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An Overview of the Most Popular MLM Freeware Programs

Brian Garvin asked:

Choosing your MLM Software is as important a decision as choosing the MLM program you are involved with. There are many different programs out there that you can purchase but by checking around carefully and doing your research, you can find MLM Freeware that is just as good or better than the paid versions.

We have tried several of the most popular programs available and are pleased to outline them for you.

Blue Chillies is offering a great MLM Freeware Program; it is Project Planner by Smartworks. It offers a free reader/viewer to read files created by Smartworks Project planner version 4.0. This enables users to view and read projects without having to share the project plans among users. This allows your customers to view their progress without being able to modify the data. This particular MLM Freeware provides project or customer information in Gantt charts, network diagrams and several other types of graphical charts.

While you are at Blue Chillies, you can also download the Project Planner Tutor 2.0 Freeware. This piece is an instrumental training tool to integrate into your customer presentation. Not only can you give them great MLM Freeware but give them the tools to learn how to use it.

If lead generation is what you need Blue Chillies also offers an MLM Freeware program for you. Instant Leads Generator 3.1. This is a complete software solution for your MLM business. It handles ALL aspects of live lead generation and management. This totally free software will capture, analyze, filter and custom deliver live leads to your clients. It also provides a comprehensive auto-responder system to automatically introduce your customers or sales agents to the leads you generate. This comprehensive system will put you or your customer in total control of your lead management system with little effort at no cost whatsoever.

Another of the most popular MLM Freeware offerings out there is MLM Downline Manager; this is published by Z1B21 International and is offered as a free download by Shareware Connection. This terrific professional software offers everything. It allows you to enter contacts, prospects, customers, downlines. It gives you P&L capability; you can track expenses, sales, cost of sales and more. It allows you to organize your sales by customer, product, just about anyway you want to.

It has a calendar and meeting reminder feature, an email merge that allows you to manipulate who you are communicating with and when. It has a Treeview that will give you the capability to view your entire organization with just a few clicks. It is a one of the most comprehensive programs out there and the best part it is MLM Freeware. That means free, no cost to you.

The MLM Freeware mentioned above is of course not the only shareware free offerings out there, but they are some of the most popular and all receive high marks by this user. You can take a click through Blue Chillies and Shareware Connection and check these out for yourself. Each of them in their own way will assist you in growing your MLM business without the hefty expense of purchased software.

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