4S iPhone Review

While most fans were expecting the releasing of the iPhone 5, Apple comes up with the iPhone 4S “an upgrade to the current generation mobile. Most iPhone reviews have suggested that the new release as the same iPhone 4 with overhauled components. It pretty much looks the same, so it’s hard to see the upgrade at first impression, but you can rest assured the mobile packs a more modern, harder, and actually faster punch.

Changes and Upgrades

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone 4S is almost outwardly matching to the prior incarnation. While that could be the case, most iPhone reviews for the new model neatly enumerate the internal changes and the subtler outer changes. These include the 8 megapixel camera, an antenna revamp, and the faster processor. The 8MP camera has an improved aperture proportion while the antenna revamp placed two antennas in 2 places. The upgrade allows for the device to neatly switch to the antenna with the best signal, forestalling the call dropouts that tormented the iPhone 4.

Many iPhone reviews have indicated the upgrade to the dual core Apple A5 processor (same CPU as the iPad 2) actually sweetened the pot as heavy app users can really exploit the quicker processing power.

iPhone Owners Satisfied

The iPhone 4S sold 4 million units on its launch weekend (and even more afterward), making it the fastest selling Apple handset as yet. Market research firm ChangeWave has reported that the most recent incarnation of the iPhone is not just selling like hotcakes, it’s also the very best in terms of user satisfaction also. IPhone reviews rave about the improvements made in the new telephone, how the iOS performs together with the iPhone 4S’s new hardware, and the private aid Siri. Though users are usually OK with their new phones, the most common complaint is the battery life. The recent iOS upgrade failed to correct the issue, and didn’t fix some of the reported audio issues either.

Overall, iPhone reviews note that the iPhone 4S really is the best Apple phone yet, though it leaves much to be desired, like 4G, bigger display size, and consistent call stability.

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