Leveraging YouTube for All It’s Worth

Even at the time of this writing, in mid-2011, video marketing and YouTube are still powerful for SEO and increasing site visitors. Video marketing is not hard to learn; so you need that knowledge in addition to creating good video content. Let’s review several highly effective and most helpful tips on making something good happen at YouTube.

Sometimes you can combine the efforts of two people and make something more powerful, and that is what this paragraph is all about. Both of you can get more exposure because the video can be placed in their and your channels. We recommend that you try to have close to the same number of subscribers otherwise the other person will not be interested. We all know about the power of effective joint ventures, and that is what this is. You have to make this a win-win for both of you, and that is sometimes where issues can come in. If you are totally new to YouTube, then you probably have no subscribers, yet, so that may present a problem. This will not only help you with your branding but it will also help you instant recognition.

In some ways you can think of the YouTube channel you have as an email list, and the object is to accumulate subscribers to that channel. Now, you do need to optimize your video titles just like SEO, and each video will have its own main keyword phrase. When you optimize a static site or blog page, you can think of the process as being the same. Sometimes you can use news items for video content, not always but you should never pass up a good opportunity for it. You can still do this even if you are not the first in your market to do it. You should put in all your efforts to give your viewers real value by focusing on giving them current information through your videos. You have to be willing to test things out, and your market will see you as someone who is different. In time you never know what can happen, but you will build your subscribers.

There are lots of people who value mixing things up and getting some good variety with the videos they watch. In other words, they want to have a consistent stream of video content coming their way that they can consume on a regular basis. How much and how far you decide to take this is your decision, but there is so much good that videos can do for your business. You can think about video marketing much like article marketing in that you should consistently crank them out and get them working for you.

What you will discover at YouTube is that gaining traffic and viewers is probably the most challenging aspect. There is more you can learn about video marketing, and do not forget to make a solid YouTube profile, either.

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