How to Gain Targeted Traffic from Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking has been around for a long time now. It works out wonderfully for people who need valuable information, but can’t find time to do the research. As an online marketer, you should understand that social bookmarking sites can bring targeted traffic to your website if you know how to use them to your advantage. This article is going to show us how to accomplish this.

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Quality Content Counts Ever given much thought to why social bookmarking sites seem to do more for some sites than for other websites? What is their secret for getting so many votes for other site members? How can you too hit the first page again and again and drive huge traffic to your site? The answer to this is out in the open, but many people will not look at the real answer. It’s your content. What would explain why people go onto social bookmarking sites? It’s because they are looking for new content that’s not only original, but is also useful to them. People have expectations of getting a lot of replies from their submitted bookmarks, but their information is unoriginal and nothing spectacular. The internet is dealing with a time of having plenty of information. If you want to be different from your competitors, then you must give your readers something that they have never seen before.

Post Links at the Right Time: Being knowledgeable about when to post a link to a bookmarking site is of the utmost importance because then you will know how fast you can land on the first page. Thus, if you post your links when your targeted market is sleeping, it will be wasted. Bookmarking your links during peak hours will be more beneficial to your and will get you more return on your investment in the end. If you are thinking about bookmarking your content on Digg or Reddit, do not do it before ten in the morning. Rather, do it at two or three in the afternoon so that you will get the best results. You will see less traffic during the weekdays than on the weekend. But, the competition is always high during the weekend. So the only way to find out which is better for you is to continue experimenting.

First Paragraph Excitement: To ensure your success you need to make sure the first paragraph captures the attention of the reader. You should make sure the paragraph is interesting as well as on topic. Your hard work isn’t done here. Getting people to click over to your website is an accomplishment but it is just the beginning. You need to keep their interest up by providing useful information in the first paragraph. You will want your article to be more than your visitors were expecting. You will know if you have failed because people will leave the site as soon as they get there.

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As an Internet marketer, you should always spread your efforts across various marketing methods/tactics. Making sure that social bookmarking stays on your list of top priorities will really help you in the long run. It is okay if you have never used social bookmarking to your advantage for traffic. As long as you want to see the power of using these sites to your benefit, you will not want to do anything else in the future. You will be lucky one day.

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