Introducing The All New Galaxy S3

The world will see what the Samsung Galaxy S3 will give when it is set for release next year. The device will sport powerful features never seen before and it aims to directly answer rival Apple’s successful iPhone 4S and its next much hyped handheld in the iPhone 5.

Samsung has been in heated legal battle with Apple for as long anyone can remember starting with its mobile devices. Both are still in the fight for the producing the best set of handhelds and it can still be witnessed up until this day. Samsung’s other sibling, the S2, will be released first before the S3 makes its public debut.

No one can easily deny the prosperity Google has by having its line of phones, thanks mostly to its commonly utilized Android operating program. The prosperity of the Galaxy S3 will hardly be any shock as well as its is anticipated that the Android powered phone will certainly offer in huge volumes worldwide. The handheld will certainly game a dynamic 4 point 6 in. screen that is made up of one thousands of dollar 2 hundred eighty by seven hundred twenty pixel resolution. The chatted concerning OLED modern technology for the tool will certainly result to effective battery use in addition to a special curve screen display.

The extremely anticipated Samsung Galaxy 3 will definitely game a dual camera system operation by having the posterior end comprising of twelve megapixels. The S2 is a little less by having eight megapixels yet both are still high end smartphones that are able to seize reasonable pics as well as video clips.

A build-in sensor is available in the S3 and it is estimated to be around an inch long. This makes it a little bigger than what is currently see in today’s high end smartphones that house the commonly used CMOS processor. The quality image that you can expect to see in the phone can be comparable to that of the Pentax Q System digital camera.

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