Essential Info About Chinese New Years Decorations

Find out how the Chinese people decorate their homes and streets with specially crafted Chinese New Year decorations.

The Chinese New Year is one of the most special days on the lunar calendar. You can see Chinese people decorating their homes with so many different of Chinese New Year handicrafts specially created for this unique occasion. From indoors to outdoors on the city streets, China seems to be glittering in color throughout the season.

From pretty blossoms to platters of food there is a wide variety of Chinese New Year decoration items that are reserved for the occasion. There are certain decoration items that have become symbols for this time of the year. The array of decoration items is wide and colorful.

Plants and flowers play a significant role in the New Year decorations in China. Besides Chinese people are known for their attachment to the nature. During the New Years event, houses of Chinese people are seen blooming with different flowers and plants that symbolize growth and prosperity that promise to come in the coming year.

Plum blossoms are generally used natural blossoms for the decorations around this time because it is during this New Year time that they starts blooming. They are bound together with bamboo and pine springs. This rare combination signifies the aggregation of friends and family during season of the year.

The symbolic virtues of reliability and perseverance are represented by the plum blossoms. The bamboo represents compatibility through its flexibility characteristic and the evergreen pine serves as the classic symbol of long life. Other flowers commonly used are azalea, peony, narcissus and the water lily.

Fruits too have a part in New Year decoration and are usually found in Chinese households during the season. Oranges and tangerines are taken to be most popular and are often brought by friends who come over for a visit. Tangerines symbolize maintenance of a long relationship and joy.

Candy trays are perhaps the best gifts during the Chinese New Year season and as far as kids are concerned, they wouldn’t disagree! These candy trays with a large amount of candies are a specially designed item for the New Year. They are known as trays of togetherness and a large number of interesting varieties of most yummy candies are kept on them.

This candy tray also has another ritual following it up where an adult takes a candy and replaces it by keeping a red envelope in the tray that consists of some kind of good luck symbol for the peopleoffering it. Generally the candy tray consists of candied melon of different variety like lychee nut, peanuts, coconut, and cumquat etc. all of which have special meanings.

A large amount of the New Year decorations are centered around the particular animal which represents the year. This has been the tradition for many years and is still practiced on New Years Day today.

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