Is there a way to prevent hgv catalytic converter theft?

Catalytic converter theft is an issue for all vehicle owners with a suggestion that there has been a statistic as much as four times the amount of vehicles targeted over the last two years. The industry has demanded a viable solution to the problem. One such solution us an anti-theft device known as CATLOC.

Catalytic converters are not an obvious part to be cautious of unless you know why but the reason why they are targeted so much is that they contain precious jewels. Thieves want to platinum, rhodium, and palladium contained within the converter so that they can sell it to a scrap metal dealer. The effect on the vehicle owner is that they then need to make costly repairs to the exhaust pipe as well as having to replace the converter. Some vehicles are especially targeted such as estates, 4x4s, and LCVs. The reason for their susceptibility is the fact they they come with a high ground clearance, meaning that they are easier for thieves to access.

Catalytic converters are being targeted due to the precious metals contained within them. Thieves are taking advantage of the palladium, rhodium, platinum, and other metals, by removing the catalytic converter from the exhaust pipe when a vehicle is parked. They then proceed to sell them to scrap metal dealers. This leads to costly repairs needed in order to repair the damaged exhaust as well as replacing the catalytic converter. Vehicles such as LCVs, 4x4s, and estates are particularly susceptible due to their high ground clearance meaning that it is easier to access the converters.

It is obviously then, a huge issue, and this is is where CATLOC can make a difference. It is an anti-theft device particularly designed to prevent the theft of catalytic converters. It is very secure and as its design is universal, it enables a secure fitment to 99 per cent of vehicles as risk, whilst at the same time, enabling full operation of the converter.

The CATLOC uses quality components and during installation, the underbody has two security cables attached to it. It also comes with ISR protection. The ISR marking will generally put off thieves but if that isn’t the case, the registration kit etches a unique code and the ISR can immediately identify it. CATLOC is ready to be installed twenty four hours a day and nationwide. It ensures that vehicles, when most needed, stay on the road. It also has centres should fitment be preferred.

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