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Pondering About a Security Vacancy

Security Vacancies are on the increase which is mainly due to the recent escalating crime trends and also the 2012 Olympics. With a lot of people being made redundant deciding on a profession in Britains security industry provides lots of benefits. Gone is the time of the night watchman in a peak cap barking orders at everyone, today’s front line security officer is extremely well trained in many disciplines and paid well.

So what does it take to become a Security Officer?

Firstly you have to have a checkable work background of between 5 and 10 years and clear of criminal convictions. Security companies have become regulated so they will have rigorous candidate vetting procedures. You will certainly have to have a license from the SIA (Security Industry Authority) to be hired within the industry.

Where do you get A Security License?

To obtain your license, several days mandatory training is required, followed by a multiple choice exam, again it’s all regulated. Once you have your training certificate you may then apply at the SIA for a license. It usually takes from a month or so or even months to obtain your license because the SIA will perform their specific vetting and screening procedures.

Seeking a Security Job

You can find numerous UK security companies but make an attempt to locate an organisation that’s got the SIA Approved Contractor Status. You will find a large number of Security Vacancies to look at, a few of which are posted on Security Jobs boards and company websites.

Great Careers in Security

It is really entirely feasible to get a great career in the security industry. For the many people promotion is fquick and there are lots of career routes to take such as, Operations, Sales and onto regional and national management levels. Good individuals that are reliable, punctual and honest that have the mindset to be innovative are highly wanted within an industry that is booming from the economic downturn.

Where do you start?

With numerous disciplines in the security sector it can be a long process to find a great security job. email or contact Security vacancies websites such as for a chat or the Security Industry authority and large security employers such as MITIE security.

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