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The Anticipated Release Of Super Mario Galaxy 2

A few years ago, Nintendo released the much anticipated Super Mario Galaxy. This quickly became a favorite among many Mario fans and became a top seller. For those fans, the long awaited sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is being released. This sequel has many favorite aspects from the previous game intact along with many new surprises.

Once again, Mario has the ability to team up with his dinosaur friend Yoshi as he travels from galaxy to galaxy to collect star pieces. When Mario happens upon an egg, he can break it open to release Yoshi and ride him throughout the level. Yoshi can eat items that give him special powers like flying through the air. He can also eat fruit as well as enemies and spit them out with the use of the Wii controller.

There are also new tools that can be used throughout the Super Mario Galaxy 2 game. Mario has the ability to use a drill which helps him travel to the other side of the world. There are also many staples of the original Super Mario Galaxy that are implemented into this new version.

Along with the new tools, there is also a multi player action. Superior to the previous release, this time around the new player can help Mario more by picking up not only star pieces, but coins, 1-ups and even enemies. In the previous game, the second player was only able to collect star pieces.

Mario gets introduced to a new suit in this game. The cloud suit helps Mario to stand in a cloud that can move him across the screen to get to hard to reach places. This can only happen when the suit is worn and for a limited time. Plus, each powerup gives Mario only three uses of the suit.

As you can tell, there have been many new additions to the Super Mario galaxy 2 game from Nintendo. This new version of a beloved game promises more action and more on screen time for the characters. This game surpasses most of the previous Mario games released and will surely be a favorite to Mario fans.

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