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Famous Dyslexics And Their Contribution To Us

It’s extremely refreshing to see a lot of famous dyslexics declare their reading problems publicly This helps give hope and inspiration to other people who might not as yet had the courage to look for help. A lot of the names below will have almost certainly had some kind of formal test for dyslexia, so why don’t you? If you are anxious and wish to turn your life in a better direction, go for it?

As I’ve regularly said, having dyslexia shouldn’t hold you back! There are lots of famous dyslexics who’ve made the big time, in both business or as ‘A’ list celebrities and, who are prepared to discuss their problems to help others.

Famous celebs with dyslexia include Orlando Bloom, Henry Winkler, Tom Cruise, Patrick Dempsey, Cher, Kiera Knightley, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Bruce Jenner, Anderson Cooper, Whoopi Goldberg, Zoe Wannamaker, Keanu Reeves, John Lennon, Robin Williams, Walt Disney, Guy Ritchie, Harry Belafonte, Roald Dahl, Marlon Brando, Vince Vaughn, Salma Hayek, Sylvester Stallone and Steven Spielberg …. and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Business success has come to top dyslexic entrepreneurs as well. For example, the founder of Virgin Enterprises, Richard Branson, Apple founder Steve Jobs, Alexander Graham-Bell, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and the CEO of Cisco Systems, John T Chambers to mention but a few..

Have you been told you are mentally slow and unsociable – so was Albert Einstein

Did you try and focus on what you were reading, get to the end of the page and have little knowledge of what you had just read … so has Tom Cruise

Were you the kid who had a hard time reading in school and had to spend part of the day in a class for the kids with learning disabilities….. so did Vince Vaughn.

Henry Winkler said, “As a child, I was called stupid and lazy. On the SAT I got 159 out of 800 in math.”

A teacher sent a note home with a six-year-old boy, it read, “He is too stupid to learn.” I can’t think anyone would believe that the great mind of Thomas Edison was anywhere near, ‘stupid’!

Your first step is to believe that you might be dyslexic before you can move on. Your next step is to get a test for dyslexia so that you know for sure. Knowing that if you want it, there is help out there. Sadly, there is not just one thing that you can do that will help. If you are an adult, you might have already found coping techniques that work to your strengths and that’s fantastic news for you, but others are probably not so lucky.

As everyone is different, so is the way in which dyslexia will manifest itself. What this means is that the type of interventions that work for one person might not work for another. IMHO, this is certainly a difficulty in schools that simply will not have the finances or the staff to commit to this type of reading deficit.

Go online, search for information on how to get tested and, if you are too shy, look at an online test for dyslexia, as this may give you the courage to take the next step. The famous dyslexics above have been open regarding their problems hoping you will look for help, so why don’t you do it, and take action today. Best of luck!

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Have You Been Considering A Career In Computer Forensics?

Careers in forensics are diverse and growing to be increasingly more sought after, in particular, those in computer forensics. Computer forensic investigations consist of cyber forensics and computer security forensics and these disciplines naturally have a certain level of cross over in between them.

Computer technology has advanced considerably throughout the past decade and has led to the need for a dedicated branch of forensic investigation to be created. Many people tend to think of fingerprinting and crime scene analysis once they think of forensic science, but forensics has had to move with the times and utilise technologies to help their challenging job.

Even though some do, it’s a fact that numerous criminals don’t have a lot of understanding of the operating systems associated with using computers and as such, leave them self wide open to getting caught by the specialists. Pedophile networks are a excellent example of the skill of computer forensics being utilized. Even when information is believed to be deleted, it can remain for years on the hard drive unless it is overwritten and it’s feasible to retrieve it by the use of forensic data recovery software.

Computer hacking is a well-known practice that requires computer security forensics experts to find the hacker in cyberspace. Hacking may involve using someone else’s e-mail account to spam a large number of individuals, to place a virus, to steal cash or alter individual particulars or merely to crash servers for some purpose. Each one of these practices are against the law and may cause a great deal of harm to business and individuals.

A computer forensics professional can also access mobile phone technology to retrieve information and contact details of suspected criminals. Indeed, an entire network can be rounded up from the foolhardy use of cellular devices utilized by one person.

However, importantly, a computer forensics expert must be in a position to demonstrate in court that any material retrieved was actually present on the phone or computer when a crime was committed because it could be all too simple to plant that material at a later date. Consequently, as with hard evidence, the chain of custody should be kept ultra-clean and secure when using computer forensics.

Careers in forensics need a lot of initial and on-going education and is definitely a lifelong career demanding a great deal of dedication. The pay might not be great for a few years, but job satisfaction is, so if you’re considering specialising in one element of forensics, then computer forensics is definitely a rewarding one to follow.

Above is not an exhaustive list but is designed only to offer you an notion of computer forensics. Should you be considering careers in forensics, you will discover more information at