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How to earn extra money freelancing

Given today’s scary financial situation more people than ever are turning to the internet in the hope of making some extra cash. One way to do it is freelancing which involves using your skills to bid on projects that other people need completed. It’s great because it means you can work from home, but with so much competition for work how do you make sure your bid gets selected?

Any time you apply for a project you have to say in a few words why you should be selected. It’s really important that in the application you use proper English and grammar, nothing puts off prospective employers like bad spelling! I suppose it just looks like you have no attention to detail.

If you are a native English speaker then it’s important you mention this in your bid as it will usually put you ahead of 90% of your fellow applicants. Communication is really important when working online and all employers know that language problems can cost them time any money.

Many freelancers bid on projects without even reading the details of it, I suppose they are going for numbers. To show the employer you have actually read the details of the project mention some aspect of it in the bid, this really shows you are paying attention.

It can be really difficult to set a price for your services on the freelancing sites because when you’re starting out you may have to charge less than you’d like. However remember that once you do get a good reputation your prices do need to reflect your worth.

It’s really important to keep training in new skills in order to be competitive. Remember the less people with a specific in-demand skill the better. One area to look at may be SEO were you help people achieve better results in Google, this market seems to be really in-demand right now.

I hope this short list helps if you’re trying to earn money in the freelancing arena. It’s not easy I have to admit but then again if it was wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

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Making a to-do list become a valuable tool for your business

Finding the long term success you covet in the Net Selling arena is all about building the basis of your business to be super solid and to organise yourself so absolutely that there isn't any choice to be anything but completely productive. One tool that most Internet Marketers utilize a lot is the to-do list which can help you get more done during your day. To make a to-do list as effective as possible , you want to take regular and reliable action. To achieve this goal, use the tips in this piece.

It’s actually amazing how much work it is easy to get done by simply getting hold off a big slice of time, where you can work in a flow, rather getting a few bits of it here and there. When you get your regular errands of your day out of your way, you'll find it much more easier to complete your to-do list as it'll give you the required boost and the time to get things done. When your agenda isn’t clear, you’ll see that even the littlest hurdle will blow up your flow and keep you from attaining everything on your list. Start by creating a list of errands you can take care of once you are done with your day, so that they don’t come in between when you are trying to make your day more productive and efficacious in the long run.

One of the explanations why many Online marketers fail to end their to-do list is really because they feel overwhelmed. This is what takes place when you add jobs that are inclusive enough to be larger goals. Your to-do list should be full of tasks that help you in working towards your principal goal. These jobs should be little enough for you to realize them in a short amount of time, so you know definitely that you are moving ahead toward your aim. The included jobs must be clear and not obscure. As an example, “Get More Leads” is imprecise so it is not truly a job, but “Call 5 Prospects” is a task that is clear and easily practicable.

A great way to extend the efficiency of your list is to be certain that your day starts with it. That's correct; if you make it a habit to compose your to-do list as quickly as you sit down to work every morning you will find that you have a lot more energy about moving forward and sticking to your primary goals. Since your productivity is the highest when you start your day, you should be able to get your to do list organized in the best possible way. Naturally what matters more than anything more is how much effort you put into making sure your list is good and arranged as well as how hard you're employed on actually completing it. Building a to-do list is just a fancy way of planning out your day and increasing your productivity while you do so so it makes sense that you create the list at the beginning of your day.

If there’s anything that deserves your focus as an IMer, it should be getting as much as you can done as quickly as you can and having a great to-do list can truly help accomplish that.

Henry Jones is a business organisation advisor based in Reading, England. He really enjoys researching free internet marketing tools and recommends the 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing.

The Perks of Web Design Freeware

Cliff Posey Jr asked:

Web design freeware is probably the best thing internet entrepreneurs use in making their business a success. Why? Because you don’t have to make a big investment just to build your own website; the tools are free for you to use.

This freeware comes in the form of free website templates, graphics and special effects which you can use in your site building strategies. We all know that audiences are easily captivated through eye candy, thus they would click on sites which have first grabbed their attention. You can do this by giving substantial content, and of course, using the right website design. You can check out Yahoo Answers for a good list of the free web tools you can use on your site.

Aside from being “free,” web design freeware are created by some of the most knowledgeable designers in the world of information technology. These people are professionals, thus expect quality designs from them. Chances are, their free web site tools are already tailor made to meet your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) needs.

Free web design tools also enable amateur web designers to study the structures of design templates and special effects, both in terms of aesthetics and technicalities. These new designers learn more on how the codes are used to come up with new and innovative free website templates that cater to the needs of end users as well as how it optimizes the sites attuned to getting more traffic and profit.

If you are a website owner who cannot afford to hire a professional web designer due to low budget, then using free web site templates and other tools are your best option. There are a lot of guidelines found on the net which you can read up on so you could learn how to use the codes; some of them just have to be uploaded and need not be edited, as you would only use them as they are. If you have any questions on how to use these free web site tools, then you can post it at Yahoo Answers so people would be able to help you out.

Another benefit of web design freeware is that they are scattered all over the internet. You are free to change templates anytime you want to, without spending a single cent. There are times that your design no longer fits your site’s niche and topic, thus you would have to change themes.

Most of all, using free web design templates helps you meet more important people online. By subscribing to free web site tools, you get updated with the latest news in terms of design efficiency and effectiveness, thus you know who to go to when you have questions with regards to building and improving your own site. If you are looking for professional designers who can help you in using those free web tools, then you may also see what Yahoo Answers can provide.

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