Ancient Beads And How They Were Used

Did you know that the word bead arrived from the Anglo Saxon words bidden and bede ? Prayer beads are known globally, and help the user say prayers and keep track of the progression and number of the prayers. Worry beads, which are customary around the world, help with decision-making, and keep the hands busy. Beads continue to be used as talismans to defend the wearer against evil, and as amulets to bring wisdom and fortune. Beads have different plan in different cultures.

Beads are used for prayers, protection, worries, money or adornment, beads have been important to us for as long as civilization has existed. The history of beads is long and rich. Glass was unearthed about 3,400 years ago, and since then has become a very critical material for the bead-maker, user and wearer. Lampwork beads are made using a “lamp” or a flame as the heat source for liquefying the glass. Now lampworkers will usetorches to heat the glass to a molten state and gather it on a steel rod. Canes of glass are mixed, melted and coaxed into the many colors, shapes and designs seen today.

Some allegedly credit the Egyptians for devising faience beads, others say the process was developed in ancient Mesopotamia then subsequently imported to Egypt. This procedure involves combining clay with lime, soda and silica sand, shaping it around a straw or other object to form a hole and firing it. The heat will actually melt the silica sand and lime forming a glass-like substance that coats and is incorporated into the clay. This gives a hard glass-like bead look which makes a beautiful bead. The Egyptians were manufacturing glass beads in 1365 BC.

They basically blend metal salts with silica sand and lime to fabricate different colors. Cobalt produced blue, tin white, copper green and gold red. At that time glass was used by the Egyptians almost exclusively for beads for ornamentation. Mummies were often shielded in a beaded netting, some with religious symbols worked into them.

As you can see beads have been around for a prolonged time. It is almost bridges the gap from the ancient times to the modern times. Also beads will continuley be utilized whether because of a fashion statement or used to say a prayer. Beads will always be a necessity in human civilizations. Who knows what the future will bring in regards to how beads will be utilized only time will tell.

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