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Money Saving Suggestions for College Students

College is a major expense, and it is probably safe to say that every college student looks for ways to save money. Some students choose to live off campus, or look to cut costs on food and transportation expenses. In addition, here are some other places a college student can look to save some money.

Look for alternatives to buying your textbooks at the college bookstore. The college bookstore is convenient but that convenience comes at a cost. With a little extra effort you can find a more affordable way to get your text books. There are websites where you can buy your books – new or used, rent books and download books.

There are some great deals that can be found at thrift stores such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army. These stores will have a wide variety of clothing from formal wear to causal wear, and from sleep ware to outer wear. Most of these stores also sell household goods. There are real bargains that can be found in these stores.

Find your entertainment on campus. Concerts, sporting events, speakers, programs, movies and more are all part of campus life. Colleges and universities have a wide variety of programs and events all geared towards the college student. Many of these programs and events are either free or inexpensive, so that college students to able to attend.

Maybe the most valuable suggestion is: don’t use a credit card. Credit cards are convenient, but the interest piles up so quickly, and quietly, you probably won’t even realize how much more you end up paying for something with a credit card, until it is too late – unless you pay your bill, in full, right away. If you want the convenience of not carrying a lot of cash, you can always get a debit card.

All college students should be aware of finances and make efforts to save money. There are so many ways to save money while at college. It’s really not that hard, and it is good training for the future.

Bradley Brown has taught business courses in several online college and online degree MBA programs.