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How to Make a Garden Journal

If you like gardening, creating a garden journal can be an enjoyable and useful project. It is a great way to keep your important gardening details from one year to another, and you can not just write stories but you can also add photos detailing your garden. If you’d like to maintain a garden journal and have never done so, below are a few ideas that will help you get started.

Be Sure to Keep Careful Records

A part of what makes a garden journal so great can be possessing old records to reference. When you record what kinds of plants and seeds you have grown in the past, you’ll have lots of information that can help you choose what you need to plant in the future. It can also be useful to keep records of exactly what weather was like, the way your plants did, and the size of the harvest. It’s also smart to record what kinds of insects you experienced problems with, and you ought to add the periods of time of the infestations and what steps you took to counteract the problem. You’ll hopefully have the ability to improve on your present year’s garden as you refer back to your previous gardening years.

Take Lots of Photos

When you take photos of the garden, it can be helpful to you in a number of ways. Like the saying goes, a picture may be worth a thousand words. Whenever you combine your photos with your written information, you will have a far more complete story of the way your past gardens have performed. When you are printing your photos, get a few extra printed so they can be displayed in picture frames throughout the house.

Add Journal Entries

Aside from simply writing down information, you may also use your garden journal as being a type of diary. It can be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity to jot down your feelings and thoughts about your gardening experiences. You should feel free to write all about anything that has importance to you. Years on down the road you’ll get a great deal of enjoyment from reading your thoughts and writings about your garden. You can even add journal entries to framed photos, simply by writing a few lines of text on the photo mat. Display these photos in picture frames, and you’ll add a lot to the overall beauty of your house.

Clips of Nature

When keeping a garden journal, it can also be fun to add small snippets of nature. A sprig of a fragrant herb, a pressed flower, or perhaps a sketch of a blooming flower all can add a nice touch to your garden journal. In fact, these small snippets of nature can also be utilized to provide a decorative touch to your house. Pressed leaves and flowers can be displayed in picture frames and can make beautiful, natural wall art. It is also a fun idea to use your pressed herbs, leaves, and blooms to make greeting cards or bookmarks. In fact, these little mementos of the garden also make thoughtful and economical gifts.

Herbs, flowers, and other botanical materials from the garden may be used to make soaps, wreaths, lotions, fragrant potpourri, along with an almost unlimited number of other creative and delightful crafts.

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The Best Way to Store Your Digital Photos and Keep Them Safe

Even though it is tempting to print off each digital picture that you have kept on a memory card and stick the “best-of-the-best” in picture frames to put on your mantel, it is typically not feasible. Many individuals who take a lot of pictures have thousands of pictures stored on hard drives and USB cards as well as memory cards, as well as other storage devices. So which is the best way for you to keep these images safe and store them to use someday? The suggestions that follow will help you do just that with your treasured, invaluable photos.

Preserving Today’s Memories Now

A photo is a lot more than just a visual reminder of a time that has gone by. Your photos are priceless due to their ability to help keep you connected to the past and the things in the future. Preserving your digital pictures allows you to keep them for life and ensures that your kids, grandkids and also future generations will have the ability to enjoy them when you’re gone. You can use the following hints to keep your photos from getting lost, deleted, or even corrupted.

– Don’t rely on a personal computer to safeguard your pictures. The normal amount of time that the hard drive (which stores your photos) on a computer will last is a mere five years. Your computer may suddenly stop working entirely, causing all of your photos to be completely lost. To keep that from occurring you need to make spare files of your photos on a second hard drive, or a few CDs, or maybe memory cards or a DVD. Another option is to upload your pictures to a picture storage service online, which is also a great way to make it easier to order prints, enlarged images, and other picture products.

– Stay caught up with current technology for preserving your digital pictures. Photo storing technology is constantly evolving and strengthening in the same way that digital camera technology is. When old software programs become outdated they can turn out to be unreadable. As an illustration, the floppy disk which was big during the nineties has stopped being compatible with modern day computers. DVDs and CDs may also get damaged as time passes, because of external or chemical problems. Keep an eye on the updates in technology and support your files to function with the latest storage system.

– Determine a plan for keeping your digital pictures and be consistent in your plan.

– Keep in mind that you’ll want to make your favorite pictures and old photographs digital so you can preserve them with the rest of your pictures. Those priceless photographs in picture frames scattered throughout your house can easily be lost to fire or flooding. Having a digital copy of priceless pictures will enable you to reprint the photo if it is destroyed. And even if a printed picture is not as nice as the original, at least the memory will be preserved.

The photos you collect are a history for your future relatives, and the attempts you make to store and preserve your photos will keep your legacy safe for many years.

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Making Your Family Communication More Effective

In the present busy world it can sometimes be hard to find time to really connect with the rest of your family. On certain days, you might even feel like you barely talked to each other at all. Due to the fact that good communication is one of the cornerstones of strong family connections, it’s essential to find ways that you can enhance your family’s ability to communicate. If you’re ready to help build better communication skills in your family, here are some tips that can help.

Set Aside Time for Each Other

A shortage of time is frequently one of the most typical reasons why the lines of communication within a family break down. Frequently everyone is rushing around following their personal schedule, without too much regard for each other’s schedules. When this takes place, it can be difficult to even find yourself at the same place and at the same time with your family members, much less communicate effectively with them. If possible, try to set specific times when nobody schedules any other events. Maximize your time together by preventing using the TV and radio. You may be surprised how much you enjoy simply speaking to your family, even if it’s only to discuss what happened during your day.

Begin Traditions for Your Family

Creating a few traditions or family rituals can also be a good way to create more time to communicate. Instituting a family movie night, a bedtime story time, or even just eating dinner together can help to connect family members on a routine basis. Organizing short trips to take together with the whole family on the weekends can also be a good way to spend top quality time together. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you given that it’s likely that you will wish to exhibit some of these pictures in picture frames around your house.

Create a Family Schedule

You may also keep tabs on what everybody is up to by writing down a schedule for your family, or a calendar. It can be a lot easier to find free blocks of time on everyone’s schedule if there is a certain calendar to refer to. Try printing off a calendar, schedule or any other kinds of documents which everyone can refer to. Exhibiting the family schedule and calendar in picture frames on the wall can be a great way to stay informed on everyone else’s schedule. When you plan time to spend with each other as a family, make sure you mark this on the calendar as well.

Spend a Little One-on-One Time With Each Other

Although spending time with each other as a family is very significant, it’s also important to create chances for “one-on-one” time with each other. Schedule activity dates with the children, and implement a regular weekly “date night” with your husband or wife. Dedicating special time to one another is a great way to demonstrate how important you are to each other. You may make memories even while doing something as simple as going to the grocery store with your child and letting them select\ their favorite food, or going out for some lunch with your teenage daughter. Make sure to take a few pictures on these activity dates. Then you may always remember those fun times when you hang up the photos in picture frames along your walls.

So if you want to improve your communication then be prepared. It will not take long at all to notice improvement after you make use of these tips.

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