Google Adsense Publishing Is Definitely Not Effortless

You need to know the 3 most common things there is to know if you want to win with the Adsense business without all of the nonsense. However, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Time – The hard work that you put in day to day will determine your success. Anyone who works at this part time will have to wait longer to see results. There are no magic tricks to fool Google. Google will conquer you if you mess with them. Take a peek at any internet forum that hosts hundreds of people who hate Google.

If you want to test a niche, create an Adwords campaign and monitor the impressions over a 24 hours period on page 1. This will give you an idea of what traffic is like, and if people are clicking. Of course, be sure to limit your budget or you may wake up to a surprise. It won’t cost as much as a domain and it will take you a lot less time and effort to do it. If you’re wondering why your website isn’t doing well then there is something you have to ask yourself. How can you gauge a niche if you aren’t backing it up with any links? Get it on page 1, even better in the top 5 or 6 and see what is happening before you make a decision.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous to expect to be indexed on page 1 right from the get go. This can and does happen, but other times it won’t for whatever reason Google decides. Get them ranking, with about 10 pages of content and firing back links to the home page and some of the inner pages. Do this over the course of two months and then look again. Not exactly the get rich over night you thought eh!

Work – You have to pour sweat and tears as if you owned 2 businesses. Part timers will get there, but it will take more time and less play or you will get swamped. You shouldn’t even buy the Adsense Masters Course if you are having a hard time putting food in your family’s mouth. After that, you can’t expect to rake in grocery money after a day’s worth of work. It’s awesome if you can work on it all the time. But you can’t believe that with only part time efforts that you going to make $300/day in 2 months time. For most people, part time means “when I feel like it.”

Mistakes – You have to make mistakes, it is the only way to really understand this business model. If you can’t make mistakes, you won’t advance and you won’t make any money, it’s that simple. I’ve been doing this for years and can’t tell you how I know something is going to work or not. Of course I can layout guide lines and tips (like Xfactor has), but the reality is that there is an element that just comes from within. You might spend a couple of weeks with everything you’ve got, to find out that the site wasn’t worth it. This is the reality of it. You have to accept you are going to have bad sites. You don’t have the ability to only make 10 high performing websites that will pay your living expenses, at least not yet.

Many people are too scared to make mistakes and this causes them to not do anything at all. That is the biggest problem. Nobody knows everything, I know I don’t. The best thing to do is to get at it and do something.

I don’t like blasting out articles for back links in the course of a couple of days. In fact I send my automatic submissions to 13 per day over the course of 2 months. In my case this is especially important for new websites because Google seems to give my site a penalty if I try to blast links to it. Stop looking for the latest secret and do some work.

I’m really not surprised to see people wondering why they aren’t rich with this amount of work, I mean, the “Gurus” keep telling you that it’s that easy. In the beginning for every 10 sites you create, 1 might be a winner. How can you expect to dominate a business when you are brand new, no matter what other skills you have?

If you hate writing then I’m afraid Adsense Content Publishing is not for you because 90% is writing. Even writing articles is the same as writing content.

Don’t finish there, check out the Xfactor Adsense Course for yourself! I also recommend Unique Article Wizard to compliment my back linking plan.