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4S iPhone Review

While most fans were expecting the releasing of the iPhone 5, Apple comes up with the iPhone 4S “an upgrade to the current generation mobile. Most iPhone reviews have suggested that the new release as the same iPhone 4 with overhauled components. It pretty much looks the same, so it’s hard to see the upgrade at first impression, but you can rest assured the mobile packs a more modern, harder, and actually faster punch.

Changes and Upgrades

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone 4S is almost outwardly matching to the prior incarnation. While that could be the case, most iPhone reviews for the new model neatly enumerate the internal changes and the subtler outer changes. These include the 8 megapixel camera, an antenna revamp, and the faster processor. The 8MP camera has an improved aperture proportion while the antenna revamp placed two antennas in 2 places. The upgrade allows for the device to neatly switch to the antenna with the best signal, forestalling the call dropouts that tormented the iPhone 4.

Many iPhone reviews have indicated the upgrade to the dual core Apple A5 processor (same CPU as the iPad 2) actually sweetened the pot as heavy app users can really exploit the quicker processing power.

iPhone Owners Satisfied

The iPhone 4S sold 4 million units on its launch weekend (and even more afterward), making it the fastest selling Apple handset as yet. Market research firm ChangeWave has reported that the most recent incarnation of the iPhone is not just selling like hotcakes, it’s also the very best in terms of user satisfaction also. IPhone reviews rave about the improvements made in the new telephone, how the iOS performs together with the iPhone 4S’s new hardware, and the private aid Siri. Though users are usually OK with their new phones, the most common complaint is the battery life. The recent iOS upgrade failed to correct the issue, and didn’t fix some of the reported audio issues either.

Overall, iPhone reviews note that the iPhone 4S really is the best Apple phone yet, though it leaves much to be desired, like 4G, bigger display size, and consistent call stability.

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The Best Deals For The iPhone

The holidays are quite literally just around the corner now, and people are most definitely excited to get their hands on the most recent Apple gizmo to have their own personal bite out of the craze, the I Phone 4. Outlets as well are preparing for the barrage of sales, and so you shouldn’t be stunned to be bombarded with all types of IPhone deals and offers.

As with all any rush nonetheless , one doesn’t have to dive in mad in order to like it to the fullest. Many are claiming to have the best deal on iPhone, but far more specifically, on their I Phone 4 bargains. As a discerning iPhone 4 consumer, however (and we definitely hope you’d be), you ought to be able to research for yourself what really is the best iPhone 4 deal for you.

Whereabouts to find the best i Phone 4 deals?

We have gathered here some of the more preferred I Phone 4 deals so you might be able to compare and choose for yourself which fits your way of life “and of greater importance, your financial position “the most.

In the United States, the deal to go to would be AT&T’s. Dependent on the capacity size, the iPhone 4 will cost either US$ 199 (16GB) or US$299 (32GB). On top of that, you will have to sign a 2-year contract with AT&T. Meanwhile, if you need to do away with the telecoms corporation’s contract, then you can still get your unit from a 3rd party supplier, but at a way higher cost: US$ 599 (16GB) or US$ 699 (32GB).

How about the UK?

On the opposite side of the Atlantic, they also have a surplus of I Phone deals for the hardcore Apple client. There’s Orange, which offers 2-for-1 cinema tickets and Pizza Express; O2, who guarantees “exclusive experiences and rebates to all it’s shoppers with major high st brands”; Vodafone, with their VIP access grant to a couple of the most important events in the area; T-Mobile, with their selection of unlimited booster for texts, landline calls and Net plans; and 3, which guarantees 5000 Three-to-Three minutes.

Whichever deal you may select, though, there’s bound to be one for you out there, thanks to the plentiful I Phone deals being publicized out there in the current market. Just know your selections so you may make the correct one for you.

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Registry cleaner tools and your Microsoft Windows Registry

As a cautious Windows computer owner, you have software that protects your system from viruses, Trojans, and other noxious software. You also have an inbuilt disk defrag tool, as well as a firewall. All of these try to protect and keep your system stable. That’s all well and good, though if you want to be actually thorough in keeping your system reliable, you’d want to have registry maintenance tools like a registry cleaner in your arsenal also.

The Windows Registry

The Windows registry is maybe the most fragile part of your computer. It’s basically where your personal computer keeps important information like hardware and software information, user profile data and system settings, among other things. Due to its critical contents, it’s typically not a good idea to try and edit registry entries manually especially if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. The registry’s signification to keeping your system stable is precisely why you really should know how to correctly maintain it.

The operating software accesses the information in the registry constantly, reading, writing, and deleting entries from it several times an hour. Over the course of time other waste can build up in the registry, coming from de-installing programs that don’t correctly clean up after themselves, from installing and de-installing programs, and from other ordinary operations. As you can imagine, unwished-for info can truly pile up after a bit, hence the necessity for a registry cleaner.

Kinds of Registry Upkeep Tools

Registry maintenance tools, as the name says, are made particularly to scrub and optimise the registry to keep it running smoothly. The most simple type of this family of Computer tools is the registry cleaner. Registry cleaners essentially scan for mess ups (old device drivers, erroneous entries and such like) and clean up the debris. Registry optimizers, on the other hand, can feature a registry cleaner along with a registry defrag tool that arranges registry entries for better performance.

Some registry cleaner programs come with all the tools you want to keep your registry stable and optimised. Included in these all-in-one registry cleaners are defrag tools, boot optimizers, and even transient file scanners. Choosing among these registry maintenance tools depends generally on your requirements. You can get a computer registry cleaner will all the knobs and whistles, or programme that simply scans and cleans. There are lots of registry cleaner programs available, so you have a lot of options from which to pick.

Know a lot more about your registry and registry cleaner programs by following the link. We’ve got more reviews and articles about the tools that will help you take care of your Windows registry .

Registry Cleaner Review: Registry Reviver

As you may have spotted from our prior articles, there are a fair number of registry cleaner programs out there. The big variety of options can present both its benefits and disadvantages for users like us, since we’ve got a number of options from which to choose, but may not know which one works best. Today, we’ll be looking into ReviverSoft’s Registry Reviver to discover how it stacks up to the other registry cleaner programs in the market.

Why you’d need the Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver, like any other registry cleaner, is created especially to clean your Microsoft Windows Registry of any erroneous, superseded, and unwanted information. This waste increase comes from info left over from uninstalled programs, old drivers, and defective uninstalls, among other stuff. The build-up is standard, and you don’t have to worry about it if you are using a new P.C, but it can be problematic for an old system. A registry riddled with these bad entries may cause the system to slow down, cause programs to malfunction, and on intense cases, even lead to a system to collapse completely. Generally, registry cleaner programs help in keeping the increase under control and thus keep your system stable.

Registry Reviver offers simple features you need to optimise your system and overall, it’s a easy registry cleaner that has a scanner and cleaner. It has not got a CNET editor’s review, though users have rated it rather poorly with two stars.

Registry Reviver free trial

When you’re in the market for a registry cleaner (or any type of software for what it’s worth), it’s always a good idea to test out free trials first. These free trial versions permit you to try out the software’s efficiency before you shell out any money. Like most registry cleaners, Registry Reviver has a no-cost trial available. You can check that out to get a fair idea of what you will be getting if you are going to buy the product.

Like most registry cleaner free trials though, you get limited functionality when utilizing the Registry Reviver. It will scan your Windows registry, though it’ll only correct 25 errors. If you need it to do anything else after that, you will have to buy the software.

At any rate, Registry Reviver is for those who just want a straightforward registry cleaner. You can try it for yourself to estimate its efficiency.

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The Good and the Bad reviews: Skullcandy Lowrider

Folk are torn about the Skullcandy Lowrider “some people like it, while some others are not too happy with them. If you are in the marketplace for a pair, you may want to take a look at the critiques about these headphones to get a fair idea of what they can or can’t do.

The Good

The Skullcandy Lowrider has a standard consumer review rating of 3.5 stars at Amazon (with 30 out of 70 reviews at a full 5 star rating). These phones come in different the kinds and designs and the reviews are about all the models of the line generally. Reviewers have raved about the Skullcandy Lowrider headphones ‘ good sound quality, portability, style and price. The Lowrider reportedly has loud sound output “though not so loud, just enough to drown out the background sounds. Many users appreciate the headphones fold-up so they can simply tuck them away in a travelling case when not in use. In the opinion of some reviews, they are pretty comfortable on-ear phones too. Style-wise, the Lowrider is available in a wide range of styles and designs so that you can choose one that is a match for your style.

Individuals who are happy with their purchase suggest the Skullcandy Lowrider for pre-teens, teens, commuters, and generally those that wish to have a decent pair of headphones at a cheap cost. Since the Lowrider is practically starter-level, many say that it offers high value for your cash.

The Bad

On the other hand, some individuals protest about the Skullcandy Lowrider’s sturdiness. Some have reported broken headbands, snapped cords, and low sound output. The plastic headband is commonly judged too flimsy and breaks simply. While the majority deemed the output decent, they noted that the sound output inclined to be low. Also, though mid- and high-range sounds are delivered fine, bass sounds aren’t produced as originally predicted. Some advised that if you’re on the lookout for more than decent sound quality, then you must invest on a pricey pair of earphones.


Overall, the Skullcandy Lowrider line is very decent with average reviews. At its price range, the great majority of people find it a cool find and with correct care, they should last for some time. If they don’t, the company offers a lifetime warranty so that you can get newer ones in case yours break down.

Wish to know the specs of the Skullcandy
? Follow the link for more in-depth info about it and other Skullcandy phones.

SkullcandyLowrider’s Sweet Features

With more and more music fanatics choosing to get studio quality headphones, it is unsurprising that Skullcandy Lowrider is very hot at the moment. This pair of headphones is known for its good sound quality, portability and durability. It is also popular among regular folks who need to enjoy listening to their music using a set of headphones that has decent sound quality. Its trendy designs and cost-effective price make it rather more appealing to a good range of users “from youths to commuters and working folks who like listening to music.


Skullcandy Lowrider comes in diverse designs, but its basic features make it well-liked. This pair of earphones is well known for its noise-cancelling feature, which is ideal if you’d like to block all outside sounds while you are on the bus, train, or even when you’re on a plane. You can choose to play any song loudly using the headphones without worrying about the sound quality. Any sort of music will still sound clear and crisp, even if you turn up sound volume to maximum. The earphones offer optimum clarity and depth of sound with their 40mm speaker driver and 18-20KHz frequency range.

Skullcandy Lowrider is a cross between private audio earphones and pro DJ earphones. Its design authorizes you to swivel each speaker up to 90 degrees, permitting you to listen to your music with just one of the speakers while your other ear is free to listen to something else. This pair of earphones is also really transportable because the headband can be folded too.

You will not have any problems utilising the headphones anywhere and with any outfit. Skullcandy Lowrider comes in 16 different designs, so there’s always a colour or a design that fits your personality or fashion sense. Skullcandy Lowrider earphones are also known for the comfort it supplies the user with its Soft Leather Touch Ear Pillows.

This pair of headphones isn’t just portable but also sturdy. If you correctly look after your earphones, then you won’t have to stress about the pair easily getting damaged.

User Feedback

As with most products, there are several negative comments about the Skullcandy Lowrider. Nevertheless positive feedback often outweighs the negative. Some users have moaned about the durability of the phones “the plastic headband is too insubstantial and the cords have a tendency to snap simply. As mentioned, if you take good care of the headphones, it should last for years. Users have also commented on the low sound output, while others consider the sound to be decent. Some even say that if you would like earphones with higher sound quality output, then it would be smart to invest on costlier headphones.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

The Skullcandy Lowrider earphones are durable, compact, and are alleged to be among the earphones with the best sound output. All its features along with the lifetime warranty the makers offer, it’s already a steal for its current price.

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Skullcandy Hesh: Quality and Style that Won’t Break the Bank

The Skullcandy Hesh line is the loudest of all Skullcandy phones. But don’t be confused “being the noisiest does not imply that these earphones sacrifice sound quality. The Skullcandy Hesh is made to supply the best sound quality output, allowing you to hear your music in a clear and crisp manner regardless of if you set the volume to maximum. This feature, joined with the various designs and colours the phones come in, makes the Skullcandy Hesh a well-liked choice among music lovers.

Sound Quality

As previously mentioned,

Trendy Design

Fashionable Design



For an even longer lifespan, the makers use a gold-plated 3.5mm jack to help stop oxidization. High end audio kit like this pair of earphones uses the finest materials to provide the best sounds. In this example, gold is utilized because it’s one of the best signal conductors.


Many users consider Skullcandy Hesh earphones to be worth their price. The earphones produce good sound quality and come in stylish designs; they are also comfy and durable unlike any other higher priced headphones. As with most products, Skullcandy Hesh also receives some negative comments. Some users say that the headband does not fit nicely and therefore the headphones ‘ sound quality is just average. If you’re searching for high end audio apparatus that provides superb sound quality, then you’ll have to spend more on a different set of earphones. As it is, the Skullcandy Hesh line provides good sound quality and one or two extra features, making any pair of Skullcandy Hesh earphones worth your cash.

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Windows Registry: What it’s for and how to take care of it

A registry is the database for Windows operating systems, and it’s basically where your computer’s important information is stored. Among the things stored in the Windows registry are individual user profile info, system hardware, device drivers, and installed programs and settings.

What does it do?

The Windows registry keeps info regarding what hardware you have on your P. C, what your system preferences are (on a shared computer, individual user profile preferences), what applications are fired up at start up, and how your computer’s memory is set up. Windows consults this database frequently, so screw ups in the registry can be pretty catastrophic for your PC.

You can make changes to your computer’s registry files indirectly through Control Panel tools, though most applications do the changes for you. When you install an application, a registry entry is formed immediately. When you remove, updating the registry is done for you as well. By hand changing the entries on your computer’s registry is not desirable since as previously mentioned, the registry is updated automatically. In the event that you may get a corrupted file in the registry, you may need to edit it manually , though if this were the case you’d need to back up your registry first in case something goes wrong.

How do I take care of my registry?

Over the course of time the registry can become cluttered with superseded data, and this could cause your PC to slow down. Corrupt info could cause more problems as those may cause your P.C to freeze or crash utterly. Registry cleaners are available that are made especially to keep your registry in tiptop shape, and optimising your PC’s performance in the process. When choosing a reputable registry cleaner though, you’ll need to find one from sources you can have faith in. Checking out cleaners from trusted sites and vendors should keep you away from getting malicious software.

Some registry cleaners come as a standalone program, while others come bundled in with other P.C optimizing tools in a standard utility suite. Selecting between the two depends upon your preferences, naturally, but either way, getting a registry cleaner and using it frequently should keep your personal computer running at its perfect performance.

For more registry cleaner tips and information about the Windows registry, simply follow the link.

WiMAX: Bridging the gap to the last mile

Anybody who’d lost a phone or Internet connection at a unsuitable time can appreciate the seriousness of reliable communications and connectivity. We’ve come a ways from dial-up, with broadband and wireless laying the groundwork for other developments in the industry. One such technology is WiMAX, and it marries the two frontrunners to offer a long range and reliable connection. It is said to provide a cheap answer to the “last mile” while still delivering high speed broadband. Without getting too technical, let’s see how it works.

What is WiMAX and the Last Mile?

As mentioned earlier, the WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) standard combines broadband and wireless technologies to deliver high speed Internet. It utilizes a point-to-multipoint design to do that. Basically, it uses a tower or a cell site hooked up to the internet through a wire. It then uses a microwave link to supply a connection among its users. Many say the best WiMAX feature is its long range, since it can broadcast to line of sight antennas 2,800 square miles around it. It doesn’t even need the receivers to be in a direct line of sight as it can transmit to non-line of sight at a range of 25 square miles.

WiMAX’s range makes it the only answer to bridging the “last mile” of broadband. The last mile fundamentally makes reference to the last leg of delivering service from an approved supplier to an area. This may be the most expensive part of delivering connectivity, as it would need manpower and resources to lay down the groundwork. WiMAX is regarded as a solution to provide service to agricultural areas and areas that are tough to access as there won’t be a wish to install heavy cables and other framework. Another feature that makes WiMAX stand out is that it can deliver up to 70mbps which can be distributed to thousands of customers. As the technology does not truly rely on cables, it is comparatively easy to employ.

The edge

WiMAX is sometimes compared against Wi-Fi, as they do operate in similar terms. WiMAX has longer range matched against Wi-Fi, and can cover a larger area. In the States, a few universities and schools are beginning to use WiMAX in their campuses. This technology may also be used to make hotspots in airfields, communities, high rise buildings, and even whole towns.

Curious about WiMAX? You can find additional information about it by following the link Best Wimax

Skullcandy Hesh: Reviews The Good V The Bad Review on The SkullCandy Hesh: Good & Bad Points

It’s a good idea to bone up on product reviews before you purchase anything, as it is easy to get an idea of how a product performs or how durable it is. That said , we are having a look at what users say about the Skullcandy Hesh “its performance, sturdiness, and overall worth.


Skullcandy Hesh headphones have an average of 4 stars (with 140 reviewers out of 313 giving it the highest marks, as of this writing). According to most, the sound quality is pretty nice for a mid-priced pair of phones. Some noted that sound does leak a little from these earphones, though the leak is low. Also, these don’t cancel out noise utterly though the ambient sounds are reasonably reduced. The Skullcandy Hesh series headphones can play a large range of music so the sound quality is the same whether you like rock, alternative, classical, or country.

Most people are shocked by the Skullcandy Hesh headphones ‘ loud sound output, since it is not a powered set of phones. This is due generally from the pair of neodymium magnets (NdFeB) in the Hesh’s speakers, which are housed inside a dome to intensify the sound.

Comfort, Durability, Style

Comfort-wise, some users comment the Skullcandy Hesh is moderately snug, though others note that your ears may get hot and sweaty after long usage. While some users report that their pair broke down after a year or so, the majority of people say that with proper care, the Hesh headphones can last for ages. The rope is also pretty resilient due to its platted material construction.

Style-wise, the majority are pretty happy with their purchase as the Skullcandy Hesh comes in such a large range that there are many from which to choose. These headphones come in numerous colors, special designs (like the Paul Frank Black Julius), and even NBA designs.

Overall Worth

Overall, the Skullcandy Hesh is claimed to offer good value for money as it provides decent sound quality and durability at a lower price point. The majority of people who bought it endorse it to people who are on the lookout for a good set of headphones that aren’t too expensive.

Need more information regarding the Skullcandy Hesh? Follow the link to find more info “you can also look at other Skullcandy headphones.