A Concise Guide To Oriental Dragon Carvings

The Chinese water dragon is not a mythological character originating from the Chinese culture. It is a real life reptile from the agamid family of lizards that is native to China and other Asian countries. |These lizards have intrigued many people around the world who have become obsessed with the Chinese water dragon and often adopt a baby dragon as a pet. Over the past years an interest has grown in Chinese water dragons, not so much for their magical appeal of ancient china; but for a desire to own one for a pet. These particular water dragons belong to the lizard species and are indigenous to the Asian continent.

The baby Chinese water dragon can grow up to a length of three feet in due time. The lizard is known for its calm personality and cool looks, which is one of the reasons it has become a popular choice for keeping as a pet. The nature of the lizard is such that it stays happy in captivity and has no problem eating or breeding while in captivity.

In its natural environment the baby Chinese water dragon feeds on different insects in order to get its daily dose of essential nutrients. It may also feed on plant material and fruits.

When the lizard grows into its own it may even feed on small mice and fish. In captivity however the lizard is fed nutrient supplements that are readily available in the market in different forms.

These water dragons can also be found by the names of the Green water dragon and the Asian water dragon. Their habitats are primarily in the Far East yet, have also been known to inhabit the continent of Australia as well. The scientific classification of this particular water dragon is indentified as the physignathus cocincinus.

Water dragons mature to a length of up to three feet for the males with the females being a bit smaller in length. They also have tails that are almost equivalent to the size of their bodies, which amounts to almost two thirds of its mass. Their life span varies anywhere from ten years to no more than twenty-one years.

The spectrum of colors that you will find the baby Chinese dragon to grow into ranges from extremely light hues of green to dark shades of the same color. The body features a unique pattern of alternating diagonal stripes of green. In some cases the stripes may appear to be turquoise in color.

The Chinese water dragon’s underbelly is usually white with an occasion touch of green or yellow. The most fascinating and distinct colors of this dragon can be found on its throat area. This specific area has lively colors of peach, orange, or yellow which is quite a contrast to the green hues on the rest of its body.

Generally, those wishing to keep a baby Chinese water dragon in their homes must provide it with a decent sized enclosure. You also have to make sure that you furnish the enclosure properly so as to avoid posing any danger to the lizard. Therefore the enclosure should have a balanced mix of sand, soil, paper or Astroturf and peat. You can also install different plants such as the staghorn, pothos, dracaena, hibiscus and ferns. Additionally the enclosure must also feature a water body so as to provide the essential humidity and playground for the baby Chinese water dragon.

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