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Find Out More Information About Grip & Lighting North Carolina

Grip & lighting North Carolina would likely made you think of the last time you watched a movie or television program and look at the long list of credits. Most likely the word grip flashed on the screen, along with much more grips and so on. If you’ve ever asked yourself what a grip actually does, well it is not that glamorous, but it is a job in which many generations of working families in Hollywood have supported themselves on for nearly a hundred years. A grip is really a handyman who sets up lighting equipment, sound boards, electrical systems, wardrobe and props.

The job responsibilities of a grip began in the 1920s when Hollywood first began to churn out film after film. Day labourers at one point would camp out in front of the studio lots searching for work. The ones that were chosen were sent to the train depot to get baggage for the actors and help them bring it back to the studio. The word grip was a kind of a slang word used to refer to the luggage. After the movie labour unions developed, they kept the slang word and then started referring to the grunt workers grips. Today a film-set staff transporting electrical cords around the back lot or moving mini-skirts on a rack is called a grip.

The grip arrives on the set very early and leaves late, 1st one in and last one to leave. A grip assists the director of photography and helps him to get the lighting perfectly before the cameras role. Besides being there for the director of photography, a grip is also expected to load and unload equipment from the shooting location and fix broken parts as needed. A grip has to be physically strong, ingenious and always willing to help out. He should also work nicely with other people and have some sense of social manners, particularly when the director, producer or actors are on set.

The best way to be a grip is to network with individuals in the industry. Search for non-union work at first, like a student film, then join the IATSE Local 80. The Local 80 has numerous job listings that it gives only with members. There are no academic requirements to be a grip, but membership in IATSE Local 80 is necessary to work on the major studio sets.

The starting salary of Grip & lighting North Carolina for a professional grip was $29.03 per hour for IATSE Local 80 members. Many grips work over forty hours per week and receive time-and-a-half for overtime. In the Uk, Australia and most parts of Europe, grips are not involved in lighting. In the British System, a grip is exclusively in charge of camera mounting as well as support. The term ‘grip’ goes back to the early period of the circus. Then it was utilized in vaudeville and then in the modern film sound stages as well as sets. Some have suggested the name comes from the 1930s-40s slang term for a tool bag or “grip” that these technicians use to bring their equipment to work.

Although not as glamorous as many other film work, a grip & lighting North Carolina works behind the scenes moving equipment and managing lights. A grip and lighting North Carolina also ensures that all the necessary equipment work correctly to get the best shots and give the film the setting the director wants.

Copy DVD to DVD-R Software

When you are seeking to backup your own dvd movies and can’t burn them to another dvd-r it could be because the copy protection. All dvds that you choose to get possess some form of copy protection and not all burning software is efficient at recording them. You will find a small number of software titles that permit you to copy dvd to dvd-r with very little problems or hassle.

[youtube:Cpl0CvbatNo?version=3;How To [link:Copy DVD to DVD-R];]There are numerous totally free choices that you will find on the internet. These types of software applications worked very well in the past however modern day copy protection has rendered most of these alternatives worthless. The latest and up-to-date software program titles like DVDFab has the capacity to keep up with each and every most recent copy protection instantly and supplies frequent updates in order that you are able to clone any sort of dvd movie to another blank dvd disc.

One of the more useful aspects from using high quality dvd copy software is that you can now copy your movies so they play on other devices like a PSP, iPad, and virtually any other device that plays movies. If you worry about scratching up your original copies then this is a great feature for you. You can always just copy the movies to your hard-drive as well and watch them right on your computer. In the end you save a lot of money and are able to keep all your original copies in pristine condition for years of reliable use.

Full featured computer software that is effective at decrypting dvd movies can usually carry out a number of functions. Not only will they copy dvd to dvdr but they can also copy your movies to your hard disk. If perhaps you would like to observe your movies on different devices for instance a mobile phone or even an iphone you may also copy your dvd to those platforms. The majority of free apps cannot do this function. If perhaps they are able to then you need to download numerous programs and install these products initially and many of those perform a really good job at decreasing your computer’s speed.

Furthermore for your convenience you’ll be able to copy the complete contents of your dvd movie to another dvd or you can easily simply backup the main movie. This particular function permits you to produce higher quality duplicates. It lets you do this by way of not having to shrink the movie file a whole lot. Normally a person replicate precisely the main movie and this will fit onto a ordinary dvd-r without the compression which supplies you the best achievable clone available.

The main reason in many instances you cannot backup the whole dvd and get that same exact good quality is really because almost all commercial dvd discs support nine gigs of information. Dvd video copy software has to shrink those files to fit on your normal blank dvd-r which unfortunately simply holds about 4.7 gigabytes of data. When compressing to fit onto the scaled-down blank dvdr some quality is generally lost in doing this.

The primary movie without all the menus and various extras is generally approximately 4.5 gigabytes which means you can easily fit the whole movie on to a DVD r without being forced to decrease it whatsoever. This means you get the precise quality as the original. You cannot assume all dvd and blu-ray burning software programs are identical. This too implies it requires less time to run through the actual copy and burn operation. Additionally, when you put the completed duplicate in to the dvd player it’ll start playing instantly. You don’t have to wait around through the previews or even for the movie menus to appear.

High quality backup software programs including DVDFab can in fact help make compressed clones of full discs without minor detectable decrease of quality. Not all dvd copy software, especially the free crap on the internet, could compete with the standard along with clarity of top quality software. Moreover, excellent dvd to dvd r software can certainly make copies of your dvds a good deal faster and get it done with only one or two mouse clicks. Generally it is possible to clone and burn your dvds to a dvd-r in about 30 minutes.

It is possible to duplicate them to your hard drive in many different formats for instance AVI, MP4,M4V, MPEG and WMV even more rapidly. In many instances you can convert the whole movie right into a good quality M4V measuring only 1 gigabyte in file size which is suitable for enjoying on your pc in perfect dvd quality. These kinds of high-quality copies in their small sizes makes it possible to keep a huge selection of movies on your computer and you never need to be concerned about scratching your movies that you paid for.

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Nikon Coolpix L24 Digital Camera – Benefits and Drawbacks

The just over $100 suggested retail price for the Nikon Coolpix L25 is a tempting price for those who are looking for an inexpensive digital camera. Yet you have to consider more than just the price when buying a product like this, as you want to make sure it performs well and does what you want it to do. Lets find out in through this review whether the Nikon Coolpix L24 Digital Camera is a good value.

There are many digital cameras available today that can shoot videos and the Nikon Coolpix L24 can do this as well. If you aren’t an avid video maker and just want to take simple videos, then you won’t need to purchase a separate camcorder to take those videos. There are so many things such as sporting events, school plays, recitals or anything that involves motion where a video is much better at recording the event than still pictures. The high quality sound as well as the clear crisp footage also adds to the video. You will easily be able to post your video taken with Nikon Coolpix L24 on your blog, or on YouTube or watch on your HDTV once you upload it to your computer.

If you like to keep a compact, lightweight camera in your purse or briefcase so it’s always available, then the Nikon Coolpix L24 Digital Camera is the perfect choice for you as it has been for many others. This is why cell phones with cameras are so popular. But, unfortunately, their picture quality isn’t that great. It’s beneficial to have a compact camera of high quality that comes with some useful accessories, including a handy strap. If you get this camera, you may also want to get a camera case to keep it protected so you can keep it in your briefcase, backpack, handbag, etc. The Nikon Coolpix L24 is a good digital camera that you can have with you at all times in case you see something you want to capture.

The Easy Auto Mode feature of the Nikon Coolpix L24 is handy because, when you activate it, the flash function is automatic triggered if you are taking pictures in reduced light conditions or at nighttime. We’ve read several user reviews that complain that the auto flash function either doesn’t work at all or is intermittent. So it appears that the failure of the flash to activate is a problem in some of the models of the Nikon Coolpix L24. This is obviously a problem if you plan to do a lot of shooting in low light conditions. This intermittent flaw is something to consider when you are looking for a low-cost digital camera, especially when a lot of your pictures will be taken in circumstances that need flash.

At around $100 the Nikon Coolpix L24 Digital Camera is a very reasonable price and it’s good for people with experience as well as those without it. The battery cover on the camera may be a bit flimsy but this does not affect the quality of the photos and videos which are high quality.

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The Available Positions In Grip & Electric Atlanta

In grip & electric Atlanta, the cinematographer has a key grip and also a gaffer. Between the two of them, grips understand his lighting vision. Grips also deal with moving walls and set construction. If you reached a location and the cameraman needs a light up on the 23rd floor of a building, you find out how you can accomplish that. You also handle all of the camera movements.

The key grip is considered the person in charge of the grip department. The grips take their instruction from the director of photography. You install, rig, and run all of the machines the cameras need: jibs, dollies, and so on. Whether a camera is installed on an automobile or a chopper, the grips often accomplish the rigging. You also work very closely with the electrician, the gaffer. You rig just about any lighting that should be rigged. You bend, shape, and texture light with flags. You basically work together with the camera department and the electricians with the lighting and cameras, but you also help the other divisions. Basically, you do anything that has to be done; if a bridge needs to be built across a stream, and it’s doable, you will put a bridge across the stream.

The strength to lift up and hold equipment, woodworking skills, electrical expertise, as well as mechanical skills are assets to working as a grip. A work as a production assistant or day player is a good way of getting on the set, see what grips do, and also make contacts that might result in a future job. Although their tasks overlap to the point that they sometimes have difficulty explaining their tasks, lighting and grip departments do distinctly different functions. The grip department sets up all of the lighting and the equipment to film a scene. The gaffers then come in to set up and focus all the lights, as well as run the equipment.

Positions in the electrical or lighting section include: 1) Gaffer (Head Electrician): the head of the lighting department; light the set according to the cinematographer’s specification. 2) Electrical Best Boy or 2nd Electric: the gaffer’s chief assistant and foreman of the lighting crew; responsible for all the electrical hook-ups. 3) Lamp Operator or Electrician: put, focus, and maintain all of the lights.

Larger productions of Grip & electric Atlanta may need a splinter crew, which includes a Rigging Best Boy, Rigging Gaffer, Rigging Electric or Riggers, that work parallel with the electrical unit, handling electrical supply, running power and wiring, and setting the broad strokes of the lighting on set in advance of the shooting staff. Jobs within the grip department include: 1) Key Grip: The head of the grip department, having the dual role of helping the lighting as well as camera departments; these people rig lights, move cameras, cranes and dollies, as well as other equipment. 2) Best Boy Grip: the key grip’s primary assistant and the foreman of the grip team. He is responsible for all the equipment as well as materials. 3) Dolly Grip: push the dolly or crane that supports the camera. 4) Grip or Rigger: carry, move, and set up lights, camera dolly track, and move some other lighting and camera equipment.

Although not as glamorous as numerous other movie jobs, a grip & electric Atlanta works behind the scenes on productions moving equipment, securing as well as removing video cameras, sets and scenery. An Atlanta grip & electric also ensures all the required items work correctly in order to get the best shots and provide the film the ambiance the movie director wants.

North Carolina Sound Stages And Being Active In Its Acting Scene

North Carolina sound stages have a number of over 30 sound stages and seven major studio complexes. North Carolina is the number 3 moviemaking state, following only California and New York. Screen Gems Studios, situated in nearby Wilmington, North Carolina, has been in existence for more than twenty years and has produced over 300 movie, tv, and commercial productions. Possibly this is the reason why Southport, North Carolina appears in so many movies. Or perhaps it’s just Southport’s tree lined streets, historic settings and lovely scenery which makes shooting in Southport very popular.

North Carolina is one of the most busy states for filming films and tv outside of California and New York. Actually, it has the most soundstages (1,000,000 Square Feet’s worth) and production sites of any state in the union beyond the borders of California. Through the years it has played host to over seven hundred feature movie productions and 14 major tv shows. Do not be surprised if 1 day while strolling along the sidewalk in Southport, North Carolina you pass Tom Cruise. Why? Southport, North Carolina is a very famous place for movies. A lot of movies have utilized Southport as their primary setting. There are also numerous films which use Southport for a part of their scenes.

Now how can you become involved in the flourishing acting scene in North Carolina? The first and most sensible step you can take is to relocate to Charlotte. It’s really a great city which has a big community of actors and entertainment experts, and it is within just driving distance of any production or audition within the state. It’s also in close proximity to many other major Southern Cities. Charlotte also has the most production companies as well as ad agencies of any city within the Carolinas, which do a big volume of commercial and model casting. Also, there are several professional Equity theatres in the city that run stage shows all year round that are sustained by a professional and amateur acting group referred to as First Friday.

Many of the roles and jobs available for actors in North Carolina are non-union, which has both advantages and disadvantages. On the good side, non-union jobs are easier to acquire, more plentiful, improve your resume, and enable you to side step cumbersome union rules as well as work qualifications. The main downside is that these types of roles don’t pay union scale, and won’t necessarily assist you in getting a SAG membership.

North Carolina sound stages are where films like Being There, The Fugitive, Forrest Gump, The Last of the Mohicans, Cold Mountain, Firestarter, Dirty Dancing, and The Patriot have been filmed mostly or fully in North Carolina. Dawson’s Creek, the most successful show ever to air on the present defunct WB network, was shot in NC for 6 years. One Tree Hill currently is in production there as well. In all these cases lots of roles were cast from the local populations, and most of the background actors were pulled from local communities. This really is a great opportunity for natives of the Carolinas. Independent production is likewise ramping up considerably; since 2001 over 100 independent movies and shows have been shot in-state. The Science of Cool, starring Scott Bakula, is currently in production in NC, and is also a high-profile High definition feature.

North Carolina stages are soundproof, hangar-like properties used for motion picture as well as TV productions. Also, North Carolina sound stages help make it a lot easier for the production crew to design and construct the sets to be used.

A Few Quality Headset Microphones Information

Theoretically any Bluetooth device would be able to communicate with another at typical distances of ten meters.It includes two element covers, and two windscreens as well as a cable clip. It has new quality/wearability standard for micro headset technology and the capsule diameter is merely 2.5 mm to provide the last word in low-profile and high performance audio.

Nevertheless, the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-800 is quite simple which is surprising in itself as it has plenty of style and is quite streamlined as well.As for its design, it is ergonomically sound in the under-ear-design that has lightweight contoured loop hooks behind the ear to give a very secure and comfortable fit with or without glasses, besides being flexible as well.

It can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth wireless technology and is comfortable to wear in the left or right ear. It has rugged construction that has been designed to meet challenges posed by day-to-day use in theater as well as production settings and one could purchase it for under $300.

This is another headset microphone item that gives the user incredible price/performance benefit and is ideally suited for those who wish to have their hands free at a gym or for use during a presentation or on stage where one will experience the comfort as well as secure fit of this product. This is a product that is very easy to use and when it rests securely as well as comfortably on the head it is protected from perspiration and is insensitive to ambient noise being optimized for sound as well as intelligibility. The C444L is compatible with to AKG WMS 60/80 as well as WMS 61/81 as well as other systems that require a mini-XLR connection and retails for approximately $150.

It also has green/red LEDs that indicate a Bluetooth wireless connection, call status as well as low battery and is an ideal device that helps you be hands-free.This product is ideally suited for aerobics instruction as well as other demanding applications and retails for around $140.Evaluate what your needs are and when you will be using a headset microphone the most. Based on these factors, you can make a more informed decision.

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How The Art Of Photography Can Be Profitable

Desire to put up a business that’s both rewarding and challenging at the same time? Why not look into the business of photo-making? For those who do not know, photography especially for the academe is definitely a lucrative enterprise. Think of the numerous potential clients that you can cater to in the long run. Your target market is relatively larger: students, schools, universities, clubs, associations, varsity teams and a lot more! You can also propose services like individual portraits, class pictures, group shots and graduation photographs.

How can you start then? Well, one way is to reach out to local schools and colleges and request permission to take some pictures of students. Nursery and kindergarten groups are also worth targeting.

Some institutions may have someone who already does the job, in fact, most do. But if you persevere, you may find a school which will permit you to get a foot in the door. Apparently you’ll need to have some pictures to show them. If you have not done any work of this kind in the past, one option is to photograph kids in your family or your friends.

School pictures are classified into two main types: simple portraits and group pictures. In most cases, portraits are easy to take. They are typically lit with one or two studio flash heads and shot against a plain background. Group photos, conversely, require more visual coherence. Bear in mind that the visual outputs you show to clients should obviously represent the ones you plan to make.

Also, you need to work out a pricing structure. Your service fees must remain anchored on this meticulously planned rate card. When you’ve finalized this aspect of your venture, allow schools and universities to get hold of your rate card. A word of advice though: keep your rates as cost-efficient as possible. Many schools and college prefer relatively affordable services of superior quality.

In contrast to common notion, putting up a business in the field of photography is very appealing. At first, there are challenges that might wear you off. It does not mean however that you cannot achieve success. With passion, enthusiasm and perseverance, greater outcomes will come to you in due time.

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Beading Ideas! – 5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Are you in a creative rut? Inspiration all dried up? Or maybe you’re just looking for some new ideas to keep both inspiration and interest up! If any of those apply to you, then you’ve come to the right place! Below, you’ll find 5 beading ideas that might help kick start your imagination and get you creating again!

I’m writing this list with beaded necklaces in particular in mind, but the ideas presented here could be easily adapted to most any project you have an interest in. That’s one of the great things about bead craft as a hobby! Its sheer versatility. You can spy an idea that has been executed in one way (say, a ceiling fan pull chain), and with a little work and modification, easily transform it into something entirely new and different (a bracelet, necklace, or even a matched set!).

1 – If you’ve fallen into the habit of making single strand designs, branch out into fun multi-strand or wrap designs for a fresh perspective! Multi-strand designs add layers of complexity to your work, and can turn a rather ordinary single-strand piece into something truly extraordinary. It’s a little trickier to pull off, but you could even try a “hybrid design,” one that starts off (at the clasp) as a single strand, branches out into a double, or perhaps even a triple, and then, as it winds its way around the neck, re-converges.

2 – Commit yourself to incorporating a color or style of bead you don’t normally use into your next design. This can be as simple as looking through your existing stock for those beads you generally “pass over,” or taking a road trip to your local bead shop to see what’s new!

3 – Try something exotic! How about using some decorative Czech glass beads or Swarovski crystals in your next piece? This could take you in all sorts of new and different directions! (note: this can also get a little expensive, so use with care!)

4 – Commit yourself to learning a new technique (i.e., “African Net”) this month! Anything that breaks up your “usual” way of doing things is bound to spark a slew of ideas! – There’s an almost unending number of techniques to be learned, and every time Christina and I think we “know it all,” we find something new to try!

5 – Instead of stringing your next piece, investigate chains, and find ways to affix your designs onto gold or silver chains for a completely new look! – This takes the notion of “mixed medium” to the next level!

As the five tips above demonstrate, there are all sorts of things you can do, all sorts of new ways of looking at even existing beading ideas, to break out of a creative run, and these are really just the tip of the iceberg!

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Freeware Sites: the Best Place to Download Games Online

Atomsri Sukpo asked:

Hardcore gamers are always in the hunt for new challenges. For them, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the graphics and soundtrack are (although most of them would admit that these elements all ad up to the fun and excitement) or which console/platform to use as long as there are game stages to conquer. So how do they keep their game plan active even if there are no new games for release? The answer is games download. And the key is to know where to find the best place to download games online.

It’s more likely that you have chanced upon game sites that have flash based games that you can play online. While it can help you quench your gaming thirst, nothing still beats a downloaded game. Freeware sites are probably the best place to download games online. If the term freeware is new to you, it is actually any program or software that are not commercially released (hence the name). You can get it for free online-although there are some sites who ask for a one-time fee for all the freeware games you want to download. You’ll be surprised to find a lot of great freeware games online: from action adventure, platform based, role-playing, and strategy to online first person shooting, 3D racing, fighting games and flight simulation. Now here’s a treat. Some of the best loved games in the past have been revived and modified a bit by amateur game developers. You can play Street Fighter games, Mario Brothers, Pacman. Mortal Kombat-the list goes on. And if you still doubt whether freeware sites are the best place to download games online, you can also get demos of soon-to-be released commercial games. Game developers release game demos if only to see how the gamers take on their new game. By doing this, they can still put some adjustments and other fine-tuning or put some hype before they release the games officially.

The very reason why freeware sites are the best place to download games online is because they are free. Despite all the hardwork these game developers put on one game alone, they only earn by sponsorships (sometimes, they don’t earn at all). But don’t think that because these games are free that they are worthless. In fact, these sites house a lot of underrated games that could give commercially released games a run for their money. Have you seen such great 3D games like Airstrike 3? Were you able to see the sequel to the successful Castle Wolfenstein franchise, the Enemy Territory? These are just some of the games you can download and play. If you happen to download a demo that requires a password to unlock the full version, you can go to the game’s official site and register and pay a certain fee. But you can also look for cracks or game key generators for these demo versions if you don’t want to spend a single penny.

Good Games need not be expensive. So if you are tight on a budget, you can always download games for free.

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