twenty years and has produced over 300 movie, tv, and commercial productions. Possibly this is the reason why Southport, North Carolina appears in so many movies. Or perhaps it’s just Southport’s tree lined streets, historic settings and lovely scenery which makes shooting in Southport very popular.

North Carolina is one of the most busy states for filming films and tv outside of California and New York. Actually, it has the most soundstages (1,000,000 Square Feet’s worth) and production sites of any state in the union beyond the borders of California. Through the years it has played host to over seven hundred feature movie productions and 14 major tv shows. Do not be surprised if 1 day while strolling along the sidewalk in Southport, North Carolina you pass Tom Cruise. Why? Southport, North Carolina is a very famous place for movies. A lot of movies have utilized Southport as their primary setting. There are also numerous films which use Southport for a part of their scenes.

Now how can you become involved in the flourishing acting scene in North Carolina? The first and most sensible step you can take is to relocate to Charlotte. It’s really a great city which has a big community of actors and entertainment experts, and it is within just driving distance of any production or audition within the state. It’s also in close proximity to many other major Southern Cities. Charlotte also has the most production companies as well as ad agencies of any city within the Carolinas, which do a big volume of commercial and model casting. Also, there are several professional Equity theatres in the city that run stage shows all year round that are sustained by a professional and amateur acting group referred to as First Friday.

Many of the roles and jobs available for actors in North Carolina are non-union, which has both advantages and disadvantages. On the good side, non-union jobs are easier to acquire, more plentiful, improve your resume, and enable you to side step cumbersome union rules as well as work qualifications. The main downside is that these types of roles don’t pay union scale, and won’t necessarily assist you in getting a SAG membership.

North Carolina sound stages are where films like Being There, The Fugitive, Forrest Gump, The Last of the Mohicans, Cold Mountain, Firestarter, Dirty Dancing, and The Patriot have been filmed mostly or fully in North Carolina. Dawson’s Creek, the most successful show ever to air on the present defunct WB network, was shot in NC for 6 years. One Tree Hill currently is in production there as well. In all these cases lots of roles were cast from the local populations, and most of the background actors were pulled from local communities. This really is a great opportunity for natives of the Carolinas. Independent production is likewise ramping up considerably; since 2001 over 100 independent movies and shows have been shot in-state. The Science of Cool, starring Scott Bakula, is currently in production in NC, and is also a high-profile High definition feature.

North Carolina stages are soundproof, hangar-like properties used for motion picture as well as TV productions. Also, North Carolina sound stages help make it a lot easier for the production crew to design and construct the sets to be used.