Astrology on the year ahead 2012

During the second three months of 2012 expect things to get more exciting. First comes Mercury retrograde on 3.12.12 then most states switch to daylight savings time, and last but not least the Equinox of Spring. The burst of spring with all of the other things happening is sure to bring on intensity in the weeks following.

From the public’s perspective, our government officials in Congress will seem like fighting teens. This may go on until at least April and maybe even further.

Pluto goes into retrograde the 10th day of April, 2012 in the sign of Capricorn. Expect things to heat up because Capricorn will be dealing with power and structures of things while Pluto will be highlighting a strong weakness.

Expect more revelations about how hollow the current system is that could cause a major crisis involving a government official sometime between April 10th and the 19th. This scandal/issue could lead to a conflict either of arms or of money. Either one will leave us shaken and looking for answers.

Conflict is the main theme during the first several months in the year ahead. Venus turns retrograde in the middle of May causing conflict in relationships of all types. This is exacerbated by the strong destructive yet transformative power of Pluto. This is a time of conflict and destruction of all types.

The total lunar eclipse of June 4th will occur in Sagittarius. The Archer’s influence will add to the frustration and discontent. The possible fall of a prominent person, either through scandal or some physical calamity, will add to the chaos of the landscape. Italy, North Africa, and yes, us too, are likely spots. The chance for unpredictable weather could also make the run-up to summer a challenge.

Once again, Neptune will go into retrograde. This will be heightened in a negative way due to the fact that the Lunar eclipse happens on the same day. Anything to do with water or liquids such as gas, may indeed be impacted. It would not be a far stretch to say that a severe hurricane, oil or gas leak could take place.

The summer months will be more intense than spring time. Toward the end of spring, Uranus and Mercury will be going into retrograde within a day of each other in the middle of July. This cannot be good as Uranus brings on the unexpected in an instant while Mercury will be causing all sorts of communication and travel issues.

This Mercury Retrograde is going to be especially troublesome in that not only will communications suffer, as usual, but ghosts from past and infamous behavior, for those in power, as well as, the rest of us, are going to rise from the collective grave of memory to totally distort our reality.

Expect Uranus to be as unpredictable as ever as August approaches. Crisis’ big and small will cover the news and stranger things will appear in the news much more often than usual. Around the end of September, things may come to a head in our personal lives and those of nations in turmoil.

Some balance will be restored as Pluto, the Dark Lord and Mercury the Messenger ease up tensions by going direct once again. As they begin to chug forward, Pluto will still be in the sun sign Capricorn tearing down the old ways that are no longer serving us. We may begin to see a little more clearly during this time frame.

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