A Quick Glance At Oriental Watercolor Art

Water color art actually originated in Europe. The Chinese only adopted this medium of artistic expression around a century ago. The Chinese were quite familiar using the use of the brush as they had been expert calligraphers that worked with brush and ink. Although Chinese watercolor art makes use of the same tools as traditional Chinese brush art there are obvious differences in the strategies and concepts featured in Chinese watercolor art.

It didn’t take long for watercolor art to become popular in China. With all the mastery of the Chinese more than the brush they were able to create awe inspiring works of art that managed to impress the local public. Today right after much more than a hundred years of experimenting with watercolor art it has become one of essentially the most popular mediums of artistic expressions.

Over the years Chinese watercolor art has undergone a lot of modifications as well as the country has produced a lot of great artists that have worked wonders inside the mediums. Recent years have seen Chinese watercolor art experience a boom on a global scale. The collection of Chinese watercolor paintings cover a diverse range of subject matters that have deep metaphorical meanings as is characteristic of standard Chinese art.

Today Chinese watercolor art is being exhibited via out the world. The subject matter of contemporary Chinese water color art revolves around the revolutionized society of China. The modern day watercolor artists have come up with breakthrough strategies and out of the box ideas to take this form of art to its zenith.

Initially the Chinese artists focused on realistic expression of their subject matter. This approach produced some fantastic paintings that displayed intricate detailing and an intelligent use of color. Later on the Chinese experimented by adopting various strategies such as abstraction and exaggeration and other new techniques such as transfiguration and decoration.

As such Chinese water color painting may be regarded as as being a fusion of Chinese art traditions with that of the west. The boundaries that once existed between the art traditions of these two distinct cultures have merged with all the popularity of Chinese watercolor art.

Modern watercolor artists in China usually get inspiration from their conventional heritage. Even so, they’ve moved into a a lot more 3D depiction of their themes from their old 2D perspectives in art – a very obvious influence taken from the West.

Most Chinese watercolor paintings seem romantic due to their calm and serene look. This really is mostly what makes them stand out from watercolor paintings from the West, at the same time.

Today watercolor is studied as a formal discipline and China and the majority of modern day Chinese watercolor artists are highly qualified professionals that have received proper training. It takes much more than a decade to master the art which is why the artists who have gone through the intensive training process are highly valued around the world.

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