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The Benefits Of Mobile Sites For Local Firms

In the last 3 to 5 years the importance of having a mobile website for a local business has grown dramatically. Following the arrival of Apple’s iPhone the

mobile web has begun to become more and more like the desktop web and this explains why companies both big and small need to be comfortable with mobile marketing.

These days mobile phones (and now tablets) are without a doubt a key aspect of most people’s lives, enabling us to stay in touch with others no matter where on our planet they

happen to be. We now do not need to carry about bulky, awkward devices like a laptop PC or notebook computer..

So why is it that mobile websites have become such a vital tool for any business to make their presence felt? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

Previously when it came to holding video conferences, companies would be restricted to carrying them out on a desktop PC or laptop with cumbersome screens. Not very compact!

But the video features of portable gadgets like the iPhone 4 have now made it a no brainer to impliment and engage in “meetings on the go” virtually anywhere.

With proximity marketing software, retail stores can target ads to a customer’s mobile devices and geotarget a certain distance, thus connecting with only the customers nearby.

When it comes to personal use, think about the single thing the majority of folks would never go anywhere without. More than likely, it’s their mobile device. Regardless of where they’re headed, people

always have their mobile device in hand. If it’s not in a pocket or purse, it’s generally in reach and prepared for action.

It’s become quite acceptable for people to browse the web while waiting waiting for friends or standing in line. Though it’s frowned on to have a

conversation on your mobile device while in a restaurant or bar, even this is becoming more acceptable. And in spite of the danger (and sometimes the law!), we all know folks who talk on their phones while driving!

People can still communicate without disturbing the peace of others by sending e-mails and texts through their mobile devices.

While out in our daily lives, we have all gotten to be more reliant on using search sites such as Google to perform countless functions such as finding the address of a certain

diner or to find the closest gas station. And as Google keeps making it easier to find answers to such questions,

ever increasing numbers of us will depend on our mobile devices to

find what we need and desire.

When you fuse together local search and a mobile website for your local enterprise, all of a sudden, you find yourself leaps and bounds beyond the competition. You get TONS of new customers, and your established

clients connect with you more often.

So when they go searching for YOUR business on mobile, will you be ready for them?

Customers don’t tolerate having to scroll around to view your site on a tiny screen. If you do not have a user friendly, mobile-optimized verion of your website,

buyers will look for a competitor who does.

When it comes to creating a mobile internet site for your business there are numerous different ways that this can done. The most basic requirement is a straightforward landing page with

important contact info and a link to your full site. But to truly wow your consumer, it’s smart to have a fully developed custom mobile website.

Dr. Carolyn Schweitzer is a family dentist and CEO of, an organization that helps local businesses build local mobile marketing campaigns. At Upingo, we’ll help you assess where you are now, and work with you on developing your mobile marketing strategy. If you are uncertain what form your mobile site should take, contact usl and we can help you to figure out what is best for you.