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Choices of Business Card Holders

The range of business card holders is endless. There are many different price categories and types available for people to choose from. Some customers may be interested in holders for the pocket or purse, while others need something larger or grander for the desk. Professional or fun business card holders are options for the buyer to think about.

Some card holders can be engraved; this makes them perfect to give as a gift to someone special. Both types of card holder can be engraved, whether it’s for a pocket type or one that sits upon a desk. The engraving can be anything from a person’s name, to a date or special occasion or event.

It is not uncommon to see these items designed in gold and silver. These luxurious holders are perfect for both pocket and desk. They are solid and sturdy and will last for many years to come. They may be chosen to compliment an opulent office setting.

Most card holders will hold an average amount of cards. The holder will not look too full, but not empty either. The right amount of cards makes it easy to select one to give to your client. More will fit into a desk top model than one designed for a briefcase or pocket.

There are themed business card holders as well. Some may be related golf or another sport. Having and using a theme is a nice way to show people that you have a fun side. These holders may represent a favourite hobby, past time or sport.

A holder that fits into a pocket will be small and compact. Usually designed with a flat finish, it is easy to fit right into a pocket or purse and not be an issue. Clips will hold the cards in place and keep them from falling out. It’s compact shape and size make it ideal for travelling.

If you require a business card holder you can buy them at different locations. They can be bought at jewellers, office supply depots, gift shops and on-line.

Some people may prefer a larger sized business card holder for their desk, while others may enjoy having small business card holders on their desk. From pocket sized versions to larger desk top ones, there is something to match every sense of style.

There are a broad variety of Card Holders available online and some excellent ones at Card Holder be sure to have a good look around before making a purchase.. Unique version for reprint here: Choices of Business Card Holders.

Can You Resist the Postcard Display Stand

Whether we holiday near or far most of us have succumbed to the lure of the postcard display stand and made our purchase to let our friends and family know we’re having a fabulous holiday and we wish they were here! Did you know the term for collecting postcards is Deltiology? It is derived from the Greek deltion which means writing tablet. It is thought to be amongst the largest of the collectable hobbies. Perhaps they are so popular because of the enormous range of subjects that postcards cover and thus collectors with different interests can include postcards in their collections. At tourist destinations all over the world we are never very far away from a postcard display stand.

Postcards are over a century old. The total number of places of interest, hobbies and significant events in our recent history ensure an overwhelming array to choose from. It is not just hobbyists who keep postcards, many of us hold on to them as reminders and keepsakes of countries to which we have travelled.

Postcards are a record of significant events and provide us with a visual reference of 100 years of history from the Royal Family to historic buildings and the change in our rural scenery – it is all there for us to behold and enjoy.

Although not a collector, I like old postcards. They are so evocative of times gone by. Romantic valentine postcards filled with hearts, flowers, cherubs, and endearing messages. Saucy seaside postcards with belly wobbling humour, double entendre and gaudy colours. Black and white railway postcards with magnificent steam engines hurtling through the countryside; you can almost hear the steam whistle. Places you remember from your childhood; which you explored for hidden treasures. Nostalgic Christmas scenes of children hanging stockings at the fireplace and hoping they’ve been good! Monochrome views of faraway lands that you long to visit. But, whatever your interest, there is probably a postcard that will appeal to you.

Artwork is another favourite of mine. Modern or classical, beautiful paintings and designs reproduced on a postcard, a miniature to take home at an affordable price. Some funky, loud and colourful, others just timeless in their appeal. They are ideal for short messages and greetings; I always have a small stock of my favourites. They are useful for homework projects and handmade cards and there is usually one stuck on the fridge or pin board, a loving message or friendly hello from someone you haven’t seen in a while. Of course, like most things postcards can now be purchased and sent via the internet. Thankfully, I think the appeal of selecting your postcard from the postcard display stand and posting to friends near and far will ensure they are around for many more years to come.

Nowadays, we can open up our laptop and a postcard wings its way through cyberspace, but I love the personal touch of sitting down and taking the time to write on the one chosen specifically for you from the postcard display stand.

There are a broad variety of Display Stand available online and some excellent ones at Display Stands be sure to have a good look around before making a purchase.

First impressions with the business card holder

We are all aware that the business card is an important professional tool and it makes sense, therefore, to ensure that the first impression is complete with an elegant business card holder.

Producing tatty business cards clearly does not project the professional image that you would like, either for yourself or your business. They are used throughout the world as a marketing tool to target potential business and raise awareness of your company particulars and message so a business card holder is an effective way to protect your supply of cards and store those you wish to retain from others.

A lot of time and money is spent on getting the information on the business card just right; with everything being carefully considered from logo, font type and size to colours, graphics and borders. Where to position data, is there too much data, is there not enough data? Time and money well spent on this important marketing tool; yet the first item on show is the business card holder so it makes sense to take a little extra time to source just the right one for you.

To make a good first impression look for stylish card holders; the choice is vast. Many opt for a flat metal case which fits neatly inside the suit pocket and is easy to carry, but compact card holders are produced in a variety of materials. Leather holders add a hint of luxury and wealth to the statement. Acrylic business card holders give a clean cut look on the office desk and generally hold many more than the pocket version. Wooden holders can be intricately carved or sleek and modern. Combination holders include notepads and pens. Holders can be enhanced by having your name or logo custom engraved on the outside.

Many companies give business card holders out as presents and use them as a means of advertising since they are a very functional product and well received. Given to prospective clients they ensure that your trade name is remembered and are also used to rekindle connections where possible further trade is identified. They are used to reward staff and to celebrate noteworthy occasions, and are also useful as give-a-ways at trade fairs.

A business card holder is available in a range of materials, styles and price bands – make the right choice to make the right statement about your company and yourself.

There are a broad variety of Card Holders available online and some excellent ones at Card Holder be sure to have a good look around before making a purchase.