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How to replace and repair your Dodge ECM

It is another typical day and your car stops working. You don’t know what to do so you went to your trusted mechanic. He looked into your car and told you that you need to replace your Dodge ECM with a new one. The thing is, you don’t have any idea what an ECM is. So what are you going to do? Before you leave your precious car to the mechanic, you should have a little knowledge about ECM.

If you have knowledge about it, this will help you deal with related problems in case you encountered one in the future. Knowing how ECM works can also help you save money by fixing your car yourself and not relying on mechanical services and maintenance checks. An ECM is one of the important components in a car, so if it goes wrong, other components may follow. So to add a few backgrounds on ECM, why not learn more about its history?[youtube:REWTaxNFPFQ?version=3;[link:Dodge ECM];]

Before you pay for repair, ensure that you have proper diagnosis. Is it really your Dodge ECM that is not working or a different component? Before you follow what your mechanic tells you to replace or do, confirm it first. Ask for a second opinion or search the internet for information. If the ECM is really the problem, then you are ready to have your car repaired. If not, try assessing the symptoms of your car again.

If it is the ECM that is not working, this may be the possible symptoms: one, the car is not starting, two, the car may be starting but it is not idle right, and three, when you pull the ECM out, it looks and smells like it is burnt. If you noticed these symptoms, then your ECM is really the problem. However, these are just three of the symptoms to know if your ECM is not working. Check the other signs as well for confirmation. If so, replace the item already.

To start replacing the ECM, disconnect the battery first. Locate the ECM, which is like a rectangular large chip, in the engine compartment. If the ECM is not located in the engine compartment, call your car dealership to know its location. After that, disconnect the electrical supply from the computer. Take off the screws that hold the ECM in place. Once you have done that, replace the old one with the new component. Put the screws back together and put back the electrical supply to the ECM once again. Connect the battery cables to the battery again. Start the car and wait for five minutes. If the problem is not solved, the ‘check engine’ light should come on.

The advancements in the field of ECM lead to improvement and efficiency of cars. This leads to happy drivers (and mechanics) because ECMs now make it easier for people to know what is the status of the car as well as it also does a lot of functions which are supposed to be done by two or more car components. Not only people get the benefits of improved ECMs, but also the environment. More advanced ECMs lead to effective and efficient cars, which reduces the chances of people wasting energy and fuel. This would lead to cleaner emissions and reduced fuel wastes. Not wasting fuel would help you save more money from buying fuel in the future. Now, would you wish to go back to the old times? With the new and improved ECM, you do not need to break a sweat. You can just sit back, relax, and let your car achieved its best performance.

Marten Grover an ASE certified tech who has been researching car computer sites for years, has a site to recommend. He says this may be the best resource to find a Dodge ECM .