New Step by Step Roadmap For Commercial Acting Classes in New York City

When it comes to acting, there are some skills that are needed across the board regardless of the type of acting required. Meisner training has proven itself to be one of the most successful at preparing professional actors. Here is why.

Study never ends for students of the Meisner technique. Classes take place almost every day of the week, often for many hours at a time. Actors of the Meisner technique are required to study both people as well as circumstances in order to build up a vast knowledge of events and personalities to use in their acting careers. This information can then be used to more realistically portray both characters as well as scenarios.

Due to the fast-paced nature of commercial world, the challenges are greatly increased. Commercials are typically of short duration which makes it necessary for actors to be able to successfully convey their character is a very limited amount of time.

Students trained in this method are also highly skilled in interacting with other actors and characters. This is essential in commercials. Even if they are the only other actual person on screen, commercial actors must still interact with the camera.

Through a commercial acting class, actors can acquire additional necessary skills. Improv is critical to commercial work. Although commercials have scripts, the actor can often take that script and create a character that was previously unimagined by the producer. Because of this, choosing an acting class that focuses on improv can be irreplaceable.

Actors must also learn professional “on-camera” techniques. Commercial actors have the added challenge of highlighting a product within an already small frame.

Being able to highlight a product within a commercial is another critical skill that must be learned. Holding a product in an unnatural manner can give the appearance of falseness.

Some actors believe that commercial character development is easier. This is not the case. The audience must receive a full performance with minimal words and time. Not only this, but actors have a limited visual space as well.

Casting agents see thousands of actors for roles. It takes an astounding actor to make it past their judgement as well as that of the director, agency executives, and producer. Forming interpersonal skills is another critical talent for a commercial actor.

Know the commercial’s objective. The production team will be focused primarily on selling the product or service. Being convinced of the product’s worth and genuinely being interested in helping the audience with said product will create a more realistic performance.

Some commercials require the actor to portray an individual who did not use the product and lost out but, despite this, the objective is the same. The actor must empathize with the viewer and show a genuine interest in helping them. Some commercials will also require the actor to entertain the viewer.

Acting for commercials is far more challenging than it initially appears. As is the case with other acting forms, genuine human emotion is a must.

Improving on your commercial acting techniques can prepare you not only for commercials but for other acting arenas as well.

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