Advice For Women On Safeguarding Themselves From An Assault

Being a woman, I’m aware that the female gender is the most targeted by attackers. I was not going to give any kind of assailant the pleasure of making me a prey. So, having that information, I made a decision to take action.

I need to defend myself regardless of whether inside or out of the home. I thought it will be ideal to get a hold of the best stun gun for women to utilize for protection in harmful conditions.

Out of different personal defense gadgets, I was interested in a stun gun because of its strength. This kind of weapon emits an electrical shock to the body of the recipient when actual contact takes place. The shock released will disable the target for several minutes.

During my search, I discovered that acquiring a high voltage stun gun is a superb choice in case I would like quick action. It administers around a million volts or more so lesser shots might be required to incapacitate the target.

I became interested in a small stun gun since it is light and compact, allowing me to fit one straight into my handbag handily. At the same time, its dimension will let me conceal it in the hand and also offer the element of surprise because the enemy won’t have a hint that he’s about to get stunned.

Since I love to go out with my buddies in the evening, I realized that a flashlight stun gun would come in helpful. It would help me see much better in the dark and also target better at the enemy.

For all those factors, I was happy as soon as I stumbled on a Stun Master 3.5 million-volt rechargeable stun gun with flashlight. Furthermore, it has a rechargeable battery, giving comfort because this battery does not have to be changed every so often.

I may have found the best stun gun for women to cater to their needs. Moreover, it’s great to know that all stun guns are non fatal weapons so the recipient is caused no long term damage.

Guerry A Purinton has been educating people how to use self defense products to defend themselves for many years now. There are many options, including stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He offers full help and instruction on how to use the products.