In what type of Areas is Vehicle Theft most likely to Occur?

Protecting your vehicle can be tricky sometimes. There’s been a lot done to reduce car crime over the last few decades, such as radio systems no longer being a viable target for smash and grab thieves, and more advanced immobilisers, but unfortunately there are always new types of ambitious crime cropping up too. If you’re street smart with your vehicle there are lots of ways to protect it, but where is it at most risk?

Most vehicle crimes occur as crimes of opportunity. This means that thieves look out for any way of stealing from you, and if you happen to set up a good opportunity for them, they won’t hesitate to take it. For minor theft, such as possessions taken from inside the vehicle, or some part of the vehicles stolen (e.g. a catalytic converter) the most dangerous places are crowded car parks in inner cities. But for incidents of a more serious nature the statistics tell a very different story.

It might be a surprise to you that in terms of the whole vehicle being driven away, the most common place of theft is your home. Burglars will hunt out keys inside the house and then make a dash for the car, flying off before anyone can give chase. To prevent this you need to keep keys well away from where they might be reached from the outside, and not somewhere obvious like a drawer near the doorway either. Cars can also be fitted with immobilisers to make it even more difficult to hotwire as long as the keys are hidden.

Delivery workers should already be familiar with the perils of leaving your keys in the vehicle. This is the second most likely way in which cars are stolen, and the most likely places for it to occur are cash machines or other roadside conveniences such as shops. You can’t leave the engine running or the keys in even for a moment.

So that’s it really – the basic measures and places where the crimes occur are practically the same as they’ve always been. You just have to stay alert.

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