Astrological Compatibility – The Astrology Of Relationship, Component II – Issues

In my article, Astrological Compatibility: The Astrology of Relationship, I laid out a foundation of understanding of how astrology can bring awareness to our relationships. In this article I want to expand on that foundation and show that the individual elemental and planetary makeup of our own astrological chart interacts with that of others. In astrology we call this interaction “synastry”, a beautiful word that is applied to describe the relationship in between the energy fields of 2 people.

If we think about “synastry” as being a dynamic process, a constant flow of energy in between a couple of people, it’s significantly simpler to realize how the elemental and planetary energies affect our relationships. Like electricity, our relationships flow smoothly once resistance is low. Once there’s resistance or obstruction on the flow of energy in between us then we experience breakdowns or “burn-outs”. Astrology provides us with an specific “schematic” or map of how our energy may well flow once we’re in relationship with another. It also provides us with awareness of wherever we may well “burn” every other out.

In “Astrological Compatibility: The Astrology of Relationship,” I showed that the different signs interact or aspect every other. Basically I was speaking from the way Sun signs interact so this may perhaps mean that a person from the Sun from the sign Leo would find it much more tough with regards to Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius (the Sun signs which are in challenging aspect to their own). So that you can get a broader picture of how 1 would relate of any of these other signs, however, we would must compare not just Sun signs but also the signs on the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s just contemplate the so-called “personal” planets, the Sun via Jupiter. These six planets (actually the Sun is really a star) are referred to as own mainly because they are faster moving within the sky and affect us more on someone level, whereas Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move slower and have a tendency to obtain much more of a collective influence on our lives. Also, in comparing astrological charts of those who are close in age, it’s a lot more most likely that the outer planets will likely be inside exact same sign, thus minimizing the differences among charts.

Since any from the planets can also be in any a single on the four items (fire, air, water, or earth), one begins to see how numerous various combinations of elemental and planetary expression are possible. For example, out in the ten planets in my chart I have four inside fire element, three in earth, a couple of in water, and one in air. This is my “elemental make-up” and tells much about how I express my personal energy and how I will relate to others.

As you possibly can see, 70% of my planets are in fire and earth. I have a tendency being most happy as soon as I am creating things, now! In relationship my greatest challenge has been to preserve my patience with individuals who I perceive are moving slower than me! I am generally at house and fairly comfortable within the emotional realm as I have two planets and my rising sign or ascendant (the constellation rising over a horizon at birth) in Cancer, a water sign. Of course the hardest element for me to operate in is air, as I only have 1 globe there.

For instance, if I have to read a manual for some type of mechanical contraption I’ll most likely in no way get around to it. I am significantly happier if I can just rip open the box and start tweaking buttons and twisting dials! One drawback of not using a great deal of air in my chart is that I rely more on intuition and emotion to create judgments and decisions and consequently have a smaller amount objectivity than people who “specialize” in the air element.

Understanding your own elemental makeup is extremely critical should you want to get the most out of one’s relationships. By getting to know your own strengths and challenges you will begin to draw partners to you inside a more conscious manner. You would not think how well-known it’s to discover couples or partnerships in which a single individual is all fire and air (intuition and intellect) as well as the other is water and earth (emotional and physical). The couple or partnership are literally drawn together like magnets so that they are able to benefit from each other’s “elemental specialization”. This is a beneficial learning experience if it is done consciously but a very co-dependent relationship if not.

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