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Ready, Set, Go–Building An E-Commerce Store

Most affiliate marketers know that the greater the number of products you have to promote, the greater the likelihood is that you’ll receive bigger commission checks when payday rolls around. E-commerce sites are a good way for affiliate marketers to promote multiple products at once.

Promoting a number of products in an e-commerce format provides even the most inexperienced affiliate marketer the opportunity to increase profits while also providing them a positive storefront experience.

Having your own online store is actually easier than most people think. When you set up your own e-commerce store, you can work as an affiliate marketer; a process that doesn’t require you to own or stock any products, keep track of refunds or returns, or even deal with customer service and shipping issues. Affiliate e-commerce stores are built by using datafeeds-which are similar to RSS feeds used by blogs. Datafeeds make it possible to display products from one or more merchants in the same website.

So how does it work? A traditional offline store will place prices, pictures and descriptions of their products into these feeds and then affiliate marketers can upload them into their own e-commerce store and make a commission off of each product sold. When you take into account the fact that there are hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of products that an affiliate can incorporate into their e-commerce store, the possibilities for making money are virtually endless.

While it’s possible to create your own online store without software or a development service, using a service such as Datafeedr can save you a lot of valuable time. Datafeedr, or a service llike that, is recommended mainly because they have all of the software in place to set up your data feeds and they take the guesswork out of adding new products to your e-commerce site. Adding products manually to a store can be a very tedious and time consuming process.

Want to build your own e-commerce store? Let me show you how.