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Buzzkill Words: Why Conversations About Skincare, Moisturizer, and Baked Goods Freak Me Out

I’m a lover of language, but there are some words that just turn me off. No words rub me the wrong way more than the type that can be applied both to food and the human body. I don’t want to think about how without a certain moisturizer, my skin will be as “crusty” as an apple pie or how a slice of angel food cake can be as moist as I can with the right skincare regimen. The unappealing adjectives aren’t the best way to sell me any product. However, they just might help me lose my appetite enough to stick to my effort to shed some weight.

Maybe I should get on the phone with Merriam Webster and suggest some mutually exclusive terms or maybe I’m just strange. It doesn’t change the fact that I can’t shop between the snack and cosmetics aisle of a CVS without being grossed out. Without a doubt, it makes shopping difficult.

It’s a recurring nightmare of mine, being stuck in a conversation where my acquaintance continually throws my “buzzkill words” at me. (This might be an appropriate place to mention my dislike for the word “ointment,” which can make any conversation about skincare the trifecta of doom for me in terms of neurolinguistics.) The day that I discovered that something called “edible body butter” existed is the day that all of my fears came to fruition. Whoever thought that innovation was appealing is now, unknowingly, my greatest enemy.

I’ve considered all sorts of routes to avoid dealing with my personal “buzzkill words”. I’ve attempted everything, from investing in thesauruses to avoiding bakeries and the skincare aisle of the local Walgreens. I’ve tried to invent my own words (but those never catch on). I’ve even attempted to cover my ears and shout “LA LA LA LA LA” at the top of my lungs. But nothing helps.

So what’s the solution? I can’t steer clear of the cosmetics aisle forever. My sister loves baking too much for me to hang up the phone every time she brings up the new recipe she’s discovered. Unfortunately, a good moisturizer is key to any sensible girl’s beauty arsenal and a decadent chocolate cake is her guilty pleasure. So I have to deal with the fact that beauty (and words about beauty products) are pain and a good brownie is the key to happiness.

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Why Social Media Agencies Are The Best Choice For Your Business

When contemplating the best way to use marketing togenerate more attention and thus more business, one of the best answers is a social media agency. But the real question remains: why social media? If a business wants to circulate a positive image for their brand, the perfect way to deal with that is to reach the largest amount of people possible. We live in a time where billions of people are dependent upon social media and social networking through the internet and even pre-teens seem physically dependent on their mobile devices. Undoubtedly, the world is swiftly changing and if any business is going to keep up, social media is the way to do it.

The expressions, “Friend me on Facebook” and “Tweet me” have replaced the more general concept of merely keeping in touch. People are more comfortable sharing information and depending on the Internet, that it has become a primary means of research and communication. To be honest, we live in a world where many people are now more comfortable talking to someone on Facebook than face-to face and more trusting of a Google search result than the word of their own neighbor. These are only a few of the reasons why social media is the optimal way for a business promote more business.

So you may be asking: if anyone can log onto Facebook or Twitter, why do is a social media agency necessary? The answer is actually already wrapped in the question. Anyone can log on to Facebook, Twitter or a number of different social networking sites or use social media. But a social media agency can help a business to not only target their main audience, but expand it with all of the right techniques. After all, summing anything up in 140 characters or less isn’t easy – especially if you want someone to notice it.

The trend of social media and social networking has taken the world by storm. The ability to spread a message instantaneously is a phenomenon. As everyone knows and has been warned, once someone writes something on the Internet, it’s in cyberspace forever – the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s another reason why social media for a business is best assisted by a social media agency that can assist in public relations. Strong use of public relations can strengthen any business and in keeping with the societal trends, one way to approach that is through the World Wide Web.

Today, businesses are confronted with a dilemma: to embrace social media and the new technological age we live in or not. A tipping point for the argument on why social media is the way to go is the many ways to manage a brand, reach a demographic. Most importantly, one of the best advantages that a social media agency can help you utilize is that social media can be customized to be the best fit not only for the business, but for the customer.

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Standing Out From The Crowd Through Search Engine Marketing

In a world where everyone is trying to sell you something, it’s not easy for even the best business to stand out from the crowd. Considering the fact that society has become so geared towards the Internet, a strong marketing strategy could give any company the competitive edge they need. Irritating pop-up, irrelevant sidebar ads, and mismatched search engine results merge together to create sensory overload for any web surfer. To survive, a business needs to appropriately use social media while also creating the feeling of familiarity a customer feels when walking into a Mom & Pop shop. By utilizing search engine marketing, a business can appeal to that same comfortable sense of familiarity while additionally being on the cutting edge of doing business on the web.

As a devoted Internet shopper and web surfer, I can say with certainty that I want to be able to feel some sort of personal connection with the brands I’m investing in. Especially in today’s economy, every purchase that I make is a careful investment. The age of the impulse buy is beginning to become a distant memory. In order to connect with customers and make them feel comfortable doing business with your company, a carefully planned search engine marketing strategy is key.

With so much of the world relying on social media, one might believe that it’s simple to use the tools available to gear a brand to the market they want. However, those people would be incorrect. Search engine marketing takes keywords, target demographic, and search engine optimization among other considerations into account to ensure that your brand message is reaching the most people possible and that those people are more likely to visit your page. By allowing your company to become associated with the keywords and message you want to communicate, you’re allowing yourself to do more business.

It’s possible for any business’s website to become lost in the overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet. But by taking advantage of tools at their fingertips through the Internet, it is also possible to turn yourself from a run of the mill business into a neighbor. Since social media relies heavily on terms that imply intimacy (like Facebook’s use of the word “friend”), search engine marketing can give even the largest corporation a sense of familiarity that will generate more business. A marketing strategy that implies trustworthiness can provide a company with a sense of comfort that has long been lost from contemporary business.

A world that embraces social media means a world that focuses on interaction through a computer, instantly making any relationship seem less personal. Since many people are clipping coupons and spending as scrupulously as possible, it takes a personal approach to stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it – there are hundreds of millions of websites out there and countless companies trying to make a buck. Doing business requires a specific type of marketing to make the Internet seem like the right place to find a friendly face. By optimizing your business’s performance through search engine marketing, you can be taking advantage of the best of both worlds – the vast information superhighway and the intimate feeling of doing business with a name a customer can trust.

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The Great Debate: Why Social Media Can Be a Blessing and a Curse

From interacting on Facebook and Twitter on a personal level to businesses taking advantage a social media agency to reach a wider demographic, social networking has taken over the way that people live their life. I’ve heard both sides of the argument for why social media is good or bad for society. Many people still insist that interacting through the Internet is impersonal and the world’s reliance on technology is unhealthy. Admittedly, even I feel withdrawal symptoms when I don’t have my laptop for too long – but is it too much or because it’s so useful? Is social media and comparable technology a blessing or just a necessary evil?

When it comes to the great Internet debate, I have some contradicting philosophies pulling me in two directions. On one hand, I believe in moderation, for example there’s a time and a place for everything – updating your Facebook page to let your friends know that the local convenience store was all out of diet cola is superfluous. On the other hand, I believe in survival of the fittest, therefore I believe that a small business using a social media agency and social networking to broaden their reach and generate more business is smart. But is it getting out of hand?

After wrestling the issue of whether or not technology was consuming society too much, I opened my laptop still feeling uncertain of my answer. However, then I realized that my answer was right in front of me – I’d opened my laptop.

The reason I use my laptop so often isn’t just because I’m dependent on technology. I love to write, and being able to type on my laptop is part of my livelihood. My family lives all over the country and I can go months without seeing my three year old niece in person, but can video chat with her every weekend. The dependence isn’t necessarily on technology as much as it’s on being connected.

After all, what do people want more than connection with other people? While I don’t advocate the use of social networking in lieu of face-to-face conversation, I wholeheartedly believe that it’s wonderful when talking in-person isn’t a possibility. Businesses that understand why social media is such a powerful force in today’s society understand that it can bridge the gap between business and consumer. By skipping impersonal ads and commercial spots, a business can reach out and communicate with the community. Communicating through social media allows for a feeling of personal connection (because if it didn’t why else would so many celebrities satisfy their fans through Twitter updates?

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