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Custom Landing Page Design Tips

The custom landing page is what the visitor sees for the first time when he lands on your webpage. So logically, every website has a landing page. But the interesting thing is that many people are completely oblivious of its importance.

The big difference when it comes to making money online through affiliate marketing is made with a good custom landing page.

Tips and tutorials on how to make the custom landing page are always god sent to beginners in the field.

They might even pose interest to more experienced marketers who want to keep up with the newest trends. It’s like they say, nothing will kill your business faster than the inability to adapt.

But adapt to what? You should be aware of the fact that every special offer you might have needs to have its own landing page design.

If you’re advertising your site or product through Adwords or on Facebook, the biggest mistake you could make is to put one thing in the ad and have something entirely different on the site. If the visitor notices this, and he usually does notice it, he will click away right on the spot!

Make things as simple as possible for the potential buyer. This includes using the so called call-to-action, a subtle invitation from you – the seller – to him to purchase your product. This could also be the case if you want him to sign up for a newsletter. Make things easy to spot on the custom landing page. People appreciate it and are attracted to sites that are straightforward.

Another big mistake people commit is that they have distractions on their site. These are quite dangerous as they might either distract the user from finishing reading your sales copy and to potentially buy the product to actually losing him as a visitor. Don’t offer temptations to your visitor so that he could check out other websites. And also, don’t bug him with ads and pop-ups. Those are really annoying!

Just remember to keep it as simple as possible. The visitor is already on your site, so there’s no need for flashy gimmicks to get his attention. You need to focus on maintaining his attention for as long as possible. Do this and your conversion rate will be the one you have always wanted!

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The Most Important Role Of A Landing Page Design

If you want to fully understand the role of the landing page design you must at first put yourself in the shoes of a visitor. When you’re browsing the internet, what are the chances that you will buy something off a site that doesn’t seem believable? People will always try to stay away from the pages that don’t make them feel confident.

So in essence, the true role of a landing page design is to the trigger all the right set of emotions in the visitor: trust, interest and curiosity. If you mix these together there’s no way you won’t turn that visitor into a customer.

You’re not the only marketer on the internet, that’s something you will instantly find out when you venture into this business. Chances are a whole lot of people will be selling the same product as you. But what differentiates you from them except your rank on Google? Of course, it’s the site itself.

The only way to rise above your competitors is to do things better than them and to always be one step ahead. This is why it’s very vital that you stay in touch with everything new and groundbreaking in terms of design and what visitors want from a site. A quality landing page design with a more expensive product will always be more successful in attracting customers than one that sells products for a cheaper rate but does it on a platform that the visitor doesn’t find believable or attractive.

Building a site from scratch can be a very intriguing and fun process if you have all the right knowledge under your sleeve. Apart from all the technical issues that you will need to sort out, like the SEO of the page, you must at first take care of the credibility of your page. But how can you make people believe that you are indeed a credible seller?

A few great methods through which you can do this is to offer a few services for free. All you should ask in return is a testimonial or a review. If you will take a closer look to some affiliate marketing sites you will notice that they have awards featured on their pages. These are highly effective and the way to achieve this is to sign up to an association that offers these.

These are very effective ways to boost up your credibility. But once you have that make sure you never lose it, thus never try to lie on your landing page design design.

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How To Triple Conversions With Sales Video

There are many ways to grab a visitor’s attention whenever he’s on a site but there are few that do it in a couple of seconds. It’s well known that someone will never spend more than a few moments on your webpage if he deems it useless to him. To make sure that doesn’t happen, consider creating a video sales letter.

There are many ways to build an affiliate site through which you wish to sell a product made by someone else. Many people will fill their site with long content, and I strongly advise you no to do the same. People are in a hurry and they can be easily bored, especially on the internet. But do you know what almost never bores a person? Videos. So there’s your reason to create a Video sales letter for your site and product.

Be honest in your videos as honesty will always prevail and it will bring you success. It’s not that big of deal to make a video, mostly anyone could create one very easily by simply throwing a couple of photos and some text in the mix. But a smart video is one that seem as humane as it can get, and one that has a warm quality to it. An actual human voice that narrates is a must and not some generated computer voice-over that cheapens it.

If your Video sales letter from your custom landing page expresses confidence, you will definitely grab your visitor’s attention and from there to turning him into a customer ready to show you the money is a really short road. Image is everything, especially if you want to sell something.

Always be fully honest in your videos as the majority of people will know right away when something is false or simply sounds too good to be true. Another way to ruin a video is by filling it with large blocks of text. People hate reading these type of things, they want image and sound.

You could also throw in a joke or two if you’re up to it, anything to make your visitor connect to you and your product. People simply are in awe for an entertaining Video sales letter and you need to make that happen!

Make sure you don’t overlook the technical aspect of the video, like its audio and image quality. People hate videos with low volume. Also, a Video sales letter with a very high volume that blasts through their speakers as soon as they open the page can be a major turn off so be careful.

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What Makes A Good Landing Page Design

You need a landing page to actually sell something online. Anyone who has any experience in affiliate marketing will agree with this so you should definitely follow my advice. Selling something online isn’t the easiest thing in the world but it can be learned through some steps. The first thing you should do is find a good landing page design.

The best Landing page design is the kind that impresses your visitor in matter of seconds. Even a site that might have hundreds and hundreds of visitors each week might end up not selling anything because of a bad landing page. All visitors who are on the lookout for something on the web share something: they want to be impressed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re welcoming them with a video sales letter or a custom landing page;they want to feel confident that they are making the right choice by choosing you as their seller.~they want to feel as safe as they can that you are the right seller for them~they need to feel safe that you as a seller can deliver and that they will be disappointed in the product.

As a good marketer you will need to learn many essential lessons if you want to be successful.~If you want to be a good marketer you should learn quite a few essential tips in order to become successful.~If you want to taste success as a marketer, you will need to learn a few tricks.

Lesson number one is that a good design will always sell products.~The most important lessons is that a great design will help you sell products.~The biggest lesson when selling something? Nothing sells better than a good design.~The greatest lesson when selling something? Always use a good design.~Make use of a good design and that will lead to success.

Yes, it’s true what they say, that image is everything.~Image is everything and you should keep that in mind.~There’s nothing more important as your and your site’s image.~Your site’s image should be the most essential thing.~You should keep in mind that there’s nothing bigger than maintaining your site’s image.

You might have a killer product for a killer price, but if the site through which you’re presenting it is poorly made, the chances are you will go unnoticed.~Your product might be the best in the world and it might come mighty cheap, but if your site is poorly done, no one will buy it.~You might be selling the best product ever made but if your site is cheaply done, your visitor will turn around and never come back.~You might be offering the greatest product ever created but if your site is badly done, your visitor will click away and never come back.~Your product might be the greatest on the internet and it might be the cheapest, but if your site is poorly executed, no one will buy it.

So, don’t be cheap and lazy.~Work hard and study harder.~Don’t be too lazy and make sure you’re doing a quality job.~Don’t be lazy nor cheap.~Try to work as hard as you can as it will pay off.~Your work will eventually pay off as long as you do a good one.

Make sure you build something that’s out of the ordinary and very appealing to the eye and the ear.~Be sure you’re creating something truly unique that will definitely appeal to your visitor.~Always make something that is of quality and doesn’t look like a cheap knock-off of something else.~Keep in mind to create something that will attract the visitor and make him want to find out more.~Create something that will capture your visitor’s interest and curiosity.

A good landing page design will contain sentences that are relevant only to the product.~A truly great landing page design will be made of things that are relevant to the customer.~A landing page design that you should definitely use is one that makes use only of things that are important.

Don’t use big chunks of texts as visitors tend to overlook them.~Stay away from big blocks of text as they will be overlooked.~Don’t write huge paragraphs as people will never read them.~Don’t use huge blocks of text as visitor’s hate that.~People hate reading huge blocks of text so stay away from them.

Don’t bore your visitors, be as concise and precise as you can be but still, make sure you underline all the features that your product has to offer.~The biggest mistake you could make is to bore your customers so make sure you’re always precise in your thoughts and you present the features of the product as precisely as possible.~Make sure you don’t bore your site visitors with unnecessary content. Write stuff that’s important and essential for your customer when it comes to finding out more about the product.

Although it’s pretty obvious, I’ll still mention this step as many people commit this error:~Many people commit this error and they should know better:~Although they should know better, you’d be surprised of how many people commit this mistake:~Many people commit this error so make sure you learn from their mistake:~Learn from other people’s mistake:

make sure your site has no grammar errors.~proofread your site so it won’t have grammar errors.~be absolutely sure that your site makes sense and that it does not have grammar errors.~make sure your content is well written and without any errors.~be positive that your content from the page is very well written and has no grammar errors.

You’d be surprised of how analytical most of your visitors can be.~Some visitors will tend to notice every little thing.~You’d be shocked of how analytical some people can be.~You don’t want to know how overly analytical some people are.~Some people will notice pretty much everything, especially the little details.

Some will pay attention to any little detail.~Some might notice every little glitch.~Many will know right away if something is wrong.~Many will notice even the smallest of errors.~To some even the smallest mistake will hurt their retinas.

And grammar errors are exactly what turns them away from your site, as they might not find it trustworthy.~Grammar errors are a major turn-off for visitors, who might find your site to be fake.~These type of mistakes might kill your site as visitors might think you’re a fake.

So make sure your site is proofread. Again, image is everything!~Be as sure as you can that the site is proofread. Image is one of the most important things.~Proofread your site! Keep in mind that image your most vital aspect.

Follow all the points above and you will be fine when creating your landing page design. For more tips, click that link.

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The Benefits of Video Sales Letters

Are you still using those simple and over-used sales pages? While there was a time when those were the big thing in affiliate marketing, things have changed and the Video Sales Letter revolutionized the way people present and sell their products.

And all good change comes from the necessity of making things better and easier for the visitor. And using a sales video instead of a text sales copy is a very logical decision because it’s been shown that people are very attracted to videos (more than 50% of searches on the Internet were for videos).

You can perform all types of SEO tricks for your page to get it at the top spot of Google, but if you don’t have the proper tools of impressing your visitors once they cross your website, your whole work was in vain. The answer to this question, “what impresses a visitor the most?” is a quality sales video. The main attraction behind it for a marketer is that it can do a lot of things, including convincing your visitor that the site they’re currently on is a trustworthy one and to successfully capture his attention for the whole time he’s on the page.

People won’t just settle and buy things from the first site they visit. No, they usually compare the webpages that sell the product or service they’re after. And while the actual price of the product is something almost everyone considers, what happens when the prices are the same? That’s when the visitor will start weighing other options and one of them is the design of the site and how trustworthy does it look.

A relatively short presentation of your product and yourself in a Video Sales Letter will do a lot more to impress and convince your visitor than just a simple sales text copy. People are lazy and they rarely go through a big block of text. But once a video starts, and the sound and picture quality are good, he will watch it. And if he watches it, the chances are that he will seriously consider buying it.

What’s the best way to create a Video Sales Letter?

While there are companies who would be more than glad to make you a Video Sales Letter according to your own specifications, you can also take things into your own hands. For example, if you want to prove something to the visitor in your video, a great way to do this is to record your desktop activity, while you demonstrate whatever you want to demonstrate to him. All you need is a microphone and a cohesive presentation.

The biggest attraction of a video for people is that things can be explained in a whole superior level than just with some boring text and this is why a Video Sales Letter is exactly what you need on your webpage!

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How To Make An Efficient Landing Page Design

Internet marketers need to be resourceful in order to succeed online. With everything developing consecutively, you can bet that nothing will stay the same for long. That being said, you need to make sure to keep up with the information related to your business, but with so much contradiction on the internet, how can you be sure what to trust?

Very few online consumers make purchases unless they are convinced that they are dealing with a reputable supplier and that the product will perform as promised.

It is for this reason why it is so important that a custom landing page design reassure consumers that they are dealing with the real thing.

There are so many online sellers that simply do not understand why they do not attract the same kind of success that seems to be enjoyed by their competitors that often charge more.

The reasons for this remains a mystery to many entrepreneurs.

The answer may surprise some people.

Once people believe what they read, they will buy.

If a website seems to be credible, if there are clear indications of independent approval and if there is something in it for free, consumers will react positively.

There is no profit to be had in trying to fight competitors on their own turf. The best thing to do is to get real and to play according to the unwritten rules.

To succeed, one must understand the secret rules and use them to one’s own benefit.

A basic understanding of consumer psychology will go a long way in explaining how online buying decisions are made.

Online shoppers need the reassurance that is supplied by the independent reviews, the awards won by the product and the feedback from happy customers.

The entire issue is really straight forward.

If enough people say that something is good then it is good.

The good news is that it is not all that difficult to appear trustworthy.

Realistic entrepreneurs have to accept the fact that respectability can be bought.

It is simple to join authoritative industry bodies, even if it costs money.

Many online traders offer some kind of reward for positive testimonials and it is not unheard of to simply create a reward or accolade oneself.

I does not require genius to see why this tactic will work.

People who buy on the Internet wants to be reassured that they are making the correct choice.

The best route to reassurance lies in the knowledge that other shoppers have picked the particular product and that they have nothing but good feelings about it.

They like the fact that there are independent recommendations and they are reassured that they will become part of a large group of satisfied customers.

If lots of other people are satisfied, chances are good that everybody will be satisfied.

So, when designing a custom landing page, think about the matter of credibility.

It is critical because it will assure the buyer that he or she is making the right choice.

In fact, if the custom landing page does not convince the customer that the product and the supplier is trustworthy, the very point of using such a landing page design should be questioned.

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How to boost sales- squeeze video

Landing page design can increase sales. Many firms realize the importance that a first impression can create on clients and prospective customers. This is an excellent method to create a valuable return on investment. Many realize this importance, and they appreciate the innovation and other things that many designers make available when they create these pages.

The first thing that people see on any sight should be geared so that they see the value and quality that you want them to associate with any product or service. This is the first impression, and sometimes it’s only possible to create one. For this reason, a quality page is essential.

Many firms are concerned about the return on investment that they will receive before any expenses are paid. This is probably the best way to ensure the satisfaction of prospective clients to your page. They can see your sight, but it is imperative that time is spent, and a quality site will ensure that this happens.

Many organizations also choose to have a Squeeze video included with their sight. This is a great way to allure consumers and captivate all of their senses. Many people appreciate a high quality item, and they will readily spend more time shopping around on areas that provide for this type of stimulation. This can ensure that plenty of time is spent on all of your pages.

Quality and innovation are usually the hallmarks of these pages, and this is a great way to attract and retain customers. Many consumers choose to return to sites that they like for many times. A great design will enable that your pages are the best that they can be, and your clients will know and appreciate this.

Many firms are experts in this field, and they can help design customer pages as well as stock ones. This is a great way to provide for an excellent return on investment, and sight traffic can be easily increased. Return users are another important focus, and for this reason alone it is essential to have a wonderfully designed opening area of any sight.

Your web site can benefit fromLanding page design. It is essential that this opening area can be the best possible. This will ensure return users, as the sight is full service, and meets their needs. Squeeze videos are another thing that can be included as an attention grabber and a way to showcase goods and services. This is an excellent way to quickly show what your firm can provide. A full sensory advertising system, these videos are a great way to captivate users and hopeful customers.

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The best way to make a custom landing page

First impressions are very important when it comes to marketing and selling products, especially if you do it online where usually the competition is rather fierce. There might be hundreds of affiliate sites that will be selling the same product as you but only a few will generate revenue and the reason behind their success is pretty obvious to anyone who has a background in internet marketing: they use a Custom landing page The first ten seconds that a visitor spends on your site are more often the decisive ones as the visitor may or may not become a future buyer and customer. The impact you leave on him in those 10 seconds through the custom landing page or through a squeeze video needs to be a decisive one.

If you manage to impress your customer from the very start and you deliver him the information that he really needs to know about your product, your chances of cashing in are looking pretty good! A good custom landing page will capture the visitor’s interest almost instantaneously, either with a catchy slogan or with a sales video.

A good marketer will understand and will try to adapt to this as quickly as he can. Try not to focus only on the content of the site but on the actual design as well. A visitor who’s on the look-out for any type of product will most likely buy it from a site that inspires him confidence so make sure that your site doesn’t look cheap and made in a hurry.

Adapting to how the customer perceives things can also be a road to success for you. Make sure to not put all of your energy solely into the content of the webpage but also in the actual design too. Visitors will be looking for sites that inspire confidence and if you have a rather cheap looking site than you might want to reconsider your steps.

Don’t waste time on useless content; make sure you’re only presenting the most important facts. By being straight to the point you can very easily win over any visitor and turn him into a customer, which is your goal in the end.

The web is full of templates that you can use and tweak to your own needs. Or if you own a wordpress blog, there are wordpress plugins that are pretty effective, so make sure you check them out.

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Landing Page Design And Boosting Conversions

If you’re on the look-out for some relatively easy money and you love using the Internet than you should consider venturing into the affiliate marketing territory. There are lots of people dong it nowadays and the way it works is that you will be selling someone else’s product through your own site in return of a nice commission. To get started you will need a impressive landing page design

But you should know that a catchy Custom Landing Page is not all you need, actually not even close. The true trick is to make your visitor feel confident whenever he reads your words and the testimonials for the product. People in 99% percent of the cases make their decisions based on confidence and whether they think it’s safe to buy the product. Keep in mind, an interesting landing page design that lures people in is worth more than anything!

It would be very beneficial for you to browse around the web in search of other people’s landing pages and see how they’re done. It’s probably the best way in learning the do’s and don’ts, something so important that everyone should do but unfortunately they don’t. What’s funny is that most of the times the bad landing page design is cloned instead of the good one. Maybe those are easier to copy, who knows.

Of course, the biggest goal here is to appear as professional as you can be. A customer who’s serious when it comes to spending his hard earned money will realize this and will appreciate it. Remember to keep the information pretty minimal, use smart slogans but also make sure they’re easy to understand and they’re not complicated to decipher.

Another good way to create the best landing page design that you can is by saying the absolute truth. If you start lying about your product people will eventually catch on and that might seriously endanger your business. If the process lasts 15 minutes or more, leave it as that and don’t change it to five minutes as you might send the wrong type of message to the visitor.

One last message and I’m done. This one is particularly interesting because a lot of people are committing it even when it’s so obvious why it should always be avoided. I’m talking about pop-ups and other variations of spam that will always turn your potential customers off, even if the landing page design that you used is the best on the Internet.

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Why a Sales Video Can Achieve Better Results

Modern society is fast paced and consumers want to be gratified instantly. As the Internet becomes the purchasing portal of choice for more and more people, marketing experts need to continually review their methods and strategies in order to reach consumers. Using a Sales Video is one of the best ways to grab the attention of potential buyers that simply cannot be bothered to read through copious technical specifications and sales pitches.

Nothing bores the modern online shopper as much as rambling sales pitches that seem to have no point. It is therefore vital to ensure that you squeeze video gets the message across without delay and in such a way that the attention is grabbed immediately.

If marketing material is not developed around a very specific goal, it may cause more harm than good. The very first step in producing a sales video should be the formulation of a clear and precise objective. It is certainly no use going on a journey if the destination is unknown.

Once one knows exactly what it is to be achieved, the next logical step is to decide upon the precise target group for whom the message is intended. By analyzing the prospective audience, it would be possible to appeal to their likes and sub culture. A target group analysis can be a powerful tool in producing a product that will work as intended.

A script allows developers and producers the opportunity to work according to a clear cut plan. With a script, time and money can be saved because all the desired visuals and audio is planned in advance. The scrip should have one single aim and that is to satisfy the objective of the project.

In order to make every penny count, it is generally best to work only with experienced professionals that understand the industry. Poor quality films simply irritate consumers and can be extremely counterproductive. It is better to spend a little bit more to ensure high quality results.

Just like no manufacture will place his products on the shelve before conducting quality control, sales videos should not be published before typical members of the intended target group have had a chance to provide honest and independent feedback. This can help to ensure that the video actually appeal to its target market and that the message comes across clearly.

A Sales Video can go a long way in increasing the visibility of a company or product, but only if it is of high quality and specifically geared towards the intended target group. This medium is intimate, speaking to individuals and consumers seem to like that. If the media is changed from time to time, shoppers may feel impelled to visit the relevant site more often.

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